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What is the Best Rear View Mirror Camera? - 6 Top of Rear-view Mirror

Rear-view Mirror Camera: Epic Growing Guide and Review of 6 Top Brands

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The days of drivers having to peer over their shoulder before changing lanes are long gone. That is because rear-view mirror cameras have given them the ability to see what’s behind them without ever turning around! This article is a comprehensive guide on the best brands and models of this technology, with detailed reviews and tips for installation.

Rear-view mirror backup camera systems

They have been around since the 1970’s, but they were primarily found in commercial vehicles. In recent years rear-view camera systems have become more commonplace as an aftermarket consumer accessory due to their low cost, simplicity of installation, and ease of use – especially for those who are not technically inclined.

What to expect to spend on and get from a backup camera?

A backup camera goes for $25 upwards, depending on the quality and features.

Pros/Cons of Using Rear-View Mirror Camera Systems:


  • A safer way to change lanes or back into parking spots at night or in bad weather.
  • It is a great investment, especially for those who have children or an elderly parent passenger in the car with them when they drive.
  • Minimal wiring is required because they use the existing power system or WiFi connection.


  • Some people find it disorienting when looking through these devices instead of using mirrors alone.
  • It can be an expensive buy on top of the car’s original price.

What you need to know before getting a backup camera?

rear view mirror camera

What are the most important things to consider before buying a rear-view mirror camera?

It is important for drivers not to buy cheap, unknown brands. Only go with one that has been tested and reviewed by customers who have bought it already. Also, look into getting one that comes with features such as night vision – this can prove invaluable in low light conditions! And finally, see how good the picture quality is since the last thing you want is an unclear image of what’s behind you while driving or parking your car. It should be HD resolution at least 1280X720 pixels. What about accessories needed when installing a backup/rear view camera? There will always be some additional equipment needed in order to complete the installation.

How does a rear-view mirror camera work?

Rear-view cameras are installed on the rear of a vehicle to provide drivers with added security and convenience when reversing or parking. It is equipped with an LCD screen that transmits images from its lens in real-time, allowing you to see what’s behind your car before moving off; it also works the other way around so you can monitor traffic when reversing.

Are rear-view mirror cameras worth it?

Yes, rear view mirror cameras are worth it because they save your life and valuable property. A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 95% of crashes happen when drivers back up; most resulting in fatalities or severe injuries such as head trauma and spinal cord damage (source: NHTSA).

Also, many vehicle owners who have installed a rear-view camera on their car claim that parts such as side mirrors which used to get knocked off while reversing no longer suffer from this problem thanks to these devices.

It is also common for hundreds and thousands of dollars in damages due to accidents caused by backing up not being entirely covered under insurance policies. This can be prevented with a simple into an affordable device like a rear-view camera.

Can you use a camera as a rear-view mirror?

Yes, you can use a camera as a rear view mirror and it is also very easy to install. There are many different models on the market but each of them has all the necessary components such as an LCD screen or monitor that receives images from its lens (most often in color) via cables; some even come with extra features like night vision capability and motion sensors.

Installation involves placing this device at your convenience behind your vehicle’s existing rear-view mirror using clamps which usually comes included with the package for free! Some cameras require more than one wire so if planning to replace your car’s original factory accessory ensure you have enough wiring power available under the bonnet.

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How do you put a dash camera on a rear-view mirror?

You can easily put a dash camera on the rear view mirror and it is as simple as plugging in some wires. Dash cameras are usually very easy to install, especially if you have an extra power supply available under your vehicle’s bonnet .

If not, then using a cigarette lighter adapter is also possible but this option has its shortcomings since most of these devices will only work while your car engine is running – which isn’t always ideal. It would be best to pick a high quality model that comes with motion sensors so it automatically turns off when you turn off your car engine or ignition key.

Some models come equipped with adapters allowing them to receive images from both their front and back lens simultaneously; essentially acting as two separate cameras at once .

There are also wireless models on the market that can be fitted to your rear-view mirror using double sided tape or adhesive strips.

Can you have a rear-view camera on all the time?

Yes, you can have a rear view mirror camera on all the time and it is more convenient than having to turn off your dash cam or front facing camera if catching an accident on video.

However, using this method of power supply comes with its own disadvantages as well such as draining out your car battery over time even if not in use .

One solution would be to purchase a high-quality model equipped with motion sensors which automatically turns off when no movement has been detected for some minutes; these models will also save you money on electricity costs since they don’t require constant powering like most regular cameras do.

Some brands offer great warranties that cover damage caused by low voltage and excessive energy usage so’s nothing to worry about here!

