Motorcycle Dash Cam Guide 2022: Record Your Surroundings While Riding

A motorcycle dash cam can be a valuable piece of equipment for riders. They can provide peace of mind while riding and may even help protect you in the event of an accident. With so many motorcycle dash cams on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. In this guide, we will answer some common questions about motorcycle dash cams and provide product reviews and tips to help you make the best decision for your needs.

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Why You Need a Motorcycle Dashcam

#1. Accidents Should Be Documented

If you’re riding a motorcycle, you know the dangers that come with it. One of those dangers is being hit by another vehicle – a danger that motorcycle dash cams can help protect against. They record your ride and provide evidence for insurance claims or even court cases if needed.

#2. Legal Liability

As a motorcycle rider, you are always at risk of being held liable in the event of an accident. Even if you are not at fault, having video footage can help prove your innocence and protect you from legal action.

Motorcycle dash cams can also be helpful in documenting reckless driving by other motorists. If someone cuts you off or tries to run you off the road, your dash cam will be there to record it!

#3. Capturing Your Adventures

In addition to protecting yourself from accidents, motorcycle dash cams are great for recording scenery on long trips or sharing videos of your rides with others! You never know when you might find something interesting on one of those rides-make sure to capture it all so nothing slips through the cracks!

Different Types of Motorcycle Dashcams

motorcycle dash camThere are many motorcycle dash cams on the market, but not all of them serve the same purpose. It is important to consider what you want from your motorcycle dashcam before purchasing one. Some motorcycle dash cams are designed specifically for riders who ride at high speeds and need more protection than others might be able to provide while others may work

Single Channel or Dual Channel

Single-channel motorcycle dash cams record from the front of your bike, whereas dual-channel motorcycle dash cams capture video from both the front and rear. This can be helpful in documenting accidents or reckless driving by other motorists.

Dual-channel motorcycle dash cams may also be useful for riders who want to capture their adventures on video.

Dash Cam for Car and Motorcycle Use

There are also motorcycle dash cams that can be used in a car. These cameras usually have a mount that attaches to the windshield so they can be used in either vehicle. Be sure to check the specifications of any motorcycle dash cam you are considering to make sure it will work in both your motorcycle and car.

How Motorcycle Dashcams Work

Motorcycle dash cams work by recording video while you are riding. Some motorcycle dash cams also have built-in GPS, so they will record your location at all times and provide evidence if needed later on down the road. These motorcycle dash cams may be more expensive than those without built-in GPS technology but could save money in legal fees if an accident occurs one day!

7 Top-of-the-Line Dash Cams According to Our Test Results

GoPro HERO10

motorcycle dash camThe HERO10 is the camera for anyone who wants to film their most daring adventures. With its waterproof and low-light capabilities, you can rest assured that this camera will document your every move, both near and far. With a resolution of 2880p, the HERO10 ensures that your videos will be smooth and sharp, while its 23MP photo resolution guarantees brilliantly clear images, even in low-light settings. And if you want to capture those amazing moments in slow motion, the HERO10 has got you covered with 8x slo-mo at 2.7K. Finally, the pause video feature means that you can extract still photos from 5.3K video footage – resulting in some seriously high-quality photographs!

With the GoPro HERO10, you can easily upload photos and videos directly to your cloud account. This way, you’ll always have access to your memories, whether you’re on vacation or just out for a day around town. Plus, with the hassle-free auto-upload feature, you’ll never have to remember to transfer your files manually again!

This device has several disadvantages including the presence of monthly payments for access to cloud storage and its ability to automatically upload your photos/videos there. In addition, it is often noted that this product heats up during active use or prolonged operation time as well.

  • Waterproof
  • Low Light
  • High-Resolution video 2880p
  • Incredible 23MP photos at 60fps
  • Stream photos and video from your cloud-connected GoPro camera to your phone
  • Wireless data download via the Quik app
  • Unlimited cloud storage with automatic, hassle-free downloads
  • The device overheats frequently
  • Monthly fee for cloud storage

Bottom Line

The GoPro HERO10 is an excellent motorcycle dash cam for those who are looking to capture their most daring adventures on video. With its high-res video and low-light capabilities, you can rest assured that this camera will document your every move, both near and far.

