Intelligent Security Camera

  • What’s going on in your house while you’re out?

  • Have the children returned from school?

  • Maybe a puppy eat up your shoes?


Intelligent security camera will help you calm down. You don’t have to watch the video for hours to find an important span. Security smart camera make records on specific marks. But that’s not all. Intelligent surveillance system will immediately notify you, as long as something changes in your house:

  • a visitor approach the apartment door
  • children return home
  • pets are little too frisky

You can see a live broadcast of everything that happens in the house on your smartphone, iPhone, laptop or personal computer.

Intelligent CCTV Camera

Initially, CCTV systems appeared in the CCTV format. Without going into the details, we can say that it’s video surveillance in a closed loop where the broadcasting is constantly on your computer or other device. Without going into the details, we can say that it’s video surveillance in a closed loop where the broadcasting of image is constant on your computer or other device. To connect a camera, a surveillance screen and a hard drive (memory disk) to an entire intelligent security camera system most often used the cable . In other words, as the name implies, they are wired closed systems, – Closed-Circuit Television. This is their main drawback.

Despite the fact that almost all modern CCTV Camera have an ability to broadcast video over wireless connections, their main purpose is to permanently transfer video for the operator/manager/security officer, who carries out constant monitoring of the situation. This explains the high price of this equipment. As a rule, such systems are in demand in medium and large companies. There they justify themselves, because in such enterprises there is a necessary staff of employees, whose functions include constant monitoring and control of the situation.

Intelligent security camera system still retain a high cost, so installing it at home in most cases is unreasonable. Thus, we list the important shortcomings of Intelligent CCTV Camera:

  • Bulkiness of the equipment
  • A need for lay cable connections at home with damage to the walls
  • High prices of equipment and a mounting
  • A need to involve professional experts for installation and further  maintenance

Intelligent Motion Detection Network Security Camera

Intelligent Motion Detection Network Security Camera

Times have changed. Along with CCTV Camera in recent years, the problem of home safety solve by the wireless ip security camera now.

Now there is no need to constantly watch and spend hours opposite of the screen to watch the situation through the camera, or to look a footage, trying to find an important episode. Intelligent motion detection network security camera has built-in software algorithms to record movements, identifying people, images and tracking. Remote security camera will notify you about any movement in your house: your smartphone will receive a notification and you will be able to comfortably watch what is happening in the house and even communicate to its participants.

Intelligent Surveillance System

Intelligent Surveillance SystemYou can combine any number of intelligent cameras into a system. In fact, you can create a network of video surveillance that will monitor the situation throughout a house and provide only right video in those moments when something really important is happening. In order to unite several intelligent home cameras into the system, it’s enough to install one application on all devices.

Intelligent camera system keep peace in the mind of the owner of the house due to such functions:

  • Virtual tour of your apartment at any moment in real time: a survey 360 of internal situation inside the house and control of viewing angle by just touching the screen of your smartphone
  • For this you can use a smartphone on any platform – iOS or Android
  • You won’t need a help of a professional installation specialist, since there is no need to lay cables, to make connections and to mount a junction box: an installation takes 10-15 minutes and your device is ready for operation
  • You can choose any viewing angle convenient for you and place of installation of the camera – walls, ceiling, furniture and other places. Also, you can displace an intelligent camera at any time by selecting a different location for it
  • Communicate with a family members through the picture in the phone not just in video mode, but also in two-way audio format
  • The device retain a recording of a video in the amount of several tens of hours on a SD-card or stores a record in cloud storage. Of course, it’s better to keep a record in the cloud, but about this below
  • Modern systems not just inform you about a visit of a stranger or return of a family member, but determine the crying of a child at a distance of 5 metres from the equipment and mark this episode with a unique marker

Wireless IP Security Camera: Pros And Cons

Wireless IP Security Camera: Pros And Cons


Inexpensive: one of the main advantages of WiFi camera security is their low cost. Depending on the characteristics, manufacturer and capabilities, their price varies from $ 15 to $ 300. That distinguishes favourably a WiFi camera from the CCTV camera.

DIY: The installation is performed independently with one’s own hands without resorting to services of security companies. You don’t need to lay cables. You just need to connect the camera to the outlet and install the program.

Flexibility: You can move the cameras, change the viewing angle, change the location of the device, mount it on the ceiling, walls, furniture. For this, you don’t need to carry a wires and it won’t damage your house.

Security: unlike cumbersome CCTV devices, smart wifi security camera has a design that delinquent often pay no attention. For example, in order to neutralize the DVR unit from the CCTV camera, in most cases it is enough to remove or damage the hard disk and you will not get the made records. In the case of wireless ip-security camera, there is a better chance of keeping a record and exposing the perpetrator. Why? The answer is in the following advantage.

Cloud storage: smart wifi security camera offers two ways for storing records: SD card and cloud storage. Most devices have a slot for installing an SD card, that is capable to store up to tens hours of recording. However, a more reliable way is to connect the camera to the cloud storage. There is a serious reason for this.

The burglar, who has made his way into the house, can spot the intelligent home camera and just steal it. Together with a files of the SD card. Therefore, you won’t see the made record and can’t describe the robber. If the video remains in the cloud, then you will have a detailed record of what happened with details of the robber’s appearance. In this case, the police will be able to find him.


