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Are you tired of your traditional panel because it keeps running out of power? If yes, then you should go for the ring solar panels. We know that it’s too annoying when you have to charge your security cameras hours after hours.

Moreover, sometimes regular solar panels also stop working, which is quite disappointing. Furthermore, it is really not a good sign for security cameras to stop after a certain time. These kinds of devices should always work smoothly, and Ring solar panels are actually what you need.

Still, there will be a lot of questions that might be popping in your minds regarding this super technology! Just chill because we are here to blow all your worries away! In this article, we are going to explain everything that you should know about Ring Super Panels. So, here we go!

Ring Solar Panel Review

ring solar panelRing solar panel is a fantastic technology by RING that offers non-stoppable battery timing to your spotlight cameras and other surveillance devices. It comes with numerous unique features. We have mentioned the highlighted ones down below.

Key Features Of Ring Solar Panel


●      Weather-resistant

●      Requires only a few hours of sunlight

●      Easy installation

●      Compatible usage

●      Adjustable mounting

What Is The Solar Panel In Ring Used For?

Besides the overwhelming features of the Ring solar panel, there are also some creative uses of this panel. Let’s start with the first one.

1.     Battery Charging

As we defined in the features, it only needs a few hours of solar power to be charged and is meant to keep the battery charged one to two percent per day, but the percentage depends on the amount of sunlight it is receiving. Moreover, you can connect it with Ring doorbells, spotlight, and without a spotlight camera for their battery charging.

2.     Providing Consistent Power

Another great feature is its compact size that provides consistent power to your security cameras. Moreover, it also doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your home’s aesthetics. Moreover, theRing solar panel is making security easier for your home!

3.     Long-Lasting

If one feature is battery charging, then the other is its long-lasting timing. This solar panel is specially built to last for a more extended period and keep your surveillance cameras charged around the clock. Moreover, it also comes with a water-resistant feature, so its function doesn’t mess up during harsh winters and rainy weather.

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Ring Spotlight Camera Solar Panel

Ring spotlight camera solar panel is specifically designed for the Ring spotlight camera, but there are different Ring solar panels for other cameras. It keeps the battery charged for a longer time, approximately 11 days without solar power.

However, as it will be mounted on the rooftop or somewhere it could receive direct sunlight, this Ring solar panel will be charged for a longer period. Moreover, it is equipped with two lights for better sight at night. You can turn the lights on manually or motion-activated with the solar panel in Ring spotlight cameras.

However, the light will only turn on at night when the motion is triggered to scare the intruders. Furthermore, it is an excellent option to keep strict surveillance without running out of battery.

Ring Camera Solar Panel

ring spotlight cam solar panel Similar to the previous one, this Ring camera solar panel requires several hours of sunlight to charge constantly. Moreover, it also comes with a rechargeable battery pack so that you’ll always have a backup battery just in case.

Additionally, it adds an extra layer of intelligent security to your home with a solar-powered HD security camera. Moreover, unlike other surveillance cameras, it also lets you hear, watch, and speak to anyone on your property from your tablet or phone.

Furthermore, it has a mountable feature, and with that, you mount it on any wall, roof, or somewhere where it will have the proper sunlight. Moreover, it has Ring customization sensors that can assist in delivering the ideal getting from your home. Additionally, it can come with an Alexa feature. Furthermore, you can also open the doors right from the application.

How Large Is The Ring Solar Panel?

The Ring solar panel comes in a compact size. You can see in the pictures that these are not that big as they seem. Furthermore, it has a versatile scope of 5.5×0.5×7.8 inches which enables it to be fixed everywhere. Moreover, this Ring solar panel’s cute and small size also does not take up a lot of space.

Does Ring Solar Panel Need Direct Sunlight?

All kinds of solar panels require sunlight to produce energy.  However, it’s not essential to consider that if it is receiving direct sunlight or not. Ring solar panels do not care whether they are getting inverted or coherent light.