Insta360 ONE X2

best motorcycle dash camThe Insta360 ONE X2 is the perfect camera for anyone who wants to take amazing photos and videos without having to worry about the hassle of a selfie stick –  the invisible selfie stick disappears when you edit. This powerful camera is waterproof to 33ft and has AI editing so you can easily create professional-looking content without any extra work. Plus, with four-mic 360 audio, you’ll be able to capture crisp, clear sound no matter where you are. And if you need to take a quick photo or video, simply use voice control to make it happen in seconds.

With the Insta360 ONE X2, you can get 5.7K 360 video and photos with incredible detail and stunning color. The FlowState stabilization tech means your shots will be steady — no gimbal needed! Whether you’re recording a family vacation or just vlogging from your day-to-day, the Insta360 ONE X2 is perfect for capturing amazing moments in 360.

However, I would like to mention a number of disadvantages of this camera. The app is confusing and an afterthought and the screen is too small. There’s no PDF file of the manual, so you’re basically on your own.

  • 5.7K 360˚ capture
  • Steady camera mode
  • FlowState Stabilization
  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Waterproof to 33ft
  • AI Editing
  • 4-mic 360 audio
  • Voice control
  • App is confused
  • Screen is too small
  • There is no PDF file of the manual
  • App is not compatible with google street view

Bottom Line

The camera is compact and comfortable, but, as they say, the disadvantages are an extension of our virtues, the screen of the device is quite small. This is the main thing to keep in mind when buying this camera.


dash cam for motorcycleThe INNOVV K3 is the perfect camera system for motorcycle enthusiasts and commuters alike. The system captures FULL HD video at 30fps with a dual-camera setup, and the included handlebar mount ensures that you’ll always have a clear view of what’s ahead. Plus, the smart parking mode feature detects when your bike is parked and automatically records a short clip to keep an eye on your vehicle.

This innovative product is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or dust getting in the way. The K3 also supports up to 128GB microSD cards, so you can record high-quality videos and photos of your rides. The 120° angle of view on both the front and rear lenses gives you complete coverage while driving.

The main drawback I can think of is that after purchase, the owner may find it difficult to mount and install this kit on their motorcycle. Most likely you will need some help from a specialist in order for everything to go smoothly!

  • Full HD dual-camera system
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Smart parking mode
  • Waterproof (IP65 controller, IP68 cameras)
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128GB
  • 120° horizontal viewing angle
  • Installation and installation complexity
  • There is no SD card

Bottom Line

Overall, the INNOVV K3 motorcycle dash cams are a great choice for riders who want quality footage without worrying about the weather or their surroundings. The camera is easy to use and with its included mount you’ll have everything you need to get started.


waterproof dash cam for motorcycleThis top-of-the-line camera captures stunning 1080P video both front and rear, with a 170-degree angle lens that gives you a super wide view. This dual-channel 1080P camera will record everything in front and behind you, so you can always ride with peace of mind. Plus, its built-in WiFi lets you control the camera right from your smartphone or tablet. And for even more safety and security, the MT1 features GPS tracking. If things ever go wrong, the included GPS will help authorities find you quickly.

The VIOFO MT1 also features a G-Sensor for automatically recording and locking footage in the event of an accident, as well as a waterproof design rated at IP66 for use in all weather conditions.

It features an Auto On/Off function that ensures recording starts as soon as you start your engine. Furthermore, with its included 32GB SD card, you can get started recording right away! And if you need more storage space, the MT1 supports up to 256GB SD cards.

However, during the installation of this kit, it turned out that the cable is rather short and does not always reach both cameras.