Best Backup Cameras for 2021

ImageProductApproximate Price
AUTO-VOX T9 Backup Camera – Best Backup Camera Overall$220
EchoMaster – Rear-View Mirror Back-Up Camera Kit – Black$200
RED WOLF for Ford F150 rear view mirror backup camera 2004-2014 (F250/350/F450/F550 2008-2016)$150
Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel Rear View 10” IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam 1296p$130
DOD TECH RX8W RX DOD Rearview Mirror Dash Camera$100
HD eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera – Best Backup Camera on a Budget$25

There are six top brands: AUTO-VOX, EchoMaster, RED WOLF, Rexing, DOD Tech and eRapta. Each of these companies offers a wide selection of rear-view mirror cameras that vary in terms specs, price and features. They offer different resolutions, operating systems support (Android/Apple), video inputs and angles with quality lenses to suit any budget or design preference. You can read about each product by clicking the red links above as they all have their own reviews on this page which you can use to compare them further.

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AUTO-VOX T9 Backup Camera – Best Backup Camera Overall

rear view mirror backup camera systemsYour dashboard is no longer the only eye on what’s happening behind you. The AUTO-VOX T9 Backup Camera uses an HD camera that lets you see around your vehicle with just one touch of a button, or at any time by turning to the right on your screen. Its wide-angle view shows up to 150 degrees in reverse, so there’s nothing it doesn’t pick up. When your finger slides to the right on the screen each time, it’ll switch between rear view mode and parking mode, making gear work even easier for everyone involved. But sometimes seeing what’s coming isn’t enough; that’s why this bad boy also includes four attachments for most cars – all festures are covered!

With all operations done with just your fingers thanks to its touch screen, it’s easy and fun. Using a mirror that replaces your stock mirror without any damage, the AUTO-VOX T9 backup camera won’t shake or vibrate and will mean that you’ll be able to change lanes safely and quickly. Your favourite system will now show you the way down every highway!

Rear-view camera that works on most vehicles with a backup light; two mounting methods available. The device monitors the rear view by showing you how it would look to be directly in line with the vehicle’s center of your car – it is not complicated, translucent, or difficult to install! Plugging into your existing reverse lights will provide power for installation. Extra features include gridlines on the monitor and being able to turn them off if they are distracting or not needed at all depending on where one intends to mount their device. This is one of the most practical features we’re excited about at Autovox is patented parking lines on the monitor — their use will eliminate any possible doubt if whether or not they can fit into a space! What could be better than peace of mind when backing up? Never drive without it and never get into an accident!

To make the best use out this mirror for tinting windows or night driving we must mention some drawbacks. First of all, the sunlight is shining on your car and reflecting off the monitor, making it hard to see what’s in front of you. The second problem with this cam is that image distortion may occur at maximum viewing angles of the camera.

On the whole, a great product that offers a ton of value for the price. It’s simple and easy to use, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want something complicated when they’re just trying to find out if they can fit between two cars in their parking spot.


  • All operations could be finished by your fingers via the touchscreen
  • T9 mirror with bracket can replace your original mirror completely without any damage
  • It helps to minimize vibrations or shocks that can cause the mirror to move
  • When your finger slides to the right on the screen, the monitor displays a rear view image with grid lines
  • You can turn on or off the grid lines on the monitor
  • Two ways to install the waterproof rear camera


  • 150° view angle
  • Sometimes there is glair on the mirror
  • In normal light, the screen is a little dim

EchoMaster – Rear-View Mirror Back-Up Camera Kit – Black

echomaster - rear-view mirror back-up camera kit - blackThis product provides convenience and safety to drivers who need added assistance when backing up their vehicle, specifically in parking lots. With an adjustable viewing angle of 170° that tri-colors the background objects for guidance, the EchoMaster back-up camera kit should provide peace of mind while you are behind the wheel or riding shotgun.

Consider adding this product to your arsenal if you are ready to take on any terrain with confidence even in tight spaces where it’s hard see whats behind your car!

It’s IP68-rated water-resistant so you can be super confident when it goes down raining or someone leaves an ice cream wrapper out to melt in hot sun – no worries about being able to see through the display. And don’t worry about compatibility either because you get adapters for whatever type of vehicle you have! In addition, this product comes complete with all hardware needed for installation.

The EchoMaster – Rear-View Mirror Back-Up Camera Kit is a highly recommended product for anyone who wants to avoid accidents. This rear view camera system works great and provides an accurate image of the surrounding area that you are backing up into. With its night vision capabilities, this device should work well in low light conditions as well!

