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Is Rexing Dash Cam Good? Everything You Need to Know About Rexing!

Which Rexing Dash Cam is the Best? Everything You Need to Know About Rexing

Are you looking for a quality dash cam that is easy to use? Do you want the best bang for your buck? If so, then Rexing Dash Cam has everything you need. With their high-quality resolutions, they are comparable to other camera brands costing hundreds of dollars more! We hope this article answers all your questions and helps you make an informed decision about whether or not Rexing Dash Cam is right for you.

Table of Content:

Features of Rexing Dash Cam that make it stand out from other models

-Full HD snapshot video recording with 1920×1080 resolution for high quality and detail

-Comes preloaded with a G sensor to protect against crashes that can damage the camera lens

-Equipped with an HDMI port so you can playback footage on your TV or monitor screen by connecting it via cable, giving you the capability of watching videos as if they were live

-Mounting brackets included that allow easy attachment without needing any additional tools

Rexing Dash Cams Product Specification

rexing dash camRexing Dash Cam is equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor that has a wide dynamic range and low light sensitivity for capturing clear footage at night, no matter the lighting conditions. It also includes an advanced technology called ‘WDR’ to enhance color contrast in your videos when recording under intense sunlight and other bright lights

The G-sensor shuts off power automatically when it senses anything coming into contact with the camera lens, which helps protect it from damage. Recording stops but audio continues so you don’t miss any of the action while driving or parking

The Rexing Dash Cam records high-quality snapshot video recordings (1920×1080 resolution) full HD video at 30fps, 1296

Rexing dashcam software

The Rexing Dash Cam includes the free C.A.T (Dash Camera Advanced Driver Assistance System) software for PC and Mac computers, which allows you to monitor videos in real-time as well as review past video recordings from your camera. You can also configure alerts that will notify you when a certain event is recorded on your dash cam – such as motion detection or low battery

It’s easy to manually adjust the volume with just a few clicks of the mouse so it’s loud enough but not too high where it becomes distracting while driving

With its lightweight design and sleek appearance, this device easily blends into dashboard area without taking up much space at all! It comes with two adhesive pads at power adapters that are included

Rexing dash cam app

The Rexing app is free and can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes store. It uses a QR code on the bottom of your dash cam to link it with your phone in order to change settings, view live feeds, record videos (or take pictures), access storage management tools, and much more!

Rexing dash cam app android

The Rexing dash cam app is available for Android devices and only takes a moment to install. Your camera will automatically connect with the app once you open it up, whether your device is on or off. You can also use voice commands if you have an android phone that has a built-in microphone like the Nexus S series phones!

Does Rexing dash cam have parking mode?

Rexing dash cam offers automobile features such as motion detection for auto-recording in the event of movement, and parking mode activation. How to use parking mode on Rexing dash cam:

– For parking mode activation, you’ll need to set a time interval. You can choose intervals from 30 seconds to 59 minutes and 60 seconds in order for your camera to stay on while parked without draining the battery.

Rexing dash cam firmware – How to Update Firmware

The Rexing dash cam firmware update is a quick process. All you need to do is download the auto firmware tool and connect your camera with the computer via USB cable. The GUI will guide you through the entire process:

  • Connect your dash cam to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Run Auto Firmware Tool(AFT) on the computer, and click “Next”. Follow any instructions that appear.
  • Click “Start” when you are done with update process.
  • Rename your memory card using Format function before recording again!

What if my dashboard camera has no internet connection?

If there is no Wi-Fi or Internet Network Connection, please use RMC/WiFi Direct Mode (if supported). To enable WiFi mode: Press Menu button -> More Settings -> Preferences -> Turn ON “Enable IR Cut Filter in Broad Daylight.” Select Wifi from wireless network list on mobile phone->Menu Key > Connect to Camera’s SSID > Enter

Rexing dash cam manual

The Rexing Dash Cam manual is located online and can be downloaded for free as a PDF. It will contain all the information you need to know about using your dash camera, including installation tips and safety precautions. Your dashboard camera should come with an instruction booklet that provides details on installing it in different vehicles or mounting positions. You’ll also download the manual here: 

Rexing v1 dash cam manual

The information in this manual is the user manual V1, which is for the Rexing V series dash camera:

Rexing User Manual V1

Rexing v3 dash cam manual

The V3 series dash camera is the latest Rexing product. You can refer to it for more information:

Rexing User Manual V3

The manual also provides details on using your dashboard camera, including installation tips and safety precautions.

Rexing dash cam review

That all changed when I landed a job that has me spending more time on the open road than in town. My commute is just over an hour each way and during those hours, my boring drive was being captured video-style with no action to speak of other than passing vehicles or exit ramps. Yet, it made for great viewing afterward if there ever happened to be any police activity along the route (which thankfully hasn’t been any). Plus not having to rely on memory alone makes me feel safer too as sometimes you can forget details from your morning commute like how many green lights were at one intersection or what color car cut you off. I was able to document my broken vehicle and provide proof that it had indeed been in an accident.

After receiving a complimentary Rexing V1 DashCam unit in exchange for an honest and comprehensive review I was anxious to compare it to my GPS and phone in order to see what the differences were and how it compared.