In addition, videos shot at 1080p resolution have a maximum frame rate of 30fps, which is too low for capturing fast-paced motorcycle riding. The high speed and acceleration make it difficult to keep up with the action without missing any important moments that would be lost in slower videos due to both slowing down playback speeds or using other tools like slow motion footage where every little detail counts! Vibration aggravates the situation if you are using the maximum speed of 30 fps.

  • Dual-channel 1080P
  • Super 170° wide-angle lens
  • Built-in WiFi: you can control the camera on the APP
  • GPS and G-sensor
  • Waterproof IP66
  • Auto On/Off
  • 32GB SD Card Included. It supports up to 256GB
  • Too short of cables
  • At 1080p the maximum speed of 30 fps is noticeably low
  • It captures too much vibration

Bottom Line

Overall, the VIOFO MT1 motorcycle dash cam is a good option for riders who want a camera with all the bells and whistles. With its included GPS tracking, 170° wide-angle lens, and waterproof design, this camera has everything you need to record your rides in 1080P HD. The only downside is that at 30fps it can be difficult to keep up with fast motorcycle riding.

Sena 10C-EVO-01

what a good dash cam for motorcycle sena
With its sleek and stylish design, the Sena 10C-EVO-01 Bluetooth motorcycle camera is perfect for anyone looking to capture their adventures on the open road. With video quality of up to 4K/30FPS, you’ll be able to record all of your rides in stunning detail. And with Smart Audio Mix, you can narrate your footage while you ride, adding an extra layer of excitement to your videos.

This device lets you communicate with up to three other riders: with up to three other riders, you can keep in touch with ease. Talk to your fellow riders on the open road! Bluetooth connectivity pairs with your smartphone so you can access all your favorite features while on the go. It has a field of view of 125°. You can save your memories while you’re on the go with a microSD card of up to 128GB (not included).

Some motorcyclists find that the camera is inconvenient to use because it only lasts for a short time and you can’t carry spare batteries. On the other hand, there are no spare batteries that you can take with you as is common with GoPro and Garmin dash cams.

The process of getting this app set up on your phone is not easy. You have to install two different apps in order for them to work effectively! It is a hassle!

Technical support is hardly responsive: in case of difficulties you are more likely to get a response from the forum.

They don’t care about their clients, in case you have any difficulties with the product they will most likely just help search for answers on an online forum rather than taking action themselves. The staff at technical services are mostly unmoving when it comes to providing assistance for customers who need help from them!

  • Aerodynamic design
  • 4K quality video
  • Smart Audio Mix
  • Group Intercom up to three other riders
  • Access features on-the-go
  • 125° field of view
  • MicroSD card up to 128 GB
  • Battery life is very poor
  • Have to install two apps to get it to work
  • Technical support is not responsive
  • Videos taken with this device always include a small portion of the side of the helmet

Bottom Line

All in all, this dash cam may well suit many bikers thanks to its 4K video quality and 125-degree viewing angle. However, when choosing this model, you should keep in mind its disadvantages. The main disadvantages are the low battery life and the need to install two different applications to work properly.

VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam

vsysto motorcycle dash camLooking for an action-packed addition to your car? Check out the VSYSTO 150 Degree Fish Eye motorcycle dashcam! This powerful camera captures all the action while you’re on the road, and with dual 1080P Full HD video at 1920x1080P resolution it guarantees great video quality. And if things get a little too exciting, don’t worry – this camera is also waterproof so you can keep filming even in bad weather conditions.

Plus, with its 150° wide-angle lens, you’ll be able to capture everything that’s happening around you, ensuring that you have all the evidence you need to prove your innocence. While the 2” screen makes it easy to see what’s going on even when you’re riding at high speeds.

Additionally, its WiFi capabilities allow you to connect to the camera via a mobile phone App to easily view and save your footage. And with its G-Sensor feature, the camera will automatically enter emergency mode if your motorcycle is hit, ensuring that all video files are protected from being overwritten.

My main complaint about this device is the video quality. The quality of the video itself is a bit of an issue: the quality of the image is strange – it ripples in waves.