Unfortunately, there are no detailed instructions or diagrams included in this kit, which makes installation nearly impossible without giving up precious minutes from the time before backing out. The width of the grid in the video does not match my truck size, so I cannot trust my line-of-sight on either side.


  • The package is easy to install and you can do it
  • The viewing angle of the lens is 170° Viewing Angle
  • TRI-COLOR PARKING GUIDELINES – Helps guide you into parking spots.
  • Water-resistant, IP68 certified
  • It’s compatible with most cars and includes mounting adapters, if necessary


  • Installation is not aided by the directions.
  • Because the width of the grid in the video does not match a truck’s width, you must check your side mirrors frequently and the side lines only if they fit.

RED WOLF for Ford F150 rear view mirror backup camera 2004-2014 (F250/350/F450/F550 2008-2016)

how to install a rear view mirror backup cameraThe backup camera market has done very well over the last few years. The trend is for drivers to get higher-resolution cameras, or back up cams installed. RED WOLF in particular offers a wide angle design that gives you nearly 150 degrees of “seeing” when looking back in your rear view mirror. With this model, you can see farther behind you than with any other unit on the market today! This is perfect to replace the factory camera on models 2004-2014. This high-performance product comes in two colors – black and silver – so it will look great against your vehicle’s interior color scheme, too.

Ford F150 rear view mirror backup camera clips onto the backside of a Ford F150 or any other vehicle using a back up camera and outputs its feed onto a 4.3″ screen which sits behind your current rear view mirror reducing blind spots by 50%. It also uses an RCA extension cable to make it easy for drivers who want to keep their factory wire installed to reduce wiring problems after installation.

Keep in mind, however, that while the wolf may represent ferocity and courage, this backup camera does not stand up to such roars. It doesn’t record anything either. This unit also doesn’t have auto dimming features which can save you time if you are using other interior lights at nighttime.


  • Ideal for upgrading the factory camera units to a more modern appearance
  • 60mm wide angle in a 150-degree field of view
  • 26ft/8m of real wiring is included with the Cameras package.


  • Installation may be time-consuming.
  • There is no option to create a recording.
  • There is no automation for automatic dimming

Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel Rear View 10” IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam 1296p

auto dimming rear view mirror with backup cameraLooking for the perfect minder to make sure you don’t hit anything at first mistake? Then the Rexing M1 is right up your alley! Occupying a whopping 10 inches on your dash, it’s designed with two cameras – one in front and one in back. It will also flick between their images automatically should you need to reverse (or if there are any other occasions that would require this). With 1296p HD resolution, you’ll be able to see everything clearly. Just one careful sip of coffee could crash the whole deal, so stay safe and secure around corners with M1.

With a built in gravity sensor that instantly locks up current video when an accident occurs, it can give 24 hours of protection for both you and your car.  It also sports dual channel recording for clearer detection at earlier stages, but that doesn’t mean its advanced engine noise cancellation system will keep irrelevant noises out of our footage so your needs are always met.

At night it uses an internal infrared light to illuminate see around you at a 260 degree angle (front camera 140°, rear camera 120°) while still maintaining your visual field behind your car. It’s great for documenting any parking related issues too making this an invaluable asset when there are disputes between parties. You can’t afford not have one!

There are some downsides that should be considered before purchase though, including no Wi-Fi connectivity or GPS logger support. If this is important to you, then we suggest another model.

But with this camera you can also save a lot of time, money and nerves. Get the perfect vantage point to secure your car, serve justice in case of collision, and offload weight from your brain. Save yourself from imminent death by injury or lawsuit with an important purchase decision.


  • Front camera captures 1296p HD (2304×1296) video.
  • Eliminates the blind spot
  • When the vehicle is in reverse gear, the rear camera will automatically switch to a view that shows the back of the car.
  • The 10-inch IPS touch screen design
  • When the built-in gravity sensor senses a collision, the current video is instantly stopped.
  • The device’s parking monitor provides 24-hour protection.


  • No Wi-Fi and App
  • There is no support for GPS logging.
  • The rear camera lens has a limited 120-degree field of vision

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DOD TECH RX8W RX DOD Rearview Mirror Dash Camera

echomaster rear view mirror back up camera kitThe intelligent design of this camera allows for a space-saving, sleek approach to driver safety. The DOD TECH RX8W is a 5Hz GPS enabled rearview mirror dash camera which records video. The ultra-thin design makes the head unit look more like just another rearview mirror, rather than an obvious camera. Camera LEDs automatically activate at night to make it easier to use in low light environments or when you are wearing sunglasses! Indicator lights are strategically placed for recording purposes on both sides of the front mirrored lens – making it easy for others driving behind you to see your car’s view with the help of your mirror mirror dashboard cam.

