10 Light Bulb Camera — Buyer’s Guide 2021

When you’re worried about the safety of your loved ones and your belongings, a good security camera system can come in handy. For this reason, many are trying out light bulb security cameras; they aren’t as obvious as regular CCTV cameras, and they are inexpensive. Also, these products can be integrated into the smart home, which makes them very future-proof and convenient. In this guide, we’re going to highlight 10 of the best light bulb cameras on the market to make your search easier.

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Comparison of 10 Best Light Bulb Camera

ProductCustomer RatingLocationAudio communicationPrice
Bulb Camera 360 Degree WiFi 1080P HD by BALHP - (Editor’s

indoortwo-wayunder $50
TUPEYA 1080P HD 360 Fisheye Security Cam Home LED Light
Wi-Fi Bulb Camera 360 Degree 1080P by Chpxam - (Editor’s

indoortwo-wayunder $50
HIJUNMI Light Bulb Security Camera
Full HD 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera Rayolon

indoortwo-wayunder $30
Ferbon 1080P WiFi Panoramic Bulb Camera
Light Bulb Camera Dekugaa HD 1080p, Include 16gb Card
indoortwo-wayunder $30
BESDERSEC 360 Degree Panoramic Light Bulb WiFi Security Camera
Home Security Camera Freenics, Full HD
4.0 out of 5 starsoutdoorNOunder $30
Senbisen Light Bulb Camera
360° Panoramic View WiFi IP Bulb Camera EVERSECU (2.0 Megapixel)
indoortwo-wayunder $30
Sengled Smart LED Floodlight with Security Camera Motion-Activated Light
Light Bulb Camera HeyLR 1080P 2.4GHz WiFi FishEye 360°
indoortwo-wayunder $40
Hoosam 1080P Full HD WiFi Light Bulbs Camera
Full HD 3MP Security Light Bulb Camera Kingvision
indoortwo-wayunder $40
TOUCAN Weatherproof Outdoor Security Camera
Hosecurity Light Bulb Camera 960P
indoortwo-wayunder $30
Kuna Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light
Reolink Lumus 1080P HD Plug-in WiFi Camera
outdoortwo-wayunder $50
SENS8 Outdoor Camera with Light

Light Bulb Cameras: What are They?

If you have a smart home, then you know that the light bulbs and other aspects of your home can have intelligent features that are very convenient to use. If you are looking to save a bit of money on security and lights in your home, you can purchase a light bulb camera to do both with one product. It is actually a smart light bulb that is designed with a small camera inside that can be used to record things that happen in and around your home.

These light bulbs still project light and perform as you might expect from a standard form of illumination, but the addition of a camera allows you to see what’s happening in your home without an intruder knowing that they are being monitored.

Additionally, most of these will have the capacity to record the information stored on the device, which means that you can review archival footage when something has gone wrong in the past. As a rule, light bulbs are often overlooked, which makes this kind of product an excellent choice for anyone that wants to know precisely what’s happening inside their home.

Having stated all of this, it’s also essential that you purchase the right product; there is a ton of competing light bulb cameras out there on the market, and not every model is worth its salt. In this guide, you’ll find 10 models of light bulb camera that include five indoor and five outdoor models that will work well to keep your property and your belongings safe.

Product Reviews

Indoor Light Bulb Cameras

Bulb Camera 360 Degree WiFi 1080P HD by BALHP- Best Camera For Surveillance

When looking for a light bulb camera for surveillance, this Wireless spy Bulb Camera should be your top choice. With zero blind spots and 360-degree coverage, one can be assured that this camera will cover every corner.

The recording quality of the camera is 1080p which ensures that every video or picture taken is clear and one can see every detail clearly. Another beneficial feature of this camera is its motion detection feature. This sends a push notification and motion is detected so that the owner can tune in live and see what is happening at home.

One of the challenges associated with light bulb cameras is its assembly and connectivity. Simply plug it in a normal light bulb holder and connect it to the WiFi. After the connection with the WiFi, the homeowner will be able to stream and use the camera to see whatever is going on, whenever he wants to.

The pros of the product are surely the ease of installation and the high quality of images and videos. However, since the bulb does not come with its memory card, an external memory card has to be installed or the video will not be saved.

