Outdoor Security Cameras

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any security system without proper video surveillance. People are keen to protect themselves from unwanted encroachments on their lives or property. A few years ago only large businesses and wealthy individuals could purchase and install a reliable security camera system, but today it has become a much more affordable and cost-effective measure.

Outdoor security camera systems allow owners to guard the perimeter and area surrounding their warehouse, factory, shop, or home. Using such cameras will help protect properties or businesses from danger. Also, in unpredictable circumstances, you may have the benefit of the recordings from your security cameras to present evidence of your own innocence or the guilt of unauthorized persons.

Selecting the best outdoor CCTV system should be based on the device’s ability to provide reliable high-definition images in any weather and at any time of day, with autonomous operation, and requiring a minimum of maintenance and installation costs. Fortunately, security technology has developed sufficiently to create easy-to-use surveillance devices providing quality recordings no matter the light or weather. Detailed attention should be paid to the following characteristics of security cameras:

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  • Matrix

As a rule, CCTV cameras are available in one of two types of the matrix: CCD and CMOS. CCD matrices are considered the leaders, as they cope very well with indoor and outdoor video surveillance in any light. Cameras with a CMOS matrix also do an excellent job, though the quality of recordings can suffer and the matrix has a lower sensitivity. But this option is cheaper than CCD matrices

  • Viewing angle

Before selecting a security camera, you should decide what you want it to capture: whether you need to focus on a specific area or capture a wider frame. If the focus is on a specific area, it will be possible to identify smaller details in the image. Models with a wider angle allow a full view of the area, but with greater granularity in the recorded image.

  • Protection Index

The level of protection against harmful external factors is indicated by IP. CCTV cameras come with different protection indices; for example, models with a protection level of IP68 can reliably protect equipment from dust and moisture. The first digit of the indicator shows the level of protection against dust, and the second shows the level of waterproof protection. The higher the indicator, the better the device’s protection.

  • Motion Sensor

Models with a motion sensor will be able to send notifications that something is happening at your facility. It allows you to quickly respond to situations, as well as save space on your hard drive.

Night vision camera

Night vision cameraInstalling such cameras is necessary to contribute to the maximum efficiency of video surveillance systems in low light conditions. For night video surveillance, several technologies are used to improve image capture in darkness. There are two main categories of night vision cameras: cameras with IR illumination and cameras with white backlight.

Cameras in the first category use sensors which detect infrared illumination and heat. This is due to the fact that infrared illumination emits heat, and the hotter an object is, the more illumination it emits. Such a security camera displays the different levels of heat that it detects with different

Cameras in the second category use white backlight for illumination, making night vision security cameras more visible from the street, but you get a color video recording of the highest quality. The amount of light, as well as the distance that can be recorded in darkness, depends on the intensity, size, and number of diodes used.

Night vision security cameras with IR illumination and white backlight have their pros and cons. Choosing the right night vision video surveillance system in this case depends on your needs and budget.

High-resolution night vision security camera

Resolution determines the accuracy of recordings from your CCTV camera. A clearly visible image is very useful when trying to identify faces or details. If you need a clear video recording, HD night surveillance cameras offer a great solution, with a resolution of 1080p. Ultra HD resolution security cameras provide amazingly clear images at the greatest level of detail. Such cameras will definitely be more expensive, but the resulting images will also be better.

Solar-powered security cameras

Solar-powered security camerasSolar-powered outdoor security cameras operate exclusively on solar energy and do not depend on other sources of electricity, which makes them completely autonomous. Solar panels are used to power the cameras and charge their batteries. Let’s investigate this in more detail.

The built-in charge controller provides a constant supply of stabilized power to the video surveillance system, while the battery stores the energy. Together with wireless data transmission technologies, it is possible to remotely control the object from anywhere in the world with a connection to the internet. Such video surveillance systems become completely autonomous, self-sufficient and require minimal maintenance costs.

Solar panels are most efficient on clear, sunny days, but they can also generate electricity on rainy or cloudy days as visible light penetrates rain and clouds. The solar panel should be selected depending on the hours of sunlight in winter in the region. They are usually produced in a waterproof design, so rain and snow will cause them no harm.

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Solar-powered wireless security camera

This type of video surveillance allows you to achieve absolute autonomy. These CCTV cameras come with small solar panels that charge the security camera and battery. Such video surveillance systems are very easy to install and maintain because they do not contain wires or require additional equipment. Owners can remotely control such systems and receive updates from them via 4G / LTE connection or by using smartphone applications.

Below we explore two of the most popular solar panels for a wireless video surveillance system. We hope this helps you make the right choice!

Arlo solar panel

Arlo solar panelIn recent years, Arlo’s solar chargers have greatly improved in quality and technology. The company today makes solar panels that work very well with security cameras. Arlo solar panels have reliable protection from harmful environmental influences. To successfully charge your security camera, simply install the solar panel in a hard-to-reach location with direct sunlight. The panel can effectively store solar energy on cloudy days, but not as efficiently as on sunny days.

This is a reliable and affordable option for charging CCTV cameras. It is just a matter of installing it and connecting it to the camera and you can forget about charging your video security cameras for years!

Ring spotlight solar panel

Solar-powered wireless security cameraRing spotlight panels are one of the most popular and reliable panels for charging surveillance cameras. They are made of a resistant material that can withstand frost and rain. Despite its compact size, this solar panel reliably keeps your camera fully-charged even on cloudy days. Just find the right place to install it and synchronize it with the video surveillance system. Using the smartphone app, you can easily monitor and control your solar panel.

Ring spotlight solar panels are a great solution if you are looking for an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage solar panel that will keep your surveillance cameras charged at a consistently high level.