Indoor Security Camera

Indoor security cameras are security cameras used by home and property owners to monitor their properties while they aren’t physically present. They can be set up at businesses, homes, restaurants, or any other type of private property.

Security cameras come in various shapes and sizes. Some are constructed large and are kept in the open to function as a deterrent for criminals and intruders. Others are small and blend into the background and aim to monitor individuals discretely.

Most indoor security cameras come with features that supplement the high definition camera lens that come with them. They typically come with motion and sound detection hardware, and mechanical pan and tilt feature that allows them to cover more ground.

A few products come with an alarm system, an integrated spotlight, and an intelligent night vision mode that captures clear video at night time.

High-quality security cameras sometimes come with advanced features like facial recognition software, voice commands, and an onboard AI.

Indoor security cameras record and transmit video in mostly 1080p and 2K HDR resolutions. They can be either wired or wireless.


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Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Security Cameras are a type of Video Surveillance Camera that do not need a wired connection to transfer video surveillance. They broadcast via Wi-Fi or wireless internet to phones, laptops, and other devices connected to their wireless signal.

Wireless security cameras come in various form factors, prices and can be mounted both inside and outside a home or building. They can be as large as regular CCTV cameras you see in public, or small enough to fit in a clock, teddy bears, etc.

Depending on what security or surveillance needs you have, the type of camera you opt for will be different. For simple tasks like monitoring children’s behavior, you will require a less powerful camera, feature-packed camera. While for essential tasks like surveilling your home, you will need a durable camera with a few advanced features.

The average wireless security camera for home surveillance comes with a local storage port, dual-band Wi-Fi, mechanical panning, and night mode support.

Wireless cameras are used for home security and can be set up to provide direct feed, with no recording or record and store video using local or cloud storage. Some home wireless cameras also connect with virtual assistants like Alexa and have a built-in Siren.

Wireless Cameras

Indoor Security Camera Wireless Cameras are cameras that do not depend on a physical wired connection to transmit video. They are either used for surveillance purposes, movies, or recreational use. Wireless cameras are used in devices like drones, security cameras, nanny cameras, and spy cameras.

Wireless cameras operate on a wireless network and can transmit video live or record it for review. Some devices, like the drone, can do both.

Wireless cameras can be paired with an audio feature, OIS, and a handful of other features to make the video they capture more detailed and aesthetic.

Wireless Security camera System with Remote Viewing

Wireless Security Cameras A Wireless Security Camera System is a group of interconnected security camera that record and broadcast surveillance video on a private encrypted network. On average, a wireless security camera system should contain somewhere between two to eight cameras and a single storage device.

Wireless security camera systems support real-time feed and video playback. Remote access to the video feed is usually granted to users through a mobile app provided by the system’s manufacturers. All the cameras in a Wireless security camera system have identical specifications and material construction. Features like night vision, waterproof casing, 1080p recording, and motion capture are available on all the cameras in the system.

 Home Security Cameras

Wireless Camera Home security cameras are wireless security cameras specifically designed for residential use. They feature standard surveillance camera specifications and features like a crisp display, night mode, infrared motion detection, and IP67 water resistance.

They differ from other regular security cameras in that they come with helpful smart features like voice command, floodlight, facial recognition software, remote access and control, voice command, etc. Home security cameras come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

Most home security cameras require a storage bay and a power supply kit to function. Although there are a few unique devices, like the Arlo, that run on large lithium batteries.  Unlike reguarl security cameras, they don’t record 24/7. They only come on when their thermal motion detectors pick up movement, and they switch off when they detect no motion or heat.

Best indoor security camera

indoor security cameraContrary to popular opinion, there is no single commercial indoor security camera that is universally viewed as the best in the industry. Instead, there are a handful of great cameras with exceptional features.

The best indoor security cameras feature crisp 1080p-4K video playback quality, IP67 water resistance. They also come with mobile apps for better control, a physical storage device like an SD card or Hard drive, infrared motion detection, Night mode, voice command, thermal imaging, and wireless

Most indoor cameras are either domes or bullets. Dome cameras are designed to be discreet yet functional. While bullet cameras are angled, cylindrical, capture more detail, and are easy to clean. Both types of cameras have their faults, and no camera type is superior to the other.

Ring Camera

ring cameraRing Cameras are home security cameras that allow you to communicate with visitors through a two-way speaker. An average ring camera comes with infrared motion detection, siren and Alarm support, Alexa support, cloud or physical storage, night vision, and a crisp 1080HD video resolution.

Some ring camera models come with floodlights that activate when it senses motion. They are bullet-style cameras and are used for outdoor security.

Arlo Camera

Arlo CameraThe Arlo camera is a feature-packed wireless security camera for your home. It is a bullet-style camera that comes with about 130 degrees of view. It’s compatible with smart home and voice command products and services like Amazon Alexa, and Ok Google.

The Arlo camera comes with seven days of cloud storage, motion detection technology, night vision, weather resistance, and a handful of peculiar power options that make it feel truly wireless. You can opt to set up a solar panel next to your Arlo camera to keep it running indefinitely. With a premium subscription to the Arlo SMART service, you get up to 30 days of cloud storage.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo 2The Arlo Pro 2 is an upgraded version of the original Arlo camera. It comes with a few extra features missing from the standard Arlo. With the Arlo Pro2, users now have the option to export footage to a local drive-through USB. It comes with 2-way audio so that users can always hear and see what is happening outside your home. A Siren has also been added to the camera.

The Arlo Pro 2 stores videos in excellent 1080p video and is weatherproof. Like its predecessor, it runs on rechargeable batteries too. It also supports Alexa, Ok Google, and IFTT commands.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3The Arlo Pro 3 is the third iteration of the widely popular Arlo and Arlo Pro 2. It improves upon areas where its predecessors were lacking, and it introduces new and exciting features that make the camera feel much safer.

The Arlo Pro 3 night mode records in color now, instead of just black and white. It also records standard video in 2K. The Arlo Pro 3 has an increased viewing angle of 160 degrees, and it has a spotlight for increased visibility in both day and night times.

The Arlo Pro 3 comes with water resistance, smart house support, 2-way audio, USB, and cloud storage features just like all its predecessors. It also connects with smart devices and can be accessed and controlled remotely at all times.

Nest Security System

Nest Security SystemNest Security System is Google’s home security service that allows homeowners to monitor their homes from virtually anywhere on the planet.

The Nest starter kit contains a Nest Guard base station, two nest detection multipurpose sensors, two nest tags, and Nest power cord. The Guard base station controls the nest and allows users to toggle through three distinct arming modes.

The multipurpose motion sensors are set up in different areas of the house- doors, and windows- and cover the entirety of the house. The nest tags allow you remote access in and out of the house without the need to physical arm and disarm the nest every time.

Nest users gain access to the mobile application after purchase, and it allows them to remotely monitor and input preferred settings. The Nest security system has three distinct modes- Disarm, Arm Stay, and Arm Away. Security cameras can also be integrated into the nest system. Nest security cameras feature exciting AI and practical tech features like facial recognition, night vision, etc.