In a nutshell, my dashcam came out on top when I tally up all of the features that are most important to me as well as being cheaper than both GPS and Phone camera options. My favorite thing about this Rexing Dash Cam is its size. It’s small enough for me not to notice it every time I get into my car but big enough so that you can still read everything on the screen clearly while driving even if your windshield glare is really bad.

Plus with two very bright front-facing LEDs there’s no need to worry about having an accident at night either because unlike other model dashboard cameras without headlights these will shine brightly until day.

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Rexing dash cam hardwire kit

Rexing dash cam hardwire kit

– a DC power cable to connect the hardwire kit with your vehicle’s fuse box or accessory slot (cigarette lighter)

– an adapter for converting 12V from your car battery into voltage needed by dash cam.

What does Rexing Dash Cam HardWire Kit do?

Rexing Dash Cam HardWire Kit splits and transforms power from your car so that you can use it in both low and high settings, saving you money on batteries. You will be able to run the camera as long as desired without having to worry about running out of juice! The whole system is plug ‘n’ play; no need for any additional wiring or installation work. It mounts below dashboard level while still maintaining visibility of the road ahead through the windshield front window.

Rexing dash cam wireless

There are two ways to wirelessly connect your vehicle’s interior cameras: using the Wi-Fi network in your home or office (called “home base”), or through an internet hotspot. The first method is most secure and recommended for enterprise customers, while the latter may be more practical if you’re installing multiple devices throughout large spaces like warehouses. Alongside either option, we recommend that you use high bandwidth router equipment from companies such as Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link, and D-link.

Rexing dash cams Best UHD Dual channel dashcam

The Rexing UHD camera is one of our favorite dual-channel cameras on the market, providing quality footage from inside any car regardless of weather conditions. The company offers both single and dual-channel models with advanced features such as 180° angle adjustment (to get better views) that many other similar products don’t offer which speaks volumes about what kind of experience you can expect while using it…

In recent years has been gaining more traction by providing budget-friendly dash cam solutions including its Dual Channel Dash Camera Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD with a price tag under $100.

Rexing dash cam with parking mode

Rexing dash cam with parking mode is a type of Rexing dashcam that has an option to record video when your car isn’t in movement. This means if you happen to get into an accident while parked, the camera will capture footage from before and after the incident. It’s like a black box for your car!

Why should I get a Rexing Dash Cam?

A Rexing dash cam can help protect you against fraudulent insurance claims as well as ensure your vehicle is safe on trips abroad or at home. The best part about buying one today is that prices are so affordable – they range between $30-$150 depending on features and storage capacities available. They’re also compact enough not to take up too much space in

Rexing dash cam with GPS

The Rexing dash cam is a great choice for drivers who want an affordable and reliable solution to monitor their driving habits. The device can provide real-time speed, vehicle location information, engine RPMs, distance traveled per hour (DTE), and the total time that you are on the road. It also has low power consumption so it will not drain your car battery once the ignition turns off!

Rexing dash cam front and rear

This cam with front and rear cameras is designed to provide a high-quality video recording of the road in front and behind. The mirror-like lens provides crystal clear footage with no distortion even for fast driving, so you can see everything that happens on your drive from any angle.

Price: this camera has a higher than average cost but offers good value for money.

Rexing v1 4K Ultra HD 2.4″ LCD Screen Car Dash Cam Review

rexing v1 dash cam
The Rexing V1 is a great option for the car enthusiast who needs an all-around dash cam that can do anything from capturing scenic drives to recording police encounters and other important moments of driving life. The camera is small and consumes little power, so it won’t interfere with your vehicle’s battery or produce excessive heat in hot climates. And the lens doesn’t protrude far enough into windshield space to block any driver visibility whatsoever! With a simple installation process and excellent features like loop recording, parking mode, GPS tracking system, date stamps on recordings, one-button operation – this might be what you need to finally forget about worrying about safety while on the road.

This covert gadget allows you to film on the go without compromising security. The camera captures crystal clear HD footage and can withstand extreme temperatures of -20°F to 176°F! This device also features an auto-start function that activates when the vehicle detects any disturbance, ensuring a 20-second video without needing any additional work from the driver. With loop recording and G-sensors in place, this dash cam never needs its battery replaced or requires screen calibration ever again for long & happy recordings!

However, this camera also has disadvantages.  It does not have a battery. No battery means this car dash cam is never the “luckiest” kid on the block. So, it may have a better display than other models, but when your engine’s running and you can’t stop to charge up, you might as well start praying for a hole in traffic. And while mounting was designed with convenience, it does nothing to avoid potential disaster when debris gets caught between the camera body and windshield. This all adds up to an unsatisfactory driving experience that leaves us wondering why this dash cam made such high claims from the very beginning.


  • Ultra HD discreet design, which records 2160p video even while driving fast
  • Supports micro SD memory cards up to 256GB.
  • Consumer-friendly process records video in optimal quality under all conditions
  • 17-degree wide-angle
  • Rexing dash cams are equipped with a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F
  • The Rexing Dash Cam will automatically capture 20 seconds of video when it detects vibration
  • Blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays: our display will be safe and won’t get messed up
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Loop recording


  • It does not have a battery
  • Poor mounting
  • Occasionally makes buzzing noises from vibrations
  • Uninformed tech service

Our Verdict

Sleek and discreet, the Rexing V1-4K dash cam gives you an effortless driving experience. Allowing hands-free operation as it records in crystal clear ultra HD videos with a 170° wide-angle lens. The high endurance micro SD memory card can store up to 256GB of data so you have plenty of space for storing your memories onboard.