I think the quality of the video is good enough for forensic examination, but weak enough to preserve the memories. This could be a problem for people who are trying to record themselves or an uneven surface and need the extra help in making sure their footage stays fluid!

Oh, and don’t forget that there is no built-in GPS. If you need it seriously, you can buy the GPS unit separately.

  • Dual – front and rear camera
  • 1080P Full HD (1920x1080P resolution)
  • 150° wide-angle camera
  • Waterproof metal casing
  • WiFi: smartphone can connect to the camera through a cell phone app
  • G-sensor
  • Video quality has some issues
  • No GPS

Bottom Line

VSYSTO motorcycle dash cam is a reliable camera that will capture all the action while on the road. With its wide-angle lens and waterproof shell, it’s perfect for motorcycle riders who want to make sure they have evidence of any accidents or exciting moments while riding. Just keep in mind that the video quality isn’t as good as other motorcycle dash cam models, so if you’re looking for flawless footage this might not be for you.

Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam

motorcycle dash cam reviewsKeep an eye on the road while you’re driving with the Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam. This high-definition video camcorder captures 1080p footage and features front and rear dual cameras for a complete view of your surroundings. With HD 1920X1080P resolution (30 FPS), the DV688 provides clear, accurate recordings of your journeys.

The Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam is equipped with a DVR monitor and a camera lens that is waterproof and IP67 rated. The 130° angle of view ensures that you’ll have a clear view of everything ahead of you. Plus, with its G-sensor feature, it will automatically save any footage that captures an accident or collision.

With a 2.35″ LCD screen, 960*480 dots display it’s easy to see why this dashcam is so popular.

However, this camera has several drawbacks – it doesn’t have GPS and WiFi, and the cameras are not very good at handling vibration.

The camera recording function is not very useful when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. This could be because it has an issue with overheating, and you should not use this device if live in southern states where temperatures exceed 110°F (43 °C).

And lastly, that’s not Apple friendly. The software isn’t designed with the Apple computers in mind, so it will be difficult for users of this device.

  • 1080p HD 1920X1080P (30FPS), 2MP high definition video camera
  • Front and rear dual camera
  • DVR monitor and camera lens waterproof IP67 rating
  • 130° viewing angle
  • 2.35″ LCD screen 960*480 dots display
  • G-sensor
  • No GPS
  • No WiFi
  • Doesn’t handle vibration effectively enough
  • Frequent interruptions due to overheating
  • It’s not Apple friendly

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a motorcycle dash cam that will capture traffic conditions, the Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam is the right choice. So you can easily view your footage while on-the-go. However, it has no GPS and WiFi connectivity. And if you live in the south, one of the cameras can suddenly stop recording because of the heat. So if you’re looking for a high-quality dashcam for your motorcycle rides, look elsewhere.

Motorcycle dash cam setup

dash cam motorcycleMotorcycle dash cam setup can be a little bit tricky if you’ve never worked with motorcycle accessories before. But don’t worry – we have got your back! In this section, we will provide you with the motorcycle dash cam instructions for installation. It’s not hard at all, but there are several steps that need to be considered when installing motorcycle cameras on motorcycles or other vehicles such as cars.

  • First and foremost, motorcycle dash cams need to be attached in a way that does not obstruct the driver’s view. This is why it’s important to place them on the windshield or motorcycle handlebars. If you’re using a camera that attaches to the rearview mirror, make sure that it doesn’t block your vision while driving.
  • Secondly, you should make sure that the motorcycle dashcam is securely fastened in order to prevent it from falling off during accidents or other jarring motions. There are a variety of ways to do this – some people use adhesive pads or straps, while others rely on magnetic mounts. Whichever option you choose, make sure that the camera will not move around while driving.
  • Third, you need to make sure that the motorcycle dashcam is properly powered. This might require an additional power source such as a battery or converter. And finally, be sure to check your state’s laws regarding motorcycle cameras before installing them. Some states do not allow motorcycle drivers to record video while driving, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your area.