  • Motion detection functionality.
  • No assembly required.
  • Full HD image recording.
  • 360-degree angle of view.
  • Memory isn’t adequate, an external memory card needs to be bought.

Light Bulb Camera — Buyer’s Guide

Overall, this is one of the best light bulb cameras that you can go for since it offers plenty of amazing features. Firstly, it will allow you to see every nook and corner of your home. Secondly, the videos and stills captured are super clear since they are taken in a full HD 1080p resolution. This is a high-quality camera that won’t disappoint you.

Wi-Fi Bulb Camera 360 Degree 1080P by Chpxam – An All Rounder Product

It might look like a normal light bulb but it’s no less than a beast. Chpxam is good at capturing 1080P videos and features a WiFi-enabled Panoramic Camera. It has all the functionality that comes with a normal light bulb such as brightness control etc. but it is more than a light bulb.

This light bulb is a camera as well that can be connected to WiFi and with an app, it can be used to live stream the videos. The app can be used to control the camera features as well as the brightness of the light bulb.

The camera comes with three different IR lights and a darkness sensor. This way, as soon as it gets dark, the bulb automatically detects it and the IR lights are turned on automatically. This enhances the night vision of the camera and makes it easier to see everything in detail even at night.

The camera is perfect for keeping an eye on pets or to be used as a baby monitor. There is a two-way audio feature which not only enables the person monitoring to hear the camera recording but can also communicate with the other side. The motion detection feature is also incorporated in the camera through which the user is notified via push notification about any movement around the area.


  • Supports night vision.
  • Serves as both bulb and camera.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Brightness can be adjusted manually or with an app.
  • The setup process can be tedious and overwhelming for some people.
  • Not compatible with 4g or 5g.

The highlights of this camera are surely the IR lights and the darkness sensors. Moreover, the two-way audio feature and the ability to select hours for movement detection are also worth praising. This reduces the probability of false alarms.

Full HD 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera Rayolon Easiest to Install

The Rayolon camera is an all-rounder product that comes with 360-degree coverage. The fisheye lens enhances the ability of the camera to focus and produces images and videos that are detailed and clear.

The light bulb camera is a perfect option as pet surveillance and serves as a baby monitor camera too. It is compatible with both E26 and E27 sockets. And all one has to do, is to screw it into the light socket. An application that is developed specifically for the camera helps the users control the settings. Apart from that, you can stream the camera recording too.

The user has to register for an account on the app and once registered he simply needs to connect the light bulb camera with the WiFi and the setup will be completed. The setup of the light bulb is extremely simple and does not require much effort at all.

The bulb is rotatable which helps cover all the areas and there is no blind spot for the camera. The other pro of the camera is its motion detection mode. This enables one to be aware of any motion in the house or the office.

  • Supports 1080p resolution.
  • 24-hour customer support.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Can be operated via an app.
  • Cannot be used with 5G wifi.

The light bulb camera has some amazing features and is very easy to install. For example, the motion detection feature and the ease of setup and installation are worth mentioning. Moreover, the process of registering for an account on the app makes it more reliable and guarantees the protection of privacy.

Light Bulb Camera Dekugaa HD 1080p – Best For Panoramic View

The use of light bulb cameras has become very common. Bearing this in mind, this 360-degree Wireless smart IP Cam is a product that has the same concept yet a different shape. This makes the product more discrete and less noticeable.

One of the best things about this light bulb camera is the fact that it includes a 16GB Card. This way the user can be certain that the videos are safe and can be accessed and at the same time, the risk of data loss is also reduced significantly. The view of the camera paired with the 360 degrees fisheye lens ensures that the entire area is covered properly.

The users are free to choose between the wide-angle view, the fisheye panoramic view and not to forget the four-split screen as well. The camera has a high definition recording.

The 2MP lens ensures that the images recorded at clear and every detail is visible properly. The night mode ensures that the video recorded at night is also high quality. The camera also supports two-way audio which enables one to hear the sounds from the home or office where the camera is installed and one can also communicate with whoever is at home through the camera.

  • Includes a 16GB Card.
  • Features a fisheye lens.
  • Night vision and motion detection.
  • Cannot be used with 5G wifi.

The camera is surely a popular choice when it comes to light bulb cameras. It has great coverage and the image and video results are clear and high definition.

