Cop Cam Review: As Seen on TV Security Cam

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What is Cop Cam?

Cop cam is a camera that has been removed for security purposes. Since the cube-shaped camera is very small in size, it is generally used to ensure the safety of places. With its small size, it will be very difficult to notice. Almost the same size as a sugar cube, the camera weighs 20 grams.

Cop cam comes with an 8 GB memory card when first ordered. However, the memory of the camera can be upgraded if desired.

Cop cam: How does it work?

Despite its small size, the camera has very good sound and image quality. It is possible to shoot up to an angle of 140 degrees. Cop cam charge works somehow. The camera, which is easy to install, is charged enough to shoot.

The area where the charged camera will be placed is of great importance. For this reason, users must determine where to place them. After the location of Cop Cam is determined, it must be opened by pressing the button on it. Shooting starts when the camera is turned on.

One of the best things about Cop cam is that it has a motion sensor. The camera starts recording when it sees a moving object. After recording the images, it is also possible to view them via a computer. For this, the USB reader cable that comes out of the box should be preferred. By connecting the memory card to the computer, the information in it can be accessed.

Cop Cam: Instructions

Cop Cam review: Pros & Cons

atomic beam cop camCop Cam has many positive features. The first of these is the dimensions of the camera. With its small size, it is among the best choices for security situations. It is almost impossible to notice with its color. In addition to this situation, there is a comfortable movement opportunity as it does not have any cables or connections. Users can place the camera wherever they want.

One of its best features is that the camera shoots 140 degrees. Capturing a large area allows images to be viewed much more clearly after transferring them to the computer. Very clean results can be obtained in terms of sound and image.

Efficient results can be obtained with the presence of a motion sensor. Cop cam only records when it sees danger. For this reason, its battery will not run out quickly and its memory will not be full. Only important images will be included in the camera.

One of the services that people who use Cop Cam especially for security are satisfied with will be night vision. There are 6 LED lights around the camera that make it possible to shoot at night. Thanks to these lights, it is possible to shoot very comfortably even on the darkest nights. Cop Cam owners also have different ways to use the cameras. This is provided by the latch that comes out of the box.

It is possible to attach the camera to clothing, a bag or any object with the latch that comes out. This situation greatly increases the shooting possibilities. This opportunity is used a lot by people who do sports. In addition to athletes, families who want to protect their children or capture their special moments can also benefit from this feature of Cop Cam.

It also ensures the safety of Cop Cam’s home and neighbors. Having a wide shooting angle allows it to shoot the sides of the house as well. So the neighbors next door will also be safe. In addition to this situation, it is possible to use the camera in a lesson. At the end of the lesson, the images on the camera are transferred to the computer and can be viewed easily. The sound and camera quality are high.

In today’s architecture, mostly minimal houses are designed. There is not enough space left for the residents of the house with the furniture. Cop Cam offers you the opportunity to monitor your home 24/7 with both the volume it occupies and its features. If you don’t have room for a camera in your home but need one, Cop Cam may be the best-designed camera for you and your home. Safety and feeling safe are very important for every person. Being able to monitor our homes when we are not at home is no longer a luxury with Cop Cam. Thanks to its small dimensions, you can place one Cop Cam anywhere in your home. Cop Cam is a very portable type of camera, as it is portable and can be attached to collars. Especially considering that we do not stay in summer houses all year, you can monitor any event that may occur through Cop Cam and intervene if necessary. With Cop Cam, you can monitor your houses and summer houses from your computer with night vision sensors. In this way, you will be informed immediately of the necessary emergencies.

Unfortunately, Cop Cam, like every product, has its downsides. The small size of the camera turns out to be both a positive and a negative feature. The downside is that it is easily damaged. Especially the cameras that are placed on the ground are very likely to be crushed unnoticed. Among the negative features of Cop cam is its small size. With its small size, it is possible for users to encounter loss or damage. Therefore, the camera must be handled with care.

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Since the camera is small in size, it should be kept away from small children. In case of any interaction, children may be harmed. for this reason, it should be used in areas away from small children and pets or necessary precautions should be taken. Otherwise, it may be difficult for the camera to work properly.