Rexing dash cam v1 gen 3

rexing v1p dash cam This is the latest model of Rexing’s car dash cams, with a WiFi connection that lets you monitor your vehicle wherever you go. Along with the high-quality 170º wide-angle lens and WDR, other features include loop recording and loop display option to have a backup for when things don’t go according to plan. With an optional GPS logger function, this cam will be good for anyone who likes to email their location periodically so support can track them down in case they get lost or stranded! The noninvasive design looks great through the front windshield, where it blends nicely against most color backgrounds. And with its superior stability even in extreme temperatures (144°F), it’s perfect if you’re thinking about taking trips out of state.

Otherwise, it’s hard to tell what this camera is shooting when it’s dark out. Sometimes the reflections makes everything even more blurry and icky.


  • Ultra HD Video
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 170 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens and WDR
  • Discreet Design
  • Loop Recording
  • Gravity Sensor and 24-Hour Parking Monitor
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Optional GPS logger function


  • Nighttime footage gets blurry, and you can see pixels on nearby vehicles.
  • Dash cams become less effective if they are reflecting the area in front of them.
  • The Rexing Dash Cam camera falls when the cable is unplugged, even after it has been running for over an hour and a battery level indicator states the battery should be full.
  • Some customers complain the camera shuts off while driving.

Rexing v2 Dash Cam Front + Back Dual Camera 1080p Full HD Review

rexing v2 dash cam
Rexing V2 is solving the problem of having one more camera, precisely for you to capture from the back and front camera. This dual-camera dash cam captures video in ULTRA HD at 1080p/60FPS ensuring all your memories won’t be a blurry mess! With 9 whopping hours of memory storage so you don’t have to worry about constantly removing and loading cards, this 1080p rear end dash cam helps reduce stress as sticky fingernails are now erased. The Rexing V2 has IR Night Vision to catch any obstacle coming towards you whether it’s a deer or car headlights! We know accidents happen but we want to help make sure when they do, that slippery dirt road or dark sky.

The Rexing V2 has an ultra wide-angle LCD display for better viewing and features 1080p full HD video resolution for capturing unparalleled clarity with dual camera systems. It is a rear-view mirror dash cam but does not offer GPS which means your driving route cannot be tracked on a map or plotted on Google Earth. This model also has cable connections on its side, making it bulky and less discreet to place in the car.


  • Infrared night vision
  • Ultra HD
  • The Rexing dash cam offers both front-facing and cabin (inside-facing) recording.
  • Wi-Fi function
  • has G-sensor technology


  • No GPS
  • The internal camera does not record the part outside the car well
  • It is bulky
  • Has cable connections on the side.

Our verdict

Rexing V2 offers both front-facing and cabin (inside-facing) recording. Although, this device is not as bulky and intrusive as other dash cams, which makes it quite a popular choice among drivers.

Rexing V6 Dash Cam Review

Rexing V6The Rexing V6 is a dashcam unlike any other you’ve seen. With a viewing angle of 170 degrees, our dash cam captures everything on the road ahead of you without worrying about objects in your rearview mirror. When connected to your car or motorcycle system, the Rexing will automatically turn on when it detects accidents via the g-sensor which can be turned off for cars with manual transmission systems (if applicable). It even has Bluetooth audio wirelessly streaming and inbuilt mic recording so that you can enjoy high-quality audio no matter where this powerful syncing unit is mounted – including inside your vehicle! The battery pack offers up to 120 minutes of continuous video recording time and includes 8GB of memory so. This cam has many features and capabilities we’re excited about:

-Supports Audio Recording

-Highest resolution 1920×1080 pixels at 60 FPS: see every last detail with vivid clarity

-With WDR function you’ll get incredible brightness and clarity even in high contrast environments such as a cloudy day or during

However, aside from the above, this product has poor video quality at night. The 8GB is not enough for an extended period time and the halo effect in all conditions will make this a difficult choice over other units on the market that have better night-time performance.


  • The high-quality 170° viewing angle maximizes the field of view.
  • 1080p HD Quality 1920 x 1080 resolution recording. Unlimited Cycle Recording
  • Dash Cam supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Audio recording
  • G-sensor
  • 320mAh battery
  • Videos are easy to transfer to my computer


  • Rexing Dash Cams issues when exposed to sunlight
  • The night quality is poor
  • It has a substantial halo effect
  • Video quality at night is not as great
  • Suction cup is not strong enough to hold their dash cam

Our verdict

It has some pros/cons that are worth mentioning: the good night-time performance, high quality 170° viewing angle, and 1080p HD Quality 1920 x 1080 resolution recording. On the other hand, it has some cons such as Rexing Dash Cams issues when exposed to sunlight, poor night quality, and a substantial halo effect. Overall, it’s not bad to have in your car.

Rexing S300 dash cam review

Rexing S300The Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro is made with an enhanced auto-detect technology that locks the footage on whenever it feels any jolt or movement triggered by sudden braking or even a hard smash. With a safe camera system for you and your vehicle, this one-of-a-kind dash cam will never let you miss out again on those precious memories in the event of an accident.

The Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro is a full HD dash cam with an ultra-wide-angle lens that captures everything in front of your vehicle. With its built-in G-sensor, it can detect any sudden movement and automatically save footage from before and after the event. It also has a built-in microphone so you never miss out on important conversations when driving. This camera will help keep you safe while driving!

But honestly, this model is a dash cam that is not easy to use. The internal battery doesn’t last that long, and it can interfere with radio signals. So you can’t use this camera for what it’s made for if you don’t have a car’s power adapter. The camera is great as long as you’re in one place and want only to record video footage…but alas, we wanted to listen to music while driving home from work! We had problems listening to anything on the radio-the RF was so strong that our favorite tunes were overpowered by static and disruption. When we received our product, REXing USA did not provide any customer service.


  • Full-HD Video 1920*1080
  • 170° angle
  • Accident Auto Detection Feature
  • MicroSD cards p to 128GBA car charger is included
  • User-friendly and responsive touchscreen
  • Temperature proof up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof IP67 so it can withstand


  • The camera’s battery doesn’t last very long
  • Strong radio interference
  • You will have to manually clear the SD card of any old recordings when it is full.
  • This camera is made of cheap and weak plastic
  • This camera is not compatible with this seller

Our verdict

It is a good camera for the price. It does not have many features, but it offers 1080P recording and a 170° angle lens.

Rexing S500 Dash Cam Review

You want to be in the know, you want to have eyes all around you. The Rexing S500 Dash Cam is here for that. With a full HD 1920*1080 video resolution and an adjustable front lens that faces 180° vertically or 30° horizontally, this toy will keep your vehicle protected at all times. Forget those blind spots! Keep tabs on other cars with up to 180-degree wide-angle rear camera view so there’s no chance of following too closely or leaving anything behind.

The disadvantages of this device are that the rearview camera plugs into the front cam to become standard HD 1400x1080p resolution. Sometimes it has some difficulty booting up when it’s cold because the software is kind of buggy and poor for viewing on a PC. Crash detection can be sensitive, and lacks features–there’s no motion detection yet. It also doesn’t have an option for locking footage or landmarks where you’re traveling. But REXING makes one helluva dashcam that takes killer high-quality Instagramable videos and photos while running 24/7.


  • The front lens can rotate vertically by 180° and horizontally by 30°.
  • The rear lens can also be rotated 180° to cover the rear or interior view of the car
  • Video in Full HD format 1920*1080


  • S500 doesn’t have motion detection
  • When your rearview camera is connected to the front camera, it no longer has HD 1920x1080p resolution
  • Collision detection is also a bit sensitive
  • Bad software to view on a PC.

Our verdict

It’s a good dashcam with strong video quality and decent features. It has some flaws, but the price is quite reasonable for what you.

Rexing G600 Dash Cam Review

Rexing G600This camera is a must-have for every truck driver. The Rexing is on the belt, not in the way or blocking anything. Plus, it’s dual front and rear so you can see everything driving forward or backwards! You never lose sight of what’s happening with these awesome cameras.

Its cameras are mounted in high-impact, low-profile housings which are easy to convert for use as a forward-facing camera having a 265-degree angle. Not only can motion detection capture any trouble up ahead before it develops into an incident (and save yourself a world of hassles), but a built-in automatic emergency record will ensure footage is captured if anything happens while you drive. And since the video footage is streamed live to your smartphone, you’ll always be able to see what’s happening.

The problem: The lens on this device may have shifted during shipping so you will notice red recording lights which continually flashes on both sides which is very annoying at night since there’s no way to turn them off without removing the battery pack (which would cause all information stored to be lost).

Another drawback: The buttons are not intuitive; they click instead of pressing in as one would expect on a modern device altogether, and they’ve made so tenaciously that brushing up against them risks breaking them off completely through the casing.


  • Design does not block the line of sight of the driver
  • The camera can now rotate 330 degrees around, freely adjust the camera angle
  • The video resolution of left and right cameras is 1080P and 720P
  • Wide dynamic range
  • G-sensor
  • Emergency button


  • The red recording lights continually flash on the left and right sides, which is very annoying at night.
  • When it gets dark, the video is difficult to see.
  • The button control interface isn’t self-explanatory

Our verdict

Rexing G600 Dash Cam is that it is a neat device. It’s designed to be discreet, and its sturdy build quality can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in.

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Latest Rexing Dash Cam

The latest and cutting-edge Rexing Dash Cam models are equipped with a built-in GPS, which can log your vehicle’s speed and location.

This is especially useful for drivers who use dash cams to document their driving behavior or as evidence in the event of an accident. Rexing Dash Cam also offers models that are designed to be mounted on motorcycles, bicycles, and other small vehicles such as ATVs.

Rexing x80

I would like to mention the latest and most advanced Rexing Dash Cam models. These are the following models, showing their name, resolution, and sensor type.

The Rexing X80 Pro Dash Cam has a 1080p resolution, an Ambarella sensor, and uses gravity-sensing technology to record evidence when your vehicle is in motion or stationary without you around. The Rexing V90F+ model also comes with Full HD video recording capacity as you can make sure the 1080p video footage is clear and sharp for every detail.Rexing V5

The X50 Pro model also comes equipped with a G-Sensor that locks and saves footage of accidents, incidents, or thefts as well as an auto on/off feature to save power.

