The Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR hidden home security camera

Have You Been Wondering How to Monitor Your Home When Away Secretly? Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor Security Cameras Have Got You Sorted. This article is all you need to know everything about Panasonic indoor security cameras.


What are HomeHawk floor security cameras, and how do they work? As it will be disclosed here-in, Panasonic has a range of security cameras both for indoor and outdoor purposes. Panasonic’s security cameras help you to keep an eye on the room at your absence.

The HomeHawk floor cameras serve the same role as the rest- and more. The reason is that these security cameras have additional features that distinguish them from others in the market. For example, Panasonic’s new indoor surveillance cameras come in the form of a floor lamp. The camera is magnificently fixed on the top side of the lamp, in a way that you won’t easily notice its presence. As you would guess, Panasonic security camera’s integration into the floor lamp is purposeful!

The aim is to conceal the surveillance camera from guests and other people who might feel uncomfortable with the camera’s ‘eye’ fixed right on their faces. The Panasonic camera’s less visible appearance thus gives it a plus against its competitors. More so, HomeHawk floor security devices do not require mounting hence eliminating the need of the rather unsightly cables associated with wall-mounted cameras! Read through as we elaborate on Panasonic’s indoor surveillance cameras, including a description of their features, pros and cons, as well as usability.


Panasonic Cameras

Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) is a Japanese electronics company. The company has a range of products, and one of these are surveillance cameras. The cameras are categorized according to function, resolution, standards, among other aspects. Panasonic designs its products in line with advancing technology. To cater to current smart technology needs, Panasonic developed intelligent security cameras for indoor and outdoor purposes. The latest, in Panasonic’s security system mix, is HomeHawk models.

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So, what are the various types of HomeHawk security cameras?

Panasonic’s latest surveillance technology, HomeHawk intends to provide a bird’s eye view of the home’s occupants. These could be kids, baby sitters, pets, delivery personnel, or even porch snatchers! The security cameras come in different sizes and shapes, but all share some common features. Notably, all HomeHawk security systems have HD cameras, over 140-degree viewing angle, night vision, wireless access points, local storage points, among other features. This article has more on these special features.

HomeHawk’s security cameras- A reviews of several types

Panasonic’s DoorCam

panasonic security cameras The camera is for outdoor surveillance. It is mounted on a strategic position on the door to monitor in real-time, events within its range. Rated 3.2 at Amazon, the system goes for $ 119.

Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Smart Home Security Camera

The camera is also used for outdoor purposes. The surveillance gadget supports a color night vision, 2-way talk, and Alexa and Google Assistant. It is rated 3.7 stars by 100 reviewers and sales at $ 113.42.

HomeHawk Panasonic Home Monitoring Camera

panasonic homehawk review
The system provides wireless indoor surveillance. It records videos at 1080p full HD videos and goes for $ 79.47 with a 3.6-star rating at Amazon. The camera monitors all the room activities as the data is stored in a microSD card. The camera is visible, unlike the floor security camera.


homehawk by panasonicPanasonic HomeHawk Floor Camera

The camera comes in the form of a floor lamp with an embedded security camera. The camera is highly disguised in physical sight, with a 1080p HD Video and night color vision. The camera sells at $219.95, with a 4 Star ratings at Amazon.

What are HomeHawk Floor Camera Features?

As noted already, HomeHawk floor surveillance camera has many characteristics that are in other varieties of the HomeHawk model. For example, the cameras are designed to record activities in real-time. This means that using an app integrated, with your phone, you can easily view happenings at your home from afar, online.

Secondly, all the HomeHawk surveillance camera models record events locally in the microSD. There is no need for a monthly or annual subscription for Cloud storage.

The third similarity is between the various securities cameras under the HomeHawk model, are the night color vision, motion detectors, voice assist, and HD cameras among other features.

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So, what are the Panasonic HomeHawk Floor System’s main unique features?