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Outdoor Light Bulb Cameras

Home Security Camera Freenics, Full 1080p HD – The Multi-Purpose Product

This Light Bulb Camera is a perfect product for a couple of reasons. It has commendable recording quality and is compatible with all different types of devices as well.

When looking for a light bulb camera that does not compromise on the quality of the images and videos recorded, the Light Bulb Camera Wireless has a 1080P HD 360. Fisheye Security Cam should be one top choice.

With a 25fps image during the day and a clear view even at night, it is surely a light bulb camera that is worth investing in. The camera can record clear images and videos up to an area of 32 feet even in pitch darkness. The camera also supports an SD card of memory up to 64GB. This way the users can store the recordings and keep them safe for future reference.

The camera also has the motion detection feature incorporated in it. This way, the users are notified as soon as any movement is detected. Another amazing aspect of the Light Bulb Camera Wireless is the fact that it is compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows operating system devices.

  • Supports 1080p day and night vision.
  • Can be operated with remote control.
  • Contains white LED lights.
  • Supports motion detection.
  • Doesn’t support 5G.
  • Doesn’t have two-way communication.

It’s true that this camera does not have two-way communication. However, customer support is an added benefit as the customers can contact the team for any help related to the installation.

Reolink Lumus 1080P HD Plug-in WiFi Camera – The Stylish Light Bulb Camera

Outdoor security is a huge concern especially for people who have to leave their houses a lot. The Reolink Camera with HD Security system is a product that is specifically made for this purpose. This two-way camera can trigger motion-activated alerts and is surely a camera that is top-notch and highly recommended.

The lights are LED floodlights that are very bright and can be activated as a result of motion detection. The motion detection also works flawlessly and comes in real handy when it gets dark.

Other than the amazing lights and crystal clear recording quality, the camera is also recommended because of its motion detection feature and the remote activated siren facility. The motion detector is advanced and makes use of the latest technology. The user is notified on his devices as soon as motion is detected.

The two-way talk feature is also very integral. It not only allows the user to hear sounds from the property but communicates through the camera too. The live view enables the user to keep tabs on the activities on the property, live. The remote siren activation enables the user to activate the siren through his mobile phone in case an unusual activity is experienced.

  • Lifetime theft protection.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Supports InfraRed Night Vision.
  • Built-in floodlights and Siren.
  • The camera is not concealed in the bulb.

These features are great and enhance the functionality and usability of the product. However, the only drawback of the product is the fact that the camera is not concealed in this product. It is very obvious and noticeable. This makes it great for outdoor use but is not a great option in case one wishes to use a discrete medium of recording.

360° Panoramic View WiFi IP Bulb Camera EVERSECU (2.0 Megapixel) – Supports SD Card up to 128 GB

This outdoor Camera offers 1080P recording and is a product that can help you check the surroundings of your house no matter wherever you are. With features like WiFi connectivity, PIR motion sensing, siren, video history, two-way audio and live view, this product is surely efficient and useful.

The product has its own dedicated app that can help you keep surveillance on your house on a remote basis. All you need to do is to install the product and connect it to a WiFi connection. The app will pair up with the product and you will be able to keep a check on your house in real-time.

The camera has a 360-degrees view that covers the entire front angle. The light is paired with the camera and is turned on as soon as darkness is detected. This improves the vision of the camera and enhances the quality of the images and videos that are being recorded. The LED Lights are bright floodlights that are connected to a number of sensors.

The PIR motion sensor of the product is another attractive feature of the product. It can detect any movement and sends a notification to the user to alert them. At the same time, the sensor also turns the lights on automatically. The remote-based siren system also helps scare any intruders away.

  • Two-way audio.
  • Remote control floodlight.
  • Weatherproof (great for outdoor use).
  • Easier to install and supports an SD card up to 128GB.
  • The image quality is poor.

Despite all its premium features, there are a few downsides to this product as well. The product has difficulties installing, integrating, and connecting with other devices at home. The manual for the device is also complicated. Moreover, the product does not support cloud storage and requires an SD card which unfortunately is not included in the package.

Light Bulb Camera HeyLR 1080P 2.4GHz WiFi FishEye 360° – The Dest Safe Security Camera

When looking for outdoor security cameras, the size and the level of discreteness of the product are two important features.