Rexing Dash Cam Mount

Rexing Dash Cam MountIt couldn’t be simpler than the Rexing dash cam mount! This ingenious device attaches to your dashcam with a sturdy suction pump and bracket construction, so you can watch back footage in car or on-the-go and know your camera is safe.

Rexing dash cam mount for Rexing v500 dashboard, Rexing g800 are optional upgrades that can be purchased separately if you want to attach your cameras on a car window and use it as an interior dashcam.

However, if you want something more reliable in terms of stability then it may be worth investing in an adhesive type mounting system like the one found on the X50 Pro model. This fits securely onto your windscreen by way of a strong silicone pad ensuring they are not going anywhere anytime soon!

Rexing Dash Cam Install

How to install Rexing V1 car dash cam?

Install your Rexing V1 car dash cam in minutes with Rexing’s easy 6 step process:

  • The first thing you need to do is insert the microSD card into a compatible device and format it before using or installing on another device.
  • Next, download and unzip the software onto an SD card that will fit inside of your camera – this can be done by following instructions on their website for downloading the firmware from links below (it should only take about 10-15 minutes).
  • Once formatted, switch off power to both devices then connect one end of USB cable between them as shown in diagram 2.
  • Now hold down volume + button while plugging other end into cigarette lighter socket so they are connected but not powered up yet.
  • Now turn on power to both devices and release the volume button. Wait for a minute or so, then unplug USB cable connecting one end from camera (to cigarette lighter socket) before powering down device again by turning off this switch on dash cam.
  • Now repeat step for other side of car – connect everything as in diagram but swap sides when connecting start/stop speaker wire to new device.
  • Once formatted, turn off power to all devices then disconnect cables like you did at beginning with steps above.” Switch your microSD card between different cameras if desired!

Rexing V3 dash cam installation

  • Install the Rexing v.03 dash cam in a car with cigarette lighter socket, by connecting start/stop button cable to power switch on dash cam and then attaching camera “sides” of device.
  • Find your microSD card slot on back of camera (between speaker slots) and insert it here – when inserted right way up you should feel a click from ‘locking’ into position.
  • Switch off all devices before disconnecting cables.

Rexing M1 dash cam installation

  • Install the Rexing m.01 dash cam in a car with cigarette lighter socket, by connecting start/stop button cable to power switch on dash cam and then attaching camera ‘sides’ of device.
  • Find your microSD card slot on back of camera (between speaker slots) and insert it here – when inserted right way up you should feel a click from locking into position.

How to connect Rexing dash cam to WiFi

  • Firstly, connect the dash cam to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and use the Rexing app on your device. The camera should automatically turn on. If not then press power button (located in bottom right).
  • Once it is turned off go into settings icon by clicking on top left corner of screen – find WiFi option and set password for WiFI connection if needed. Drag down menu next to WiFi signal area so that you can activate hotspot function: slide ‘hotspot’ slider from OFF position towards ON/RED light at end of slider bar, toggle arrow until HOTSPOT appears as an active setting — push back up again when done .
  • Open wifi list beside where you entered password and select the Wi fi network you need to use to connect.
  • After entering the password, it will automatically turn off your phone Wi Fi and you can click on ‘Start’. The camera should now be connected to WiFi and you are ready for recording!

How to connect Rexing dash cam to phone?

  • Install the app on your device.
  •  Download and install the RMA dash cam application to phone; this will allow you to view live video, see what happened before an incident occurred, check battery levels and more.
  • The camera must be connected with a power cord for it to work properly so that as soon as you turn off engine or exit car it would stop recording automatically. If not running on external power its best practice is always use parking mode when parked in unattended locations such as airport, restaurant etc., just push “P” button located below left side electronic buttons screen . The camera powers up only when there are movements detected which then starts recording and sends notification alerts via email/phone notifications.

Rexing dash cam: Connect to computer

Rexing dash cam syncs with your computer wirelessly in just seconds but you have to be careful when connecting your dash cam’s USB cable, as it tends getting stuck.

When you are hooking up the Rexing Dash Cam with its included micro-USB cord and want to connect that back into your computer for either charging or transferring video files off from an SD card, make sure not too push down on the end because there will then likely be some trouble unplugging again later in this process.

Rexing Dash Cam Comparison

Rexing Dash Cam vs Viofo

Rexing Dash Cam vs ViofoWhich dash camera do you want to buy? The Rexing vs. Viofo Comparison reveals which one is the better option for your needs! For starters, both cameras have a built-in GPS device and an emergency lock button that can be used in case of theft or vandalism. However, they differ because whereas the Rexing has a time stamp on its video files–making it easier to identify what happened at any given moment–the Viosco does not have this feature (or many others). Another difference between these two models might just be deciding factor: while both come with 1-year warranty coverage by default, only the former offers lifetime technical support as well – making them less likely to stop working before their guaranteed expiration date passes…

One more difference between these two dash cameras is how each features in its operation: The Viofo M series has more configurable settings for shooting, while the Rexing dash cam’s only setting to adjust is exposure time; this can make it difficult when trying to capture important details such as license plates or faces at night.

Rexing vs Garmin Dash Cam: Which One is Better?