With the front facing camera, you will have an amazing field of view that captures everything in front of your car – including all sides for total coverage! And it records in 1080P to capture highly detailed images. The unit itself is mounted on your rearview mirror and can swivel 360 degrees so you always get the perfect shot no matter what direction or location you are parked at. This dash cam continuously monitors its environment to make sure there aren’t any accidents waiting to happen while parked up with this device hooked up inside! With advanced image sensors installed, if needed it starts recording when motion occurs within close proximity of the vehicle (up 60 feet).

The model has no rear view camera, and while recording you can’t turn it off in settings. The ISO value always overlays on video so that’s kind of annoying – but at least there is a way to toggle its visibility from within the app for those who don’t want their private images recorded without permission! You also won’t be able display GPS Long/Lat when using this feature either because instead an unfamiliar satellite icon pops up instead during playback which tells us nothing about where we were or how fast traffic was moving when driving near cities; however after zooming out some more details show up providing useful data like temperature readings based upon satellite readings.


  • The exterior shell is ultra-slim. The lens itself measures 1 cm from the surface of the mirror down to the case.
  • GPS Logger with Internal 5Hz GPS. For enhanced accuracy, your position is updated 5 times per second.
  • At night, a mild white glow illuminates the keypad, making it simpler to use the camera.


  • There is no rear view camera on this model.
  • The video is not displayed on the screen. The default 1080p video quality setting cannot be disabled in the settings menu.
  • When filming, the gimbal does not display GPS latitude and longitude, instead displaying a poorly recognizable satellite image.


Rapta ERT01 Backup Camera – Best Backup Camera on a Budget

This backup cam is perfect for your car, pickup truck, SUV, minivan or sedan! Get it now because the price won’t stay this low forever.

The HD eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera make sure you won’t bump into anything again with advanced night vision camera to help light your way at night. Haul all of your groceries home without any fear! This product is priced to sell and will only be available until supplies last so get them before its too late. This product will fit into any budget (less $30).

This mirrored design means you can use it on old or new cars, anywhere there’s enough room for the unit. Another great feature of our eRapta ERT01 HD rearview camera is its portability; unlike most modern things that are made cheaply with parts glued together, the design allows you to easily mount it on your rear license plate.

eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera lets you make your blind spots a distant memory with eight high-powered LED lights and an IP69 waterproof rating. It has a wide 149 degree viewing angle, so not only will you never miss any important turn arrows or walk/don’t walk signals, but you’ll also protect yourself from everything -from large trucks to small motorcycles- that could come out of nowhere and change the steering wheel in your hands. Be confident when backing up into tight parking spots or tackling those bumpy roads with this powerful backup camera, and avoid expensive damages down the line by installing one today!

At the same time the eRapta Backup Camera only has a wired backup camera, no WiFi or mobile app. There is also no monitor included. What’s more, the manual is inaccurate and the instructions have made it much more difficult.


  • Under $30
  • Designed for automobiles, pickup trucks, SUVs, minivans, and sedans
  • Works well on old, new and used cars
  • 8 LED lights
  • IP69 waterproof
  • 149° view angle


  • This is a wired-only camera
  • No monitor
  • Instructions are not very accurate and cause frequent complaints

Best backup camera for RVs and campers

echomaster - rear-view mirror back-up camera kitThe AUTO-VOX CS-2 wireless backup camera kit is the perfect choice for Rvs drivers who want to improve their safety. The PC1058 sensor provides clarity of vision, while the suction cup mount let’s you install it on your windshield or dashboard easily with one hand. You’ll be able to see any impending danger up ahead immediately with the wide angle view that camera offers.

This device is set with a Parking Line and next vehicle is displayed on that line. This will be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver which you mount high up on your dashboard so it doesn’t obstruct your view while driving. Your car can also be seen at night since it features plenty of bright LED lights for added safety. Stay safe when parking or driving in reverse, take this product into account!

A clear answer to the every day problem of not being able to see what’s behind you when parked or reversing out of tight spots – AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera Kit brings all the convenience, quality assurance and technological prowess you need to never have an unpleasant incident again.

DoHonest HD 1080p Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit – Best backup camera for trucks

DoHonest Backup Camera HD 1080P with 5“ Monitor is a wireless backup camera designed to work perfectly with trucks. Don’t be a backseat driver, stay at the wheel and keep your eyes on the road! The DoHonest Wireless Backup Camera HD 1080P with 5″ Monitor for Truck make it easy to know what’s behind your vehicle. You’ll never lose things in the darkness again! Work confidently backed up this backup camera system with built-in night vision sensors not only enables you to see more clearly on an unlit road, but monitors distance of objects 100′ away. Stay safe with that precious cargo of yours by staying engaged.