It is a light cam that has redefined the level of outdoor security. It has a number of sensors that enhance its functionality by a significant factor. The users can have a look at the live recording of their property in real-time through their mobile devices.

The lights included in the product are bright LED lights that are turned on automatically as soon as it gets dark outside. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to see any sign of movement outside even if the light conditions are low and avoid burglaries.

The motion detection feature of the camera is worth mentioning as well. Unlike other cameras, the motion detection feature for the SENS8 Camera can be customized so that the users do not have to worry about false alarms and unnecessary notifications.

  • Video files in SD card can only be accessed by yourself.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Sounds an alarm when motion is detected.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 5G not supported.

The remote siren feature enables one to scare off predators and unwanted people from the property premises even on a remote basis. It might lack a few features as a bulb, but if your aim is to get a secret hidden camera then this one is an excellent choice. You can program custom motions and the camera will sound an alarm based on that.

Full HD 3MP Security Light Bulb Camera Kingvision – Best Two Way Talk Camera

Use the Kingvision Camera and keep the house safe around the clock. Moreover, it’s Motion Activated Color Night will help you keep an eye on your house no matter where you are.

With a recording quality of 1080p and the live stream feature, one can monitor and keep the house under surveillance with ease and convenience.

The product is compatible with Alexa and also comes with a dedicated app that can be used to control the camera. Other than this, the users also have the option of using voice control to launch the features and characteristics of the product.

The range of the product is 360 degrees and it can be used during both the day and night. Unlike other cameras, the night vision mode of this camera is colored. So the recordings made during the night are not black and white and the users can see everything in detail.

The camera also supports the live stream mode and the option to download and playback the recorded video. One can catch every moment of the recording by zooming in and out of the recordings. Other than the camera, the light mode of the product is also very useful.

The users can schedule the settings, control the brightness of the light bulb and can also enable the motion-activated feature. Through the motion-activated feature, the lights are turned on as soon as a movement is detected within the range of the camera.

  • 3MP camera lens and 2048×1536 resolution.
  • Waterproof.
  • Records 24/7.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Cloud storage is paid.

The two things that are not so great about this product: You will have to pay for cloud storage. Secondly, the product is not free to use. The users have to subscribe to an app service to unlock all the features that come with the product.

Hosecurity Light Bulb Camera 960P – 4X digital zoom

When looking for an outdoor camera that is easy to install and does not require any type of special installation or hard wiring, Hosecurity light bulb camera is the first product that comes to mind. The security camera can be installed in any ordinary light fixture and since it is a 2-in-1 product, it will help you illuminate the surroundings and act as a camera too.

It enables the users to see a live stream of their house and enhance the security of the house by incorporating the motion detection feature.

The product is remote controlled and its features and activities can also be controlled via voice control or can be scheduled in advance.
It’s true that the camera is adjustable but it offers a narrow angular view of 360 degrees. This doesn’t cover every nook and cranny in its range. Last, but not least, the motion detection feature makes this camera much more desirable.

  • 4X digital zoom.
  • Can be used outdoors.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted.
  • 960P image resolution.

You won’t have access to all the features of this product unless you opt for a subscription plan. The users have to subscribe to a premium plan to get access to all the features. This may seem like an expensive option for some users.

Tovnet Review: How Light Bulb Cameras Are Evolving

Tovnet Light Bulb Camera ReviewOne of the most famous variations of the light bulb camera is the TOVNET camera. This product has a lot of the features mentioned in the review section, but it definitely stands out because it’s so refined. First, it has features like night vision, two-way communication, and motion detection, but it’s also effortless to use and generates more than a meager amount of light.

The speaker is relatively clear, and it has an SD card slot that you can use to store your footage. Additionally, the video is in 1280 x 960, which is a slightly higher resolution than 1080p, so you’ll be able to see the footage. The device is also capable of live feeds, which some products can’t provide.

The device also is useable outdoors and indoors, and it has a fully articulated joint that allows for both surveillance and lighting options that other types might not have. If you prefer, the device even can send email alerts when motion is detected rather than just push alerts to your phone.