Rexing vs Garmin Dash CamThe differences between these two cameras are mostly in their features and settings, but not entirely. You can buy a Viofo M series with IR LEDs for $230 instead of the $270 price tag on the Rexing dash cam – saving you about 20%. But when it comes to battery life, the latter more than makes up for this; as reported by customers who have used Rexing devices extensively, they last an average of 60 hours while powered sans cord – that’s over three times longer! Ultimately though, your choice will be based on personal preference.

Do you want all your footage immediately viewable when plugged into a USB port or do you need to go the extra mile and install it on an in-car monitor? The answer is probably dependent on how often you take long trips. If you don’t mind stopping for gas every few days, then the Rexing M series can be more than enough. But if you’re a nervous driver who avoids lurking highways like the plague, as I am – well, let’s just say that installing one of these bad boys will make driving much less stressful…

Apeman vs Rexing Dash Cam

The Apeman is a dual-lens dash cam. The Rexing M series has one lens, but it’s an impressive 140 degrees wide-angle that captures everything in front of the car as well as what looks to be about 180 degrees behind us.

This makes both models really great for capturing events and then later analyzing them with peace of mind.

But there are pros and cons inherent to each type – most notably video quality. That said if you’re looking for a low-cost solution or something more discreet than the Rexing M series is a great choice.

The Apeman has an impressive video quality and it captures quite well in low light conditions, too. The wide-angle lens does make things appear more pixelated than the other models but we can’t really complain about that given its lower price point.

If you’re looking for something stylish or high-quality then go for one of the pricier options (the Rexing M series) – don’t forget though that all these cameras are highly discreet!

Vava dash cam vs Rexing

Each of this models dash cam has its strengths and weaknesses, but the Vava is a great choice if you’re looking for something more discreet.

The camera has a really small footprint so it doesn’t take up much space on your windshield. The only downside we found was that the video quality isn’t as good in low light conditions – this isn’t enough to make us not recommend it though!

The Rexing dash cam provides the advantage of the front-facing camera and built-in screen, which means you can see what is going on at any time without having to take your eyes off the road or wait for footage to download onto another device.

Who is the best dash cam Rexing v1 or Z-edge?

The Rexing has a higher quality video and a front-facing camera which makes it easier to see what is going on in your car when you are not looking directly at the screen.

The Z-edge dash cam will do well if you just want something that records with no bells and whistles, but if you’re willing to spend more money for better performance then we would recommend getting the Rexing v1.


rexing dash cam software

Rexing dash cam how to record?

To start recording, press the power button on your Rexing Dash Cam. The screen will show “REC” and a red light above the lens should turn on. Press again to stop recording when you’re done.

How to hardwire Rexing dash cam?

If you are going to mount your dash cam on the windshield and want it hardwired, then this is a must. There are two wires, one for power (red) and one for the video signal (white). You will need an electrician or someone who knows how to wire electrical systems in cars before proceeding with wiring up your Rexing Dash Cam.

Alternatively, you can use a Rexing USB Vehicle Power Cable Kit which plugs into any 12V outlet such as a cigarette lighter socket powered by a car battery. The cable kit comes with everything: A 24-inch long cord that plugs into the back of your camera, a mini-USB charging adapter that goes from the dashboard charger unit to a micro-USB port directly next to the lens on top.

Does Rexing dash cam have parking mode?

Parking mode is enabled in the settings of your camera.

Parking mode is usually triggered by a motion detection system that detects when something has entered into range and then starts recording so you will have video footage to show if someone hits your car or steals anything from inside even though this doesn’t happen often with Rexing dash cams.

How to pair Rexing dash cam?

  • The camera should be turned on and you will see a small blue light to come one if it is ready.
  • Press the power button again for about three seconds or until that same indicator blinks slowly, which means it’s in pairing mode.

How to reset Rexing dash cam?

  • Remove the battery from the dash cam and wait for five seconds before replacing it.
  • If you have a power cable, unplug it from its charger and reinsert after waiting for about ten to fifteen seconds for your camera to reset.

How to update Rexing dash cam?

  • To update your Rexing dash cam, you need to download the latest firmware and follow these instructions.
  • The steps are: press the power button for three seconds or until it blinks slowly; then plug in a USB cable into your computer but not yet into your camera; wait five seconds before unplugging the USB cable from both ends of the connection and then turn on/off each end respectively by pressing them again just once more after turning off one side. This will restart everything including updating any firmware.

How to format Rexing dash cam?

  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds until all of the LED lights start flashing red and blue in succession at least once per second. This will reset your camera so that you can begin using it again after doing this process!
  • Note that formatting will delete all data

Rexing v1 Dash Cam – How to Rewind?

  • Double click the left button to rewind in about a minute increment.
  • Triple-click the right button to fast forward in about a minute increments.
  • Afterwards, you can press and hold on to either of these buttons for as long as desired if you want to go faster or slower than one minute at a time

How to maintain date and time on Rexing dash cam?

  • Click Settings on the camera’s screen
  • Set date and time to change automatically, if desired. If you want a particular date/time set (i.e., for event recording), go back to the Camera Mode settings and click Recording Setting > Date&Time Setting and select a particular date/time

How to lock video Rexing dash cam?

  • Click the lock symbol on the upper right of the Rexing Dash Cam screen
  • Press and hold for five seconds to confirm

Rexing dash cam how to reposition rear camera?

