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Top 5 Electric Door Locks in 2022 - Smart Surveillance

Top 5 Electric Door Locks in 2022

With property crime taking place every 3.7 seconds it is necessary to keep your homes and offices safe. Along with that you must also know that home security and electric door lock reduce the chance of burglary by 33%. For this reason, you need locks of the best kind that can protect your home when you’re away.

We are living in the 21st Century and are surrounded by technology and no wonder it has entered our door locks as well. With electric door locks, you can forget about finding the right key and wasting your time unlocking doors, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Electric locks are locks that do not need keys to operate. They are the latest way to keep your place secure. These door locks can be unlocked using phone apps, GPS connection or even voice control depending upon the design/model. Apart from that some also let you monitor the activity of the door at all times.

There are many types of electric door locks like electric strike door locks, electric garage door locks and electric door lock with remote. All of these are specific to their use but can be used apart from that as well.

Table Of Contents

  1. Comparison Chart
  2. Top 5 Electric Door Locks in 2022
  3. What is an electric strike door lock?
  4. Can electronic door locks be hacked?
  5. Final Words

Top 5 Electric Door Locks in 2022: Comparison Chart

Door LockAuto LockFingerprint AccessVoice ControlAlarm Customer RatingPrice
Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry (Editor’s Pick)YESYESNOYESunder $250
Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt (Editor’s Pick)
Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock
YESNOYESNOunder $200
PopuLife deadbolt V4 Bluetooth
Kwikset 99130-003 SmartCode 913
YESNONOYESunder $150
Tacklife Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock
YESNONOYESunder $100

Top 5 Electric Door Locks

#1 Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock – Best for Modern Needs

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD 728F) review
Lockly Bluetooth Keyless smart is an electric door lock that tops our list because of the advanced features it offers. The highlight of this lock is that you can lock/unlock your door in two ways. One, by tapping on your phone and two, entering a 6-8 digit code.

If that’s not enough, it also comes with 2 extra physical keys just in case you don’t have your phone or remember the code. Also, keep in mind that upon entering wrong codes for three times, the touchscreen will disable and sound an alarm.

The 3D fingerprint sensor on this lock enhances the security. It will open the door only when the fingerprint matches. Moreover, the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint sensor is amazing.

This lock can store up to 99 fingerprints, has an auto lock feature and supports exterior backup power as well.

  • Sends phone notification every time the door is locked/unlocked.
  • Supports both iOs and Android
  • Powered by PIN genie smart lock that incorporates more than 20 global keypad patents
  • Numbers reshuffle every time after you’ve unlocked the door
  • Easier to install and comes with necessary installation items as well
  • The app forces to turn the Bluetooth on on your phone and increases the chances of accidentally hitting the unlock button when you’re in close proximity
  • Touchpad is constructed using average-quality plastic

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#2 Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Aged Bronze – Best For Remote Locking/Unlocking

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot review
Schlage electric door lock has everything you can ask for. It offers voice control, Remote Wifi access, 100 access codes, etc. In short, this is the ultimate door lock that will boost the security of your home.

The built-in Wifi enables you to control your door from anywhere. All you need to do is download the app and you’re good to go.

There are many amazing features in this lock such as one-touch lock, remote locking/unlocking, fingerprint resistance, and voice control as well. It also has a built-in alarm system that goes off in case of a security breach.

  • Easier to install
  • Works with Alexa
  • Monitors who enter and exits your home and sends you videos
  • Sends a notification when a battery is low
  • Can hold 100 codes
  • The hole where the bolt sits is a bit smaller. You might need to make the hole bigger

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#3 Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock, Works with Apple HomeKit, iOS and Android – Best For Access Sharing And Superfast Installation

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock review
How convenient would it be if you can provide a different door lock code to every family member or friend? Well, guess what? Now you can with the Reagle Smart lock.

Easier to install and takes only 15 minutes. It works on Bluetooth and can be controlled using a smartphone.

One of the best parts of this lock is the app it supports. You can use it with an Apple home kit which allows you to check the status of your lock, enable or disable it from a distance, receive notifications when the lock is opened or closed.

Lastly, using the lock-in poor light conditions is not a problem thanks to the illuminated keypad.