Moreover, there’s one thing that a panel should be appropriately covered with the sunlight, or else the overall efficiency can be minimized because of increased resistance. However, there’s one more thing that matters, and that is the sunlight intensity. We think that more than direct sunlight, strong sunlight is essential.

Does The Ring Solar Panel Charge The Battery?

In addition to the compatible size, the Ring solar panel provides a “Trickle Charge,” which means the battery will charge based on sunlight received.

Moreover, the Ring solar panels are not intended to recharge the cameras, but they will deliver 1% or 2% of the battery every day, depending on the sun exposure.

Furthermore, according to different sources, if your battery fell to 0% due to cloudy crumbling or any other weather, then this Ring solar panel can take a few hours to bring it back.

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Ring Stick Up Cam And Solar Panel Bundle

ring spotlight solar panel So, we have already discussed the spotlight and camera solar panel. Here’s another one, Ring stick-up camera with solar panel bundle.

Now, you can enjoy the flexibility and effectiveness of endless placement options and dual power sources. Moreover, it has a motion-advanced camera that can go almost anywhere because of a motion-activated camera.

Furthermore, you can connect this Ring stick-up camera solar with backup battery packs and connected solar panels. You can mount it on the top of your house or yard to monitor with a bird’s eye view. As discussed above, these cameras are weather-resistant; therefore, you can receive non-stop protection and power even in rainy weather.

Moreover, it also provides you with tiny doses of everyday sunlight to keep it charged around the clock. Furthermore, the backup battery can also cover your backup power if the weather gets really serious.

Which Ring Stick Up Cam Works With Solar Panel Bundle?

ring camera solar panel2-pack stick-up cam solar and Ring solar panel bundle makes the perfect combination with one another. The solar panel provides protection and power to the Ring stick-up a cam in any weather. However, you don’t need to worry if the sun hides behind the cloud and does because we can still enjoy significant power with the help of battery backups.

Moreover, it keeps the cam’s battery charged for a long period, and with the backup power, it allows you to enjoy flexibility and monitor the surroundings even in harsh weather. Furthermore, you can place it on the side yard or above the Garage for monitoring your surroundings.

Besides, every coolest feature, Ring 2-pack stick-up cam, comes with a controlling app that will notify you when something exceptional happens. Moreover, you can also control and get access to different surveillance devices with a single dashboard.

How To Activate Solar Panel With Ring Stickup?

Here is how you can activate the Ring solar panel with a stick-up. First of all, follow the instructions mentioned in the manual and mount the solar panel in a place where it can be exposed to sunlight.

Now, detach the rubber plug from the back of the stick-up cam battery. Next, plug the solar panel into it. After plugging in, remove the rubber spacers behind the screws. Eventually, just secure the solar panel plugs with the screws.

Ring Doorbell Solar Panel

When you are watching a movie or busy with some work, and someone rings the doorbell, at that time, the most challenging task is to go to the door to see who’s there! But, not now, because with a Ring doorbell solar panel, you can hear, see, and speak to the people who are at the door through your phone and other devices.

Moreover, the Ring doorbell will also send you a notification when it notices something suspicious in front of the door. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which you can also connect with the Ring solar panel for long-lasting power timing. Anyhow, you can also review the activity that was missed to check in the last 60 days.

Furthermore, you can enable the Ring doorbell with Alexa, and it will notify you whenever someone presses the doorbell so you can ask them directly, without going to the door. Moreover, the recorded video is prettier and clear with high resolution.

There’s also a second generation of this doorbell that is:

Ring Doorbell 2 Solar Panel

ring solar panel not charging The second generation of Ring doorbell also comes with amazing features. This one has a pretty easy and convenient installation, just as written in the manual. Moreover, it can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop through the Ring app.