  • Click the camera icon on the upper right of Rexing Dash Cam screen
  • Click Rear to switch the rearview.
  • Double click, then set/adjust position (left or right) and angle for better viewing

*Note: Adjustment will apply to both front/rear cameras unless they are switched off separately

How to charge Rexing dash cam?

  • Use included USB cable
  • Connect the plug of USB cable into a cigarette lighter socket or AC outlet and the other end into Rexing Dash Cam, then turn on your car engine (or use an external power bank)

Rexing dash cam battery – how long will it run on car battery?

The battery life of Rexing Dash Cam is determined by how often you turn on/off the screen and recording.

Rexing dash cam can last a few hours without charging when idle with rear view or up to 18 hours standby time with front camera, while in parking mode for an hour will consume about 30% of power. In general, if it’s not used as much and stays off most of the time then it should run longer than average headlights (about 20-30 minutes).

What kind of battery charger do I need for Rexing s300 dash cam?

The Rexing S300 dash cam only takes a long-lasting battery that is designed for GPS navigation devices. The best option currently on the market are lithium-ion batteries such as Lithium-Ion Battery Pack or Ni-MH Batteries.

Rexing dash cam battery replacement

Insert the latch on one side of the battery cover with a fingernail and gently pull it up.

The batteries may be inserted in either direction, but make sure they are aligned correctly before closing the door to avoid damaging your camera. Push down on both sides of the battery until you hear them snap into place.

How to replace battery in Rexing v1 dash cam?

Replacing the batteries in the Rexing v1 dash cam is done in the same way as described in the previous point.

How to unlock file Rexing dash cam?

  • You need to enter the password for your Rexing dash cam.
  • To unlock a file that is locked by default, open it and click on “Unlock” in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Input your password and confirm by clicking “Confirm”. You can now edit or delete this file.

How many amps Rexing v2 dash cam?

Rexing v2 dash cam has a maximum of two amps.

How to play Rexing dash cam videos on a computer?

  • Download the video to your computer by double-clicking on it. This will create a new window or tab in Windows explorer and show you the downloaded file as thumbnail preview
  • Right click on this file and select “Play” from the menu
  • Select full-screen mode, minimize all other open windows (except for Rexing dash cam

How to watch playback on a Rexing dash cam?

To watch playback on Rexing you need to download the video to your computer by double-clicking on it. Then, you can view and play the files from there.

How to save Rexing dash cam footage to MacBook?

To save Rexing dash cam footage to MacBook, you need to first download the video by double-clicking on it. Then, import or add this file onto your Mac system and play with QuickTime Player.

Rexing dash cam how to prevent videos from being overwritten?

To prevent videos from being overwritten on Rexing dash cam, you need to go into the settings and change it so that your camera starts recording video in a new file every time.

This prevents old recordings from being deleted when they are past their limit of storage space. However, make sure you have enough memory available for this option to work.

How does Rexing v1 car dash cam 2.4″ handle heat?

The Rexing v.01 car dash cam has heat-resistant features which allows it to be used in any climate conditions, including hot weather without worry of the video being lost due to overheating.

All in all, I can say this camera is a great option for people who live in warmer climates or want an all-around reliable device that can handle anything they throw at it.

Rexing dash cam SD-card: what micro SD to use?

The Rexing v01 car dash cam comes with a 16GB micro SD card, which is the most that it will handle on its own.

If you’d like to use larger storage options, I would recommend picking up an adapter cable and using your own external memory cards or thumb drives instead of just relying on what’s included in the box.

How to connect Rexing dash cam to wifi?

The Rexing v01 dash cam has a built-in WiFi feature that allows you to connect the camera wirelessly so it can send and receive footage without using your phone’s cellular data.

To set up, turn on Wifi in your settings menu, select “Rexing” from the list of available networks and enter password 1234. Once connected, open the app for iOS or Android and follow instructions provided by app.

Once you’re done with setup process tap Auto Sync button at bottom left side of display screen on dashboard cam (note: this may not work if device is low power).

Does it come with a memory card?

Yes. The Rexing dash cam comes with a 16 GB SD card, which is more than enough to store the footage from up to 24 hours of driving.

How much video can it record?

It records continuous 1080p HD footage for up to 24 hours on its built-in memory (16GB).

Can Rexing v1P Max record throughout the 24/7 duration?

Yes. The Rexing Dash Cam records footage of the last 24 hours at all times without a break, so that you always have an up-to-date version in case something happens.

However, keep in mind that Rexing v1P Max can only record and save events for which it notices motion from its sensors or if triggered by user.

After upgrading, can you use existing power connections from the V1P Pro?

No. When you upgrade your model, all settings must be upgraded as well.

Is the 4K Recording capability available for both channels?

No. The Rexing HD dash cam only has a single video channel with 1920×1080 resolution that can be set to 1080p, 720p or WDR (Night) mode.

Rexing dash cam cable

It is a wire that connects the dashboard camera to your car’s power socket.

The length of this wire is usually between 200 and 300 cm, but it should be enough for almost any vehicle.

It does not come with an adapter which can be used if you have a 12V cigarette lighter port in your vehicle instead of the standard ignition/accessory sockets.

Rexing dash cam extension cable

An extension cable for Rexing dash cam is available as an accessory. This cable may be needed if your vehicle has a 12V cigarette lighter port and not standard ignition/accessory sockets.

It adds more flexibility with installation locations in your car, but it does come at an extra cost.

