5 Things You Need to Know on Whistler Dash Cam Reviews: Product Reviews and 15 Useful Tips

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Whistler Dash Cam is one of the most popular dash cams on the market today. It offers a lot of features, but does it make up for it in quality? Read this review to see if this product is worth your hard-earned cash or not.

This article will answer some common questions about Whistler Dash Cam review and provide some tips to help you decide whether or not to buy it.

Whistler Dash Cam Review – Whistler D28RS Dash Cam

whistler dash camThis device offers a fairly average set of standard features. The Whistler D28RS Dash Cam is a GPS+Wi-Fi 1080p Camera that records at 30 fps. The camera has a 360° rotation which allows you to record anything around the car as you drive. It comes with a 1.2″ LCD screen and can travel up to 150 feet from your vehicle with Wi-Fi, perfect for those long trips on country roads where cell reception drops down drastically!

The Whistler D28RS Dash Cam is a peculiar product for drivers out there looking to capture their every journey in high definition quality! With this camera, not only will it serve as a handy dash cam but also something novel for entertainment purposes. Whether there’s traffic ahead or scenery along the way.

With GPS, it becomes practically effortless to review footage on your phone or tablet later. Dual USB ports provide seamless charging ability while an internal Wi-Fi connection provides uninterrupted mobile surveillance at speeds up to 20Mbps upload and download data rates so even if there’s no cell phone reception, this dash cam will never forget what happens after an incident.

It can even monitor your parking spot (parking monitoring) for those who need help keeping an eye on their property. File size is 128 MB or less with audio recording to make sure these drivers can’t talk back later and say it never happened. The G-sensor feature will lock and secure any videos that contain sharp impacts to keep them safe in case of accidents.

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But what about the flaws?

The D-28RS from Whistler isn’t bad, but it’s no top-of-the-line dash cam. If you’re only looking for something to document what happens on road trips or act as an everyday backup camera, this is the right tool for you! Unfortunately, there are some key drawbacks…

The first major drawback is battery life. The device will run on power supplied by your vehicle’s 12V socket (with a provided cable). If that option sounds like too much of a hassle though, then prepare yourself for more disappointment. This camera has compatibility issues with most standard car outlets and will require connecting through your car’s cigarette lighter adapter instead (not included).

In addition, we weren’t expecting too much from this camera, since it’s so cheap. However, the “night vision” was so bad that our subjects couldn’t be seen at all when on during evening hours. We also had an issue with the date stamp being inaccurate on about every photo we took while the car was in motion for more than 20 mph.

Should you buy this?

Maybe. If you’re not an avid video enthusiast, then there are better options for cheaper. Alternately, you could just use your phone and attach it to the top of your car window or windshield with a heavy duty magnetic adapter that clips over the vents and keeps your phone in place on any car app like Roadtrip® plus.

You can record with your phone too! No need to spend $50 just to record videos from the front. Suitable for analyzing what happened in front of you, but not looking back. Again it only has a 120° viewing angle.

Don’t get tricked by this camera. It might have a sleek frame, but it fails to perform when you need its protection the most. With an unstable WiFi that can be slow or even non-existent in certain conditions, this camera is more likely not to help.


  • GPS and Wi-Fi
  • 1080p resolution
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080p
  • 360° Rotation
  • Parking monitor
  • G-Sensor


  • It only has a front camera
  • Night vision is very poor
  • Battery lasts only a few minutes
  • 120° viewing Angle
  • WiFi that is not secure

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How good is the night video quality of the Whistler dash cam D28RS ?

The D28RS is not advertised as having any improved night vision by Whistler. Therefore, the quality of night vision here is quite low. However, it can be improved by turning on your car headlights.

Does this dash cam record the image from the back and front?

No, this DVR does not have a rear camera.

Does it stay on all night to record motions around my car?

If your 12V socket is able to provide current, the dash cam will record any movement around it.

How does it connect to an iPhone?

The Whistler Dash Camera app is available for download from the App Store. Make sure that Location Services and Privacy are switched on in your iPhone’s Settings menu. Then connect the D28RS to your WiFi network. You’ll be able to use the program to view and record video after this process is complete.

How long can it record?

Depending on the Movie mode you have chosen (resolution), you will either get 2 or 4 hours before it starts to record over the oldest file (loop recording).

How do I set time, day and date? whistler dash cam review

The correct time zone for your area must also be selected. This can be accomplished by pressing the Menu button twice, then using the arrow keys to highlight Time Zone Select and pressing OK. To choose a different time zone, use the arrow keys to select it, then press OK. Note that daylight savings time has to be taken into account.

How do you playback video and see gps track?

On the whistlergroup.com website, you may download a PC or MAC player. The official URL to all D28RS downloads is https://whistlergroup.com/pages/d28rs-downloads

How to permanently turn on motion detection?

In the settings, you may customize this function to your liking.

How long does the battery last before recharging on the Whistler D28RS dash camera?

The battery only lasts a few minutes before it runs out of juice. To work, the dash camera needs power from the 12V power source.

What is maximum capacity card can it take?

A 32GB SD card may be used with the D28Rs.

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Does it come with an SD card and how large a card can it take?

It includes an 8 GB SD card, but it can accept up to a 32 GB card.

Can this be mounted on dashboard instead of windshield? Will video be upside down?

The mount is made to compensate for the typical automobile windshield angle of a sports sedan, coupe, van, and SUV. If the camera is placed upside down on a dashboard with a fixed angle, it will be too oblique and have no clear view down the road.

Why are dash cameras illegal?

Dash cams, like any other recording device, might capture audio in some jurisdictions. “It may be unlawful to utilize a dash cam if it records a conversation in your vehicle without the knowledge of all the participants,” according to Lifewire. Many states also have eavesdropping laws, according to Road and Track.

Do police look at dash cam footage?

The Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act of 1984 allows the police to seize your Dash Cam if they believe video on it might be used as evidence in, or in connection with, a crime.

Is dash cam worth the money?

When you install a dash cam in your vehicle, you may report these scammers to the cops and have them taken care of by the law. With respect to how much a dash cam costs, it’s well worth it if you are targeted. And here is an example of a clip recorded with this camera:

Does having a dash cam lower insurance?

No, at least not in the near term. There are no prominent insurance companies that provide a discount for adding a dashcam to your car.

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Final thoughts

The Whistler D28RS Dash Cam is a decently priced dash cam that offers some of the best features available on a budget. With its Full HD video and 360° rotation, it’s a great option for those looking to purchase their first car camera or upgrade from an older model. However, if you want more higher end features like dual dash cam and crisp night vision, then this isn’t your best choice at this price point. In our opinion, if you can afford something with better features without breaking the bank (like the Rexing V1), we would recommend going in that direction instead as these other dash cams offer much better value overall.

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