The wireless working range is over 600ft in open area. This high-definition 1080p HD image goes out about 200 ft, which means you’ll be able to see the back of your truck from up to 50 ft away, even when obstacles obscure it.

It’s also got an easy installation guide and 2 year warranty tech support with replacement!

Best backup camera for Older Cars

Wireless Backup Camera with 5” Monitor , LeeKooLuu F09 is best backup camera for older cars because it is equipped with the latest technology and it is very easy to install. You can use this rear view camera for older cars on any vehicle, but we recommend you choose a small model since some of them come without installation instruction.

Don’t miss anything while driving in reverse! Turn on your LeeKooLuu F09 Wireless Backup Camera System today and feel safer when backing up into parking spaces or maneuvering through tight areas such as driveways and garages. The backup camera comes with night vision capabilities so that no matter what time of day it is, you’ll always be able to see exactly where you’re going – even if there’s nothing but pitch black darkness ahead! This product also has an anti-glare screen which protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Rear view mirror camera as seen on TV – Official HD Mirror Cam

With increased safety awareness for drivers, this affordable product is the perfect addition to your car. The Rear View Mirror Camera provides you with extra protection while knowing that at any time you can see what’s happening behind you without taking your eyes off of the road in front of you. Whether it be while driving around town or out on the larger highways, keep yourself and other commuters safe by adding this inexpensive mirror car camera to your vehicle!

This handy mount attaches to the bottom of any rear view mirror and turns any car into a safe, new ride. See things from above–out and away and behind you, and never miss a thing with wide-angle visibility that captures it all: lane change indications for first-hand safety alerts or accidental bumps; traffic signs clear as day approaching intersections; even incoming texts via built-in microphone/speaker functions! The camera is perfect for Uber, Lyft, Taxi drivers, limos & more…so make sure they see everything clearly.

But my experience of using this camera revealed the following disadvantages.

The battery life isn’t very long. It doesn’t start automatically when you turn on the car. It only works if your driving it with power, but then that would mean there’s no guarantee of having usable night vision.

The power connector is on the top of the mirror, so it will be hard to get at your camera if you decide to set up your rear view mirror mount in a place other than inside your window frame or over by the air conditioning vent like most people do for their front-of-car monitoring system. Worst of all, Rear View Mirror Camera might not even work for some drivers because it only comes with an analog video output and some newer cars need digital inputs…meaning…darn!


  • Quick install
  • A 360-degree rotating camera can be used.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Full HD
  • Ideal for Uber, Lyft, taxi, and limo drivers
  • Built-in microphone function.


  • In fact the battery life is only 60 minutes
  • The auto start only works while you are connected to a power supply
  • The mirror’s power connection is located on the top
  • A video recorded at night might be blurry

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how to install a rear view mirror backup camera

How to install a rear view mirror backup camera?

Installing a rear-view mirror camera is easy. Some cameras come with wire harnesses that are included in the package. You can use them to easily wire up your device without having to cut any wires or solder anything together. If you want an even easier installation, choose models which already have power running through it so all you need to do is hook it up and play!

How to stop vibration in rear view camera mirror?

If your mirror vibrating, it is a very simple fix. There are some after-market apps that can be downloaded onto an phone and used as a camera stabilizer for the rear view mirror to stop vibration. You might also want to adjust how you mount it or use some extra sticky tape if things get too wobbly on the screen!

  • Remember: stay away from duct tapes because they will leave residue behind when removed.

How can you use your rear view mirror with a mirror back up camera attached?

If you are not using your rear view mirror, consider removing it altogether. If you do want to use it but the camera is blocking the path of vision either get a smaller camera with less viewing angles or remove some parts from your dashboard such as air vents and storage compartments so there is more space for movement.

What is the largest rear view camera mirror?

The largest rear view mirror camera that you can purchase is about eight inches. If you need more, consider getting an after-market one which has a larger viewing angle to record what’s behind your car.

Some of the best brands for large mirrors are Rexing V Series and KDLINKS X100 Pro. They have 1080P HD resolution with clear night vision so there won’t be any trouble seeing even at night time!


Take a look at some of the best rear view mirror cameras to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for your car. You want to be sure that what will work in your vehicle and with your budget. If we missed any, let us know! It’s not easy finding the perfect camera without doing hours of research online or reading reviews like this one. A great way to save time and money is by using our guide as a starting point and narrowing down from there. We hope it helps!

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