Overall, this is a reasonably quality light bulb camera; in fact, it may be the first since its timeline goes back to 2011 on Kickstarter. If you want a product that’s does everything fairly gracefully, give it a try. Tovnet reviewBest Smart Padlock — Buyer’s Guide 2020

Buyer’s Guide

So, now that you have an idea about some of the products that are out there on the market, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the features that you should be looking for. Light bulb cameras come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and some work better in some areas than others. Here are a few features to consider when you’re making a purchase.

Video Resolution

When you’re reviewing your footage, the last thing you want is not to be able to make out the face of someone that’s snooping around your property. For this reason, you will want an HD level of video resolution. Typically, this starts at 720p, but ideally, you’ll want at least a 1080p video output, which is often considered to be standard HD.

With this level of resolution, you should be able to make out the lines in a person’s face, and you should also have a relatively good color display as well.

The Storage Format

As you might expect, these devices will store a lot of video data, so you’ll want one with a hefty level of storage capacity so that you don’t inadvertently miss some footage due to storage constraints. Many of the products on the market utilize micro-SD and standard SD drives; some even come with these discs. Usually though, if you want a higher storage capacity, you’ll have to purchase one separately, and many modern products can accommodate cards that are up to 128GB in size.

Additionally, some devices directly upload video data to the cloud. These products may need you to enter a subscription with the manufacturer, and some grant access to external cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Night Vision

The majority of break-ins happen at night, and the last thing you want is to miss out on identifying a crook due to a low-light situation. Fortunately, night vision is becoming fairly standard in the world of the light bulb camera, and while the video may be black and white, you can usually also find that these are very high-resolution as well. Typically, these devices use infrared cameras to record in low-light situations, and you’ll be amazed at how much detail can be gleamed from one of these devices.

Smart Features

Smart Features bulb cameraIt’s no secret that homes are getting smarter. With products like Alexa and Google Home dominating the electronics of many, it shouldn’t be any surprise that some of these light bulb cameras are getting in on the action. With smart home-enabled bulbs, you can order your home assistant to turn off the lights or alert you when the motion detector has noticed some movement.

In addition to these features, some of these products will also integrate with smartphone apps so that you can view what’s happening in your home on your small screen. Not only will this boost security, but you can plainly see what’s going on when you’re away, which can be useful when you want to check on pets.

Some of these apps can even allow you to use the two-way communications feature on a light bulb camera to communicate with your loved ones at home. Finally, you’ll also be able to turn the light on and off using the smartphone app. While this may seem simple, it can be invaluable when you’re away from home and want to dissuade a potential intruder from attempting a break-in.

How Can You Tell if a Light Bulb is a Camera?

In most situations, a light bulb camera has a shaping that’s very much like a standard light bulb, but usually, there will be a camera aperture in the middle. For outdoor cameras, the aperture can be in various places, but with many models, it’s right underneath the LED lights. Also, for models with two-way communication, there’s usually a speaker grate somewhere on the body of the light bulb, which allows for sound output.

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How Do You Register v380 Light Bulb Cameras on Google Home

To register a v380 device to Google Home, it’ll have to be set up with one of the partner apps certified by Google. You’ll first have to set it up as per the instructions, and once you’ve completed this step, you’ll need to open up the Google Home app and find the device on the listing of the devices that are on Wi-Fi. Once you see this, tap “Add,” and follow the instructions to set up the device. Once the pairing is complete, you can just tap “Done,” and you’ll be able to control your camera from your smart device.

How Can You Remove a Snap Camera Light Bulb from Your Account

Similarly to how you set up the bulb, you can select it in the Google Home app, and press the minus button to remove it from your home setup. Once this is complete, just press “Done,” and it’ll be entirely removed.

Does the Light Bulb Camera Work When the Switch is Off?

Well, most light bulb cameras require a steady stream of electricity to work correctly, so most light bulb cameras will not work without the switch being turned on. Fortunately, you can still turn off the bulb via the associated app without cutting off the stream of electricity that the bulb needs to operate. While you might see a slight difference in your electric bill, for some this may be a small price to pay for security.

Final Thoughts

The light bulb camera is a product that is revolutionizing home security, and the products that we’ve covered in this guide all have great functionality that you can depend on. Not 100 percent sure where to start? Reexamine our guide and take a look at the products that we’ve highlighted, and you should be able to find a device that will fit your needs.

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