Rexing dash cam charger

A charger is not included with the purchase of these cameras. You have to buy it separately if you want a charger for your dash cam and when charging the camera, keep in mind that there is only one USB port on Rexing dash cam which means this port will be used for both powering up and data transfer.

Who makes Rexing dash cam?

Rexing dash cams are produced by a company called Rexing. Rexing has been in the dash cam business for over 15 years and is well-known for its high standards of quality, durability, and reliability.

Rexing dash cam warranty

Rexing offers a 12-month warranty on all products. It does not cover physical damages or internal defects but it will replace any defective product with the same model, free of charge during the first year after purchase.

What is the best resolution for Rexing dash cam?

Generally, the higher resolution you can afford in your budget will give you better video quality. However, this does not seem to be a very critical factor with dash cams since all of them work so well at 1080p HD resolutions.

*Some inexpensive cameras may only offer 720p though and these videos are noticeably less detailed than those that appear on other screens or devices.

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Rexing dash cam troubleshooting

Rexing dash cam troubleshooting

Rexing dash cam factory reset

To reset your device, please do the following:

  • Disconnect SD card from camera by sliding it out of its slot;
  • Hold down power button for about 5 seconds until screen turns off and release when you see “Please wait” message;
  • Wait for one minute before plugging in back into camera;
  • Connect SD card back to camera;
  • Turn on the device and wait for it to boot up.

*The reset process will erase any videos that have not been downloaded or saved and files you may have manually deleted from your memory card, so be sure this is what you want before proceeding with a factory reset.

Rexing dash cam flickering

This can be caused by a faulty power cable or connection between the dash cam and display unit; if this is your problem, try unplugging the device from both ends before reconnecting them again (make sure they are plugged in tightly). Another potential cause may be a low battery level or insufficient storage space on your memory card–clear out any old videos you’re not using so there’s enough room for new ones. In addition, make sure that when you set up camera features like motion detection sensitivity settings, photo time interval, video resolution, etc., you are not setting them too high for the device to process.

Rexing dash cam not loop recording

There are two things to check. The first is that you have loop recording turned on (in the “system” settings). If it’s off, turn it back on and see if problems persist.

The second thing to double-check would be your memory card – make sure there’s enough room for more footage by deleting old videos or turning down video resolution.

Rexing dash cam not turning on

There are a few different reasons that your dash cam may not be turning on.

The first thing you want to do is make sure the video cable is plugged into both devices – the camera and the car adapter. If it’s in there but not working, try pulling it out and putting it back in again. It sounds simple, but sometimes these cables can get twisted together or kinked easily so take care when plugging them in! The next step would be trying another power source for the dashcam such as connecting directly to an outlet with an extension cord or using a portable battery pack.

Rexing dash cam not recognizing SD-card

If you have tried to insert the SD card into your dash cam and it has been rejected, there are a few things that could be wrong. The first is that your memory card’s file system might not match up with what Rexing Dash Cam requires which would usually default back to FAT32 instead of exFAT or NTFS. If this is the case, we recommend formatting the SD card using Windows on a PC format for best results.

The next reason why an sd-card may not work in the dashcam can be because its speed rating doesn’t meet Rexing minimum requirements. Minimum speeds needed for video recording are Class 12 (UHS) or faster so make sure if you buy another one that it meets these

Rexing dash cam wifi not working

There are many reasons for the Rexing Dash Cam wifi not working. If your camera is in a place where it can’t get any signal, then that’s one of them. Another reason could be because you don’t have internet access on your phone or tablet and need to connect via Wi-Fi instead. We recommend using an app like “Network Analyzer” to check if there are enough open connections for the dashcam.

Rexing dash cam keeps turning off

There are many reasons this could happen. One of them is because it’s in a position where the sun might be setting and shining right on the dashcam, or there may be too much heat from being near your engine. Another reason would be that you’re recording at an angle that involves more light exposure than normal (like after sunset) and so the camera will turn off to protect itself as well.

This can also occur if someone turned on their headlights suddenly while you were filming, causing your Rexing Dash Cam to automatically shut down due to increased light intensity with its sensor set to auto-adjust for changes in lighting condition – something we find useful by default!

Rexing dash cam won’t stay on

This is most likely to happen when you’re in manual mode and your car’s headlights suddenly come on while recording – which would be that you’re recording at an angle which involves more light exposure than normal (like after sunset) and so the camera will turn off to protect itself as well.

The circumstances described in the paragraph above may also be the cause of this troubleshooting.

Conclusion: Is Rexing Dash Cam Good?

Rexing dash cam is a great product that has many features and benefits, such as:

  • clear video quality in daytime or nighttime;
  • daytime footage can be better than other competitors because of its released light intensity with its sensor set to auto-adjust for changes in lighting conditions.

What are some of the reasons I should select this particular dashcam?

Some of the reasons to buy Rexing dash cam are that it has a good battery life, is small and easy to use, offers high-quality video recording in HD resolution. You can trust Rexing as their cameras have been tested for durability with extreme temperatures (-4F/-20C) and vibrations (7.5 G). With this camera you get all these features plus more!

Why Rexing Dash Cam is the best?

It comes with a lifetime warranty which guarantees your satisfaction for years on end. All of these benefits make choosing Rexing Dash Cam one of the smartest decisions you will ever make when looking for a new car dashboard camera.


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