Another negative feature is that images cannot be taken directly from the camera. A USB reader and computer are required to obtain the images. This is a big negative impact for people who do not have a computer at home. The fact that the images cannot be taken directly is one of the most negative situations for users. The fact that technology has advanced so much today has increased the level of use of mobile devices. Cop cam’s inability to work or control directly with smartphones makes it difficult to be a functional product.

The last negative feature is that Cop Cam is not resistant to water. Cameras placed in the garden of the house can be damaged quite easily due to irrigation systems. Likewise, raining causes the camera to malfunction. Therefore, the location of the camera is very important. Even if it finds it in an area that will receive water, the camera must be taken under protection. The fact that the camera is not water-resistant makes shooting difficult, especially for people living in rainy areas. The camera will definitely need a protector in order to be used in outdoor areas.

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Cop cam app

The camera does not have any application that works with phones. However, there are apps for phones that work like Cop Cam.

Cop cam manual (PDF )

cop cam instructions

cop cam manual

What sort of power does the Cop cam use?

Cop Cam must be charged before use. One end of the charging cable, which is delivered with the box in the order, is connected to the socket and the other end to the camera. Thus, the camera can be charged easily. This cable also connects the camera to the computer. The camera can also be charged when connected to a computer.

When the Cop Cam is charged with a computer, the light on the camera changes between red and green colors. In the camera that is charged by plugging it in normally, the light flashes red continuously. In addition, the camera can shoot while it is plugged in, but it is not possible to shoot if it is charged with a computer.

When do you know Cop cam is turned on?

The button on the top of the camera must be pressed for about 5 seconds to turn on the camera. Cop Cam will be opened when the red light is on. When this light is on, it means the camera is ready to shoot.

If the button on the camera is pressed for 2 seconds, the photo mode is switched. If you want to take a photo, the button on the top must be pressed once after the adjustment is made.

From time to time, there may be problems with the shooting or sound recording of the camera. However, if these are continuous, necessary actions can be taken.

How to set up Cop cam wirelessly?

After the camera is taken out of the box, it must be charged first. After making sure that it is charged, it can be placed in the desired area. It is possible to set it wirelessly. However, if desired, it will be possible to record while the camera is charging.

What does a green light mean on Cop cam?

Greenlight on Cop Cam is seen when charging via computer. If the Cop Cam is low-charged when plugged into the computer, the light on it will be red. Over time, the light turns green as the Cop Cam charges. In other words, when the green light is on, it indicates that the camera is fully charged.

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How to retrieve footage from Cop cam?

In order to receive the images and photos inside the Cop Cam, it must be connected to the computer with the appropriate SD card reader. Then, by opening the necessary files on the computer, it will be possible to access the recordings inside the camera and transfer them to the computer.

How long does Cop cam record?

Cop Cam can record continuously for up to 50 minutes when fully charged. After 50 minutes, the 8 GB micro SD card will be full. Therefore, new images overwrite old videos.

This means that old images are deleted. To avoid this, it is necessary to regularly transfer images to the computer or buy a memory card with a larger space.

How to charge Cop cam?

Cop Cam has 2 different charging methods. The first of these is the classical charging method. By plugging the cable that comes out of the box into the socket, the camera can be charged in a short time. Another charge can be done from the computer. It has the possibility of using the same cable.

While cameras plugged into a normal socket can shoot, those connected to a computer do not have the opportunity to shoot.

How to connect Cop cam to a smartphone?

Applications available in the application markets can be downloaded to connect Cop Cam to smartphones. If such an application is not available, the only method would be to access the images from the computer.

What SD card is best for Cop cam?

A card with 8 GB memory comes with Cop Cam. However, some users have the opportunity to increase the memory card up to 32 GB if they deem it necessary. This situation completely depends on the user’s use of the camera.

Cop cam battery life?

When the charging unit in the camera is fully charged, it has the opportunity to shoot for 45 minutes. However, this period is not enough for long-term use. Keeping the camera constantly charged can be a solution to this situation. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get the expected performance from the camera.

Cop Cam Troubleshooting

cop cam reviews

How to set time and date on a Cop cam?

Changing the time stamp on the images is only possible with a computer. After Cop Cam is connected to the computer, it is necessary to click on the file named TIMEREST in the USB file.

With the notepad application on every computer, changes can be made easily. When setting the date, the year must be written first. Since the memory of the camera is small, these settings must be repeated if desired.

Where is the motion detector on Cop cam?