  • Sturdy keys that do not clank
  • Notifies on the phone when the battery is low
  • Supports Siri
  • Lets you lock the door after a specified interval ( peace of mind for people who forget to lock the door)
  • Multiple locks can be managed using a single smartphone
  • Create temporary unlocking codes from anywhere
  • Grade 3 test passed
  • No Wifi connectivity

#4 Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt Populife Smart Deadbolt Lock – The Most Durable And Long Lasting Lock

Smart Deadbolt Lock - Populife Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt review
There aren’t many water-resistant locks in the market except a few. For starters, this one has IP 65 water level resistance. Hence, you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged in case of rain. Apart from that, it has some amazing safety features that increase its shelf life.

Thanks to the auto door lock feature, your door will be locked in mere 5 seconds. This is a huge relief for people who often forget to lock the door.

It sounds an alarm when someone tries to tamper with the codes or its assembly. Some people like to peek at the password you type in. To avoid that from happening, it has a 16-bit ant peeping decoy code that saves your original password from leaking.

It works with an app of its own called Populace which is available on both iOs and Android. Moreover, it supports Bluetooth connectivity, Alexa and Google Assistant as well.

  • Keypad illuminates at night
  • Monitors locking and unlocking activity
  • 18 months battery life
  • Notifies when battery is low
  • Excellent finger click tolerance
  • A bit of a hassle to install it

#5 Kwikset 99130-003 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Venetian Bronze – Best Budget Friendly Smart Lock

Kwikset 99130-003 SmartCode 913 review
If you’re looking for a safe and secure door lock in an affordable price then this one fits the bill. It supports one-touch locking and offers 16 customizable access codes for convenience.

The 30-second auto-lock is a much-needed option, especially for homeowners that have kids or those who tend to forget the door when going out.

This is one of the safest locks in the market as it is BHMA Grade 2 certified and has bump guard protection as well.

  • Keypad illuminates when keys are stroked
  • Audible keypad
  • UL certified for fire rating
  • Easier to install and fits standard doors
  • Lacks the advanced features such as Bluetooth/wifi support

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Electric Garage Door Lock

#6 Tacklife Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock – Reliable And Convenient

Tacklife Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock review

Why leave your garage at the mercy of burglars when you can keep them safe with the Taclife deadbolt door lock. This electric garage door lock is meant to guard your garage like a pro as it is ANSI grade 3 certified.

This keyless door lock supports 6 customized access codes and a one-touch door lock option as well. It gives you peace of mind thanks to the automatic door lock option that you can time between 10 to 99 seconds. The garage will be locked automatically in the specified time frame.

One of the safest locks that triggers an alarm when the wrong code is entered for 5 consecutive tries. Moreover, it has a backlit keypad that makes it easier to use during nighttime.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Easier to install and comes with the required tools
  • Good visibility during nighttime
  • ANSI grade 3 certified
  • The automatic locking mechanism doesn’t work sometimes

What is an electric strike door lock?

An electric strike door lock is a combination of a mechanical lock with some additional features. They come along with devices like lock set or a panic bar. These are installed inside the door frame where the strike plate usually is.

Electricity is supplied to the plate which holds the door in place unless the lock system is activated. It depends on the use, the type of release system that is needed. There can be reception release, keypad system, key card or fob readers etc. As soon as you unlock using any of the given ways the door hinged metal will release the door to open it.

With electric strike door lock, even if the light is out you can still open the door using the fail-safe function. You can open the door from inside then touch the touchpad of panic hardware. However, you need to see if these electric strikes are fail-safe or fail-secure.

Can electronic door locks be hacked?

Yes, it is true electric door locks can be hacked and that is mostly because of the negligence of the owner. It was also found that 75% of the devices operating on Bluetooth had vulnerabilities like device spoofing and plain text passwords which make them quite easy to hack. There have been many such cases where these locks are hacked so one needs to be very careful with them.

Final words

All of the above smart locks are useful in their function and give great security. However, we recommend Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock because it is perfect in terms of security and technology. Moreover, this door lock is serves as a modern solution when it comes to door locks.

All of the locks on the list are user-friendly which is a plus for beginners as they won’t have to go through a lot of hassle. Installing the electric door lock is not quite difficult. All you need to do is follow the manual and instructions it comes with.

So, if you want to keep a top-notch security and settle for nothing but the best then Lockly Keyless Bluetooth lock is your best bet.


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