It is interesting to note that the only difference is based on the camera’s design as a floor lamp. While in the living room, Homework Floor surveillance camera blends with other household goods like home theater apparatus. In short, you would be forgiven for taking it like any other part of the home décor!

The following are the specific features of Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor security camera system:

  • A floor lamp.
  • Two neutral colors and 3 varying height options.
  • 140 degrees field of view.
  • 1080p HD video.
  • Color night vision and voice assist.
  • An automatic motion sensor.
  • Real-time video viewing.
  • Local storage via microSD card.
  • 90 minutes power back-up.

What are the pros and cons of HomeHawk Floor surveillance camera?


By now you must be aware of why many customers may opt for a Floor Camera instead of other indoor surveillance gadgets. You are not long. The disguising of the security camera into a lamp carries the day! Most house occupants, unless on a keen examining, take the security system as a floor lamp or just another household décor. However, as you are about to discover, it is not all perfections for Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor surveillance security system!


The lamp’s design and appearance is a little bit creepy. This is, especially for the tallest Floor lamp camera. Some expert reviewers feel that the device barely resembles a floor lamp, which may attract more interested occupants to examine it further.

What is more concerning is the ‘plainly’ fixed camera! On further inspection, a guest can notice the camera lens on the lamp’s neck, bringing privacy issue as it could be regarded as a spy cam.’s columnist suggests fitting a physical lens cover to hind the rather ‘naked’ lens of the Panasonic’s indoor security camera.

The Floor lamp camera is also more expensive compared to similar systems. Furthermore, the lamp’s bulbs (LED lighting system) are not replaceable- raising the camera’s device’s durability issue.

Suppose, despite the few demerits, you find HomeHawk Floor surveillance camera desirable and useful. How, then, do you set up the device after purchasing?
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Setting-up the Camera

panasonic homehawk

Setting up Panasonic’s smart devices, not only the Floor lamp security camera, is pretty simple!

First, all Panasonic’s products come with a user’s manual with all the steps you need to follow to set up the gadget. However, here below is the procedure:

  • Place the Floor lamp camera at your desired location in the living room- it has to be close to a power socket.
  • Plug in the socket.

In these two simple steps, you are good to go. HomeHawk Floor security systems come as a complete device that requires nothing more than plugging into power and turning it on.

More so, the lamp has its own stand, with no need for drilling, cutting, or mounting.

How to use Panasonic’s Floor security camera

The camera has an inbuilt application that connects to your smartphone. Furthermore, the surveillance device also has an access point connecting to your router. You can, therefore, connect to the internet and view videos recorded by the camera, in real-time, at your phone. This does not matter whether you are miles away!

A recap:

  • Power Source- HomeHawk Floor cameras are powered by electricity and back-up batteries that can run for up to 1 hour, 30 minutes in case of power loss.
  • Storage- The cameras support a local video storage on a microSD card.
  • Access to Data- You can watch videos using your smartphone online or view saved videos on the microSD from your laptop or tablet!


Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor security camera is designed to relieve customers’ the concerns of a clearly visible indoor surveillance camera. This Panasonic HomeHawk review has revealed the primary features of the latest model of indoor surveillance devices. Coming as a lamp-cam combination, the Floor camera creates efficiency in monitoring the home without attracting too much attention from the occupants.

HomeHawk Floor security camera, therefore, has many advantages. Apart from lowering anxiety levels for guests, it also blends well with the home décor- its ambient lighting notwithstanding!

Furthermore, you can monitor your household from miles away provided you have internet access.

Floor security cameras, however, falls short in a few areas. One main issue is that the lamp might appear somehow creepy for some people. As the lens is barely covered, a close inspection by an interested occupant may reveal the camera! Privacy issues could arise, whereby it may be taken as a spy camera- which is not always okay with some guests.

Even so, the Panasonic HomeHawk’s Floor security cameras are elegant indoor surveillance devices that you might want to try in the future.

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