Privacy: We are periodically informed of breaking house wifi cameras in the news. But with the same success hackers can penetrate into your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Of course, it is much more difficult to invade the closed circuit of an intelligent CCTV camera than to a wireless connection. Because this requires very significant resources, which are usually available only to government intelligence agencies. And if your CCTV doesn’t have an access to the global network, then  it’s just not possible. However, many people probably would accept that their personal lives is little interest for hackers from Russia or China 🙂

Reliability: A CCTV wired connection is more reliable than a wifi channel, since CCTV is a physically secure data channel. It practically don’t have interference, loss of signal and breakage of connection. An exception is the case when an attacker deliberately damages the wires …

Remote use of WiFi camera requires a steady Internet connection. Unfortunately, there are still some areas without mobile Internet or with poor quality of mobile communication. In your home, you can take care of this in advance and ensure the constant wireless connection. Though, you can find yourself in a place with a weak or missing Internet-signal then remote viewing of the wireless ip security camera will not be possible.

However, by the efforts of Google team in the next few years will be provided access to the worldwide network even to the most remote areas of the planet and this shortcoming will forever be in the past.

Obviously, wireless wifi home security camera systems has much less flaws than merits.

Motion Security Camera And Movement

As mentioned above, motion activated security camera allows us to receive instant notification of changes in the field of view. In addition, special motion sensors in the cameras will save you time and nerves because it capable immediately recognize the familiar images of our family members. In other words, you don’t need to waste time in watching the broadcast, you сan just quickly read the push-up notification on your phone. An advanced camera will distinguish a person from accidental movement.

Also, you can immediately find out that an uninvited guest is standing on the doorstep of the house and your intervention is required. You can calmly figure out the purpose of his visit, ask a courier to leave the parcel or even save your home from the invasion of the robber while you are thousands of miles away. Such cases are known …


That’s a quite useful feature. If the motion activated security camera has the ability to rotate (or to pan) and to tilt, it greatly expands its viewing angle. You can see everything around in 360 degrees. This means that you will need fewer cameras and all home video security camera system would be cheaper.

DIY Home Security Camera

DIY Home Security Camera

Purchasing a DIY home security camera, you save money on the installation, since you install the device yourself. However, there are other advantages:


  • NO fee. Choosing a home security camera, mostly you don’t pay any monthly payments. Although, some specialized companies provide monitoring and surveillance services for private facilities equipped by DIY home security camera. Of course, this will require additional monthly expenses from you.
  • Easy installation. Most of these systems are easy to install and to set up. It’s don’t require professional skills and expensive tools. Just two things are crucial: the nearest electrical socket and the place of location of the camera.
  • Apartment surveillance camera. These devices are ideal for tenants. You don’t have to drill walls, hammer nails and cause any damage to the apartment or furniture. That’s why DIY home security camera is a reasonable choice for tenants and people who often move and change their place of residence. It is easy to take this camera with you and install it in a new place. In addition, it doesn’t affect the cost of renting.
  • When dealing with a DIY home security camera, you could employ a single security camera or two-three. You could add a smoke sensor, door sensors in the purchase or not. You don’t have to buy bulky sets that you will not need. But at the same time, you can easily expand your system by purchasing additional sensors or a simple security camera later, when you deem it necessary.

Let’s turn to the drawbacks of the DIY Home Security Camera.


  • Since the installation is do by yourself, some difficulties and questions are possible. However, it is always you can to contact a supplier of the product. In extreme cases, there is youtube J
  • DIY home security camera mean that only you are watching for your house. In case of involvement of specialized security companies, you can rely on the responsibility, vigilance, diligence and efficiency of their employees. For this you have to pay a monthly payment. Using a DIY home security camera, you can’t shift responsibility for your house to another person or company. You can rely only on yourself, your vigilance, efficiency and resourcefulness.

Thus, DIY Home Security Camera has both great advantages and disadvantages, which can be minimized with a reasonable approach.

How to choose DIY Home Security Camera?

The first key requirement is the availability of wireless Internet access. It is perfectly meaningless to consider a models without a wireless wifi hub. This is a basic condition that will allow you to monitor the house from anywhere in the world.

Below is another equally important criterion set that will help you find an appropriate internet security camera:

  1. The device must have a suitable mobile application for your smartphone that will connect all the options of the camera.
  2. Built-in motion sensor for record of changes in an observation field and send notifications.
  3. There are capacities of the home security camera to store video in the cloud storage.
  4. There are abilities to expand and supplement the system through additional single security cameras, sensors or sirens.
  5. There are sirens or alarm annunciators, which can attract the attention of your neighbors to problems inside your house and scare a burglars.

Furthermore, the features that can significantly increase the capabilities of your system and turn it out into a reliable smart security system:

  1. There are specialized software module that is able to recognize people’s images, distinguish family members, relatives or those who periodically attend your house.
  2. Device have a detectors for the entrance door and windows. These elements will signal about unclosed doors and windows or that someone opening it.
  3. Pan and tilting of the camera: that will let you to see with your own eyes 360 of space.
  4. Infrared lighting of security camera. Shouldn’t overrate the capabilities of night vision security camera, because they are not so great. Nevertheless DIY home security camera with night vision function is able to distinguish the images of people and objects with satisfactory quality at a distance of 10-15 yards.

Below we managed to assemble inexpensive and most reliable DIY home security cameras:

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