The True Limits of Motorcycle Dashcams

After all, no product is perfect! And while motorcycle dash cams have a lot of benefits, they also come with some drawbacks.

  • First and foremost, motorcycle dash cams can be susceptible to weather conditions. This means that they might not work properly in extreme temperatures or high humidity levels. They can also be damaged by moisture or rain. So if you’re planning to use your motorcycle dashcam during inclement weather, make sure that you have appropriate protection for it.
  • Second, motorcycle dash cams can be expensive depending on the features they offer. If you’re looking for a motorcycle dash cam with Wi-Fi connectivity or GPS tracking capabilities, then these devices may cost more than other options available on the market today. But if money isn’t an issue – then by all means!
  • Thirdly and finally all the cameras on this page have a common limitation: They do not contribute directly to driver safety.

This may sound unpleasant but it’s true that no matter what type or quality camera you use nothing will help if someone hits your motorcycle while taking pictures with them! We hope in time for future technologies so developers can incorporate hidden features into their products that enhance visibility without distracting attention from other drivers’ eyes views things like sensors designed specifically keeping pedestrians safe out there too – because lives depend upon those things happening right now.

Choose your dashcam wisely; it’s important to be safe while riding. You might see someone else do some questionable things on the road, but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit! Some countries can seize video footage for collisions or property destruction cases so always think twice before getting into any kind of motorcycle accident (for both others’ safety and yours).

Motorcycle Camera FAQ

motorcycle dash cam 2 channel

How Long is the Recording Time on a Motorcycle Dash Cam Before it Overrides?

This answer varies depending on the motorcycle dash cam that you choose.  Typically, motorcycle dash cams have a loop recording feature, which means that they will automatically delete older footage in order to make room for new footage. Most motorcycle dashcam records up to 30 minutes of footage before automatically overwriting the oldest footage.

How to Hardwire Motorcycle Dash Cam?

This answer also varies depending on the motorcycle dash cam that you choose.  Some motorcycle dash cams come with a hardwire kit, which allows you to plug the dashcam directly into your car’s electrical system. Other motorcycle dash cams do not include a hardwire kit, but you can purchase one separately.

The first thing you will need to do is find an appropriate location for the motorcycle dash cam in your motorcycle.  You can then wire it directly into the motorcycle’s electrical system with a hardwire kit.

Once connected, all you have to do is turn on the motorcycle and press play on the motorcycle dashcam.

What is a Good Dash Cam for Motorcycle Sena?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each motorcycle rider will have different needs and preferences.

That said, here are some general tips for choosing a good motorcycle dashcam for Sena:

  • First, make sure that the motorcycle dash cam you choose is compatible with Sena.
  • Second, be sure to consider your motorcycle’s power source. For example, if you have a motorcycle that uses standard batteries or a motorcycle that only operates on motorcycle batteries, then the motorcycle dashcam should also be battery-powered and not require external charging sources such as USB ports or car chargers.
  • Thirdly choose one with an easy install process, with no need to remove any panels on the motorcycle – some are flush fitted.
  • Finally, read customer reviews before making your purchase to get an idea of how satisfied other motorcycle riders have been with the dashcam.

How Do I Charge My Dash Cam on a Motorcycle?

You can charge a motorcycle dashcam by plugging it into the motorcycle’s electrical system using a hardwire kit or motorcycle battery charger.

What is the Best Motorcycle Camera?

The best motorcycle camera is the motorcycle dashcam that meets your needs.  There are many motorcycle cameras on the market today, but not all of them are created equal. Some have better video quality than others; some have longer recording time before they overwrite footage with new recordings (30 minutes versus 24 hours), and some motorcycle cameras may be easier to install than others.

Be sure to do your research before purchasing a motorcycle dashcam, and read customer reviews to get an idea of what other motorcycle riders think about the motorcycle cameras they have tried.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Legal?

Yes! Motorcycle helmet cameras are legal in most countries, especially motorcycle dash cams. However, some motorcycle riders have complained that motorcycle helmet cameras can be distracting while riding and cause accidents from distracted driving.  So always follow motorcycle safety laws when using a motorcycle camera on your bike.

