Smart locks

It seems today that just about anything can be done from a smartphone, and locking or unlocking personal locks is now no exception. Smart padlocks work just like any other padlock, however instead of needing a physical key to open one, you can now send a cryptographic key using wireless or biometric technology. In plain English, these locks can be opened through a bluetooth signal or with your fingerprint. These locks are wonderful inventions for people who often lose keys, lock themselves out, or are to busy to dig around in a purse or pocket to find one. Another fun feature of smart locks is that your “key” can be temporarily sent to a third party, such as a child who forgot their key or a friend who would not normally have access to a physical key. Many biometric locks can store multiple fingerprints, making them perfect for family use. How do you go about choosing the right smart lock for you? Here is a list of the best smart padlocks in 2019 to help make your decision easier.

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