Furthermore, it is also designed with weather-resistant features plus built-in solar panels. Ring doorbell 2 is also the same as other solar panels as it also requires sunlight to work efficiently and durably. Moreover, if you don’t connect the solar panel to this doorbell, you’ll have to purchase its solar charger separately.

Solar Panel For Ring Doorbell

Since you know about the first and second generation of Ring doorbells, now it’s time to check out some solar panels for Ring doorbells. The company has designed a separate solar charger for each generation of Ring doorbells.

The solar charger is a secure mounting bracket comprising the solar panels in it. Moreover, solar chargers have the same functions as solar panels. The only difference is that solar panels are slightly larger.

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What Ring Doorbell Can You Attach With a Solar Panel?

Ring doorbells are pretty fantastic technology with built-in solar panels. However, if you want to connect them with the same Ring solar panel you have connected your cameras with, make sure that you have any version from the first, second, and third generation of Ring Doorbell.

That was all the general information about solar Ring panels. Now, let’s dive deeper and check out its installation process!

How To Install A Ring Solar Panel?

How To Install Ring Spotlight Cam Solar Panel?

  1. First of all, select a location for installation; however, make sure that the chosen spot receives reliable sun exposure.
  2. Line up your Ring spotlight cam solar panel by using a solar panel mounting arm as a template, and mark the holes on your chosen spot for screwing.
  3. Drill the holes on the marked spots. Moreover, if you are mounting it in stucco, concrete, or brick, insert the included plastic anchors into holes. However, if you’re mounting on vinyl or wood, just have the screws.
  4. Secure mounting arms into the wall now, slide the solar panel onto the mounting arm.
  5. Remove the mounting plate on the spotlight cam. Pop-out the weather-resistant plug and then replace it.
  6. Now, plug the solar panel charging cable into the spotlight cam. Adjust the spotlight cam into mounting brackets. Now, set the angle and adjust the screws.

How To Connect a Solar Panel To a Ring Camera?

  1. Find a rubber at the back of your Ring camera; slightly remove it.
  2. Fix the solar panel at the back of the Ring camera.
  3. Remove and save the screws on either side of the solar panel port at the back of your camera.
  4. Remove the rubber spacers behind screws now, plug the solar panel into the camera and secure it with the screws we removed earlier.

How Do I Check A Ring Solar Panel Charger?

A simple hack to check the Ring solar panel charger is to look at the light’s color shining on the box during the daytime when the system is meant to be running. If it shows green light, it means that the system is running smoothly and doesn’t have any fault. Moreover, if it shows red light, it means there is an error in the system.

How Strong Is The Ring Solar Panel?

Ring solar panel is a quite robust technology that comes with waterproof, snow-proof, and other weatherproof. It can stay charged for 11 days after a few hours of sun exposure. According to the specifications, it comes with two watts of power.

How Fast Does Ring Solar Panel Charge Batteries?

We have already discussed that solar panels can approximately charge one to two percent each day as it is based on exposure to the sun.

How Many Hours Of Sunlight Does a Ring Solar Panel Need?

Ring solar panels do not need much time for charging. Commonly, it only takes one hour and sometimes one and a half hours to keep the security cameras charged around the clock.

How Long Should The Solar Panel Charge For A Ring Stick Camera?

Lesser the time required by Ring solar panel to charge, the higher the time the Ring stick camera takes for charging. Furthermore, the battery will take 11 hours to charge the Ring stick camera fully.

How Much Light Does a Solar Panel Need For a Ring Camera?

We’ve already defined hours that Ring solar power needs to be charged. However, to charge a Ring camera, a solar panel requires only two to three hours of light to be charged.

How Many Volts Is A Ring Solar Panel?

Ring solar panels have a power rating of 5.2VDC, 2,2W, and six volts. However, which means that it will always have sufficient power to lighten up your security camera.

How Long Is Ring Solar Panel Cord?

The weatherproof DC extension cable of the Ring solar panel is 13.1 ft or 4 meters long. Moreover, it is compatible with a Ring camera solar panel for maxim sunlight reliability.