Where is the Best Place to Mount a 360-degree Camera on a Motorcycle?

There are many options for where to mount a motorcycle dashcam. Some riders prefer to attach the camera to their helmet, while others mount it on the handlebars or side of the bike. Ultimately, it is up to the rider to decide where they feel most comfortable having the camera and what view they would like to capture.

Can You Use a Dashboard Cam to Check Blind Spots?

Yes, motorcycle dash cams can be helpful for checking blind spots.  Many motorcycle dash cams have a wide-angle lens that captures a wider view of the road and surrounding area, which can help you to avoid potential accidents by being able to see what is happening around your motorcycle.

Do Dashboard Cams Come with GPS Tracking?

Yes, motorcycle dash cams can come with GPS tracking.  If you are looking for a motorcycle dash cam with GPS, be sure to check out the motorcycle dashcam that has a built-in GPS feature so it will track where you have been and how far away from home base or your motorcycle shop is located.

Can I use a GoPro or other Action Camera as a Dash-Cam?

Yes, you can use a GoPro or other action camera as a motorcycle dashcam. However, be aware that the video quality may not be as good as a motorcycle dashcam specifically designed for this purpose. Additionally, if you are using an action camera instead of a motorcycle-specific dashcam, you will need to make sure that it is mounted in a way that does not obstruct your view of the road.

Is it Worth Getting a Dash-Cam?

Yes, motorcycle dash cams are worth getting. Dashcams can protect motorcycle riders from false claims by showing proof of what happened during the accident. Additionally, motorcycle dashcams help motorcycle riders keep track of their riding habits and improve their skills over time as they review footage from previous rides to see where improvements may be made in order to become safer motorcycle rider.

People also ask:

dash cam for car and motorcycleIs There a Dashcam for Motorcycles?

Yes, motorcycle dash cams are available on the market. There are many different motorcycle dash cams to choose from, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one to make sure you get the features that are important to you.

Should I Put a Camera on My Motorcycle?

Yes, motorcycle dashcams can be helpful for motorcycle riders. Some motorcycle cameras have a GPS feature that will keep track of where you’ve been and how far away from home base or your motorcycle shop is located; others offer more basic functions like recording video footage while riding so motorcycle riders can review it later and see what they did right wrong on their last ride. Additionally, motorcycle dash cams can help protect motorcycle riders from false claims by showing proof of what happened during the accident.

What’s the Best Motorcycle Camera?

The motorcycle dash cam that is the best motorcycle camera for you depends on your needs. If you only need basic motorcycle video recording, then a motorcycle dashcam with an LCD screen and Wi-Fi built in to view the motorcycle camera footage will do just fine. However, if you want more advanced motorcycle dashcam features like GPS or even motorcycle dashcams with night vision, then there are motorcycle cameras available that offer these additional functions as well. Ultimately, it is up to the motorcycle rider to decide what features are important to them and which motorcycle dashcam will best suit their needs. Here are the 7 Top of the Line motorcycle dash cams, in my opinion:

  1. GoPro HERO10
  2. Insta360 ONE X2
  3. INNOVV K3
  4. VIOFO MT1
  5. Sena 10C-EVO-01
  6. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam
  7. Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam

Can Police Look at Your Dash Cam?

Yes, motorcycle dash cams are legal in the United States. Police officers can and will look at footage from motorcycle dash cams if they are called to the scene of an accident involving motorcycle riders or other drivers who have been involved in motorcycle accidents.

Final Thoughts

The motorcycle dash cam is a great motorcycle accessory to have on your motorcycle. You never know when it could come in handy, so having one just makes sense. Remember that motorcycle dashcams can help motorcycle riders protect themselves from false claims by showing proof of what happened during the accident and also keeping track of their riding habits over time as they review footage from previous rides. Do your research before purchasing a motorcycle dash cam to make sure you get the features that are important to you.

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