The motion sensor inside the Cop Cam is located in the focus of the camera. This sensor is very useful especially for recordings made in dark times. With the advanced motion sensor, even the slightest movement can activate the camera. For this reason, the angle of placement of the camera is very important.

In addition, if the camera does not detect any movement, it automatically turns off after 3 minutes. If a movement is detected, it starts to be registered again.

Cop Cam’s automatic start of recording is one of its greatest conveniences. Thus, there is no need for anyone to control the camera. In addition to these, the camera has infrared lights, which makes it easier to detect movements.

Infrared lights detect the surrounding heat waves and start the camera recording. Especially at night, it will be possible to capture any suspicious situation with the camera. These images can also be easily handed over to the authorities in security situations. The high-quality recording of the camera also provides a great help for security operations.

Why Cop cam does not play on my laptop?

The reason why Cop Cam does not record when connected to a computer is purely software. The fact that it is not set in this way also makes it impossible to record. However, it is possible to examine the images taken while connected to the computer.

How long can Cop cam be on?

The camera can last up to 45 minutes when fully charged. It is possible to shoot continuously for 45 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the camera must be recharged.

How to mount Cop cam?

Cop Cam can be easily placed in any area. A support unit comes out of the box upon delivery. With this support, it is possible to tilt the camera and adjust the desired angle.

It is possible to fix the camera to clothes or other objects with the latch that comes out of the box.

How can you tell when a Cop cam is charge?

There are two different ways to tell if the camera is charging. This is because it is possible to charge the Cop Cam in two different ways. In the case of charging with a computer, the light of the camera turns green as the charge is full. When the light is completely green, it means that the charge is full.

In case of charging by plugging in, the light will flash continuously. When the light stays steady, the camera is charged.

How to delete dcim files from the atomic beam Cop cam?

It is not possible to delete videos and photos in the camera via Cop Cam. The only option is to connect Cop Cam to the computer and delete the files from the computer.

How to look at footage from Cop cam?

It is impossible to view images recorded on Cop Cam. In order to access the images, a computer and the camera must be connected using a USB cable.

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How to set time stamp on Cop cam?

It is not possible to set a time and date on Cop Cam. This operation requires a computer. Corrections are made in a short time after the computer is connected.

How good is Cop cam – Honest Conclusions

cop cam as seen on tvI live in a not very safe neighborhood and I want to buy Cop Cam to be safe. Can the camera record every movement and can I take images easily? I want your help in this matter.

Cop Cam has a motion sensor inside. Even if the motion sensor is dark, it can shoot very well with LED lights. There is a detailed shooting opportunity with 6 infrared lights inside the camera. Since the camera only shoots when it detects motion, it is not necessary to take blank images. Cop Cam only shoots when it senses motion and delivers the necessary footage to camera owners.

It is possible to provide security with more than one camera in areas that require different security measures. Cop Cam offers a very high-quality service in such cases with an affordable price. One of the biggest advantages is that the images can be transferred to the computer quickly.

I live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation. There are always different animals around my house. Can I use Cop Cam to protect myself and my family from these?

Unfortunately, Cop Cam is not rainproof. Therefore, he will definitely need protection. Apart from water sensitivity, the camera does not have anything to be careful about. It must be placed at an upper level to capture the full perspective of the animals. Cop Cam starts recording even the slightest movement. This will cause the desired images to be obtained. Offering the best image quality in a short time, Cop Cam is a product that many customers use with confidence and satisfaction.

My wife and I adopted in August. We have a babysitter in our house. Can we watch our baby through these Cop Cams?

Yes, you can watch your baby and how your caregiver behaves with your baby from Cop Cams. In addition, Cop Cams have motion sensors. Any movement is noticed by Cop Cams and starts recording. The memory of Cop Cams can be increased up to 32 GB. When Cop Cams come to you, their memory is large enough to allow only 40 minutes of footage. Cop Cams have an unlimited video recording feature when plugged in. Cop Cams also features infrared technology for night vision. If you have a small space, Cop cam may be one of the best choices for you. Thanks to their very minimal design, you can put cop cam anywhere in your home. If you suspect theft or crime has been committed in your home, the Cop cam will be the best choice for you. However, there is an element that you should pay attention to when using it. The cameras are not water-resistant. Thank you for choosing us.

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