How To Shorten Ring Solar Panel Cable?

The cable of the Ring solar panel cable is similar to any extension. Take a scissor and shorten the size of the cable by cutting at the desired amount of length. Now, from any local market, bring generic replacement three-faced to prolong the plug.

How To Mount A Ring Solar Panel To Rain Gutter?

how to install ring solar panel

  1. Select a position on the rain gutter for the Ring solar panel to be placed.
  2. Hold the Ring solar panel; now mark two spots with a marker or pencil to drill.
  3. Make holes on the marked spots through drilling.
  4. Place screws and tighten them.
  5. Mounting is done; now just fix the Ring solar panels and start monitoring!

Ring Solar Panel Troubleshooting

ring solar panel for spotlight cam

Why Is My Ring Solar Panel Not Charging?

So, you all know that solar panels are placed in an open environment to receive sunlight. However, it receives not only the sunlight but also dirt, leaves, and debris. So, what do you think will the solar panel charge with so much mess?

No, so make sure to keep the Ring solar panel clean. If you have already cleaned it all, try unplugging and plugging the Ring solar panel back into the camera. We are sure that this will work.

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

The first aspect to check is direct sunlight. Besides ensuring plenty of sunlight, make sure that you don’t have too many Ring events, motion events, and lengthy live view events as the Wi-Fi interference can drain the battery. It may be possible that you receive charges from the Solar panel, but the battery could be draining quicker. Therefore, checking mentioned variables can improve this issue.

Will Ring Solar Panel Charge Ring Spotlight Cam When Battery Is Very Low?

Yes, Ring solar panels will definitely charge the Ring spotlight when the battery is low because it is an excellent product that can keep the battery charged. Moreover, the lowest the battery will take to be fully charged is 10-11 hours.

How To Use a Ring Solar Panel With Other Devices?

If your solar Ring panel is already connected with a device, and now you want to connect it with any other devices, just remove the camera’s cord from the solar panel gear. Now in the same place, plug in the cord of other devices that you want to connect, and it’s done!

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about the Ring solar panel. This product has many appreciable benefits, and the best part is that it does not compromise on the quality and features. Ring solar panels can be the modern, affordable, and luxurious security system you can ever have!

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  • How Long Can A Solar Panel Last Before Replacing It?

    • We are sure that you’ll not need to regret it because we purchased it about three months ago. Moreover, when we first charged the solar Ring panel, it charged the cameras in just a few days. Furthermore, you would enjoy climbing up to the roof or rain gutter and taking out the battery cells to change it after every 6 six weeks.

  • I Had Installed a Spotlight Camera With The Ring Solar Panels, Recently. However, They All Are Indicating The Low Battery, And I Am Confused. How Can Batteries Be Critically Low In Just Short Span?

    • These kinds of situations can occur when the solar panels are not getting enough sunlight. So, make sure to mount them at a place where they can be in the sun constantly. Moreover, also check out for the cable if it is connected properly or not.

  • Can I Use Multiple Cameras With One Ring Solar Panel?

    • Yes, you can, but you will need to order a 2-1.35×3.5 mm DC extension cord for that. Just merge them to generate a Y cable. Now, just plug a single side into the Ring solar panel and the double side into both cameras. Following the same process, you can also create two setups and four cameras.

  • I was told by RING support that every 3-4 months I will still need to remove batteries and charge regardless if connected to Solar Panel. Is this correct?

    • Hi Manny!

      That is correct. The security camera will still need to be charged at least every three months and it needs a little bit of electricity even when in solar mode. In this case, the batteries are charging themselves while they are being used. It’s important that you remove them from time to time and charge them using either your security camera charger or with any other standard USB power source, such as computer/tablet PC or phone adaptor, etc). This way you’ll prolong their lifespan since lead-acid batteries do not like deep discharge cycles! They should never stay for more than one month without some kind of load on them.

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