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What is the Aukey Dash Cam? One of the most important features to look for when shopping for a dash cam is whether or not it has GPS. The Aukey Epic Dash Cam, which also has an internal battery and loop-cycle recording capability, can be mounted on your windshield with its suction cup mount (included) or attached to your dashboard with its adhesive pad (included). You’ll never miss anything again!

Aukey Dash Cam Review

Aukey Dash Cam DR-01

aukey dash cam dr-01Time to get the real story on the road. Introducing your new indispensable partner, Aukey Dash Cam DR-01 with everything you need for premium recording fun and peace of mind. Featuring a wide 170° field of view, this dash cam’s Sony Exmor sensor ensures 1080p super sharp video that captures all angles clearly in under two seconds. Forensic footages are locked away when emergency triggering occurs automatically if an incident is interrupted when accidentally touching it. Protect yourself from troubles before they even happen by locking in loops to keep running continuously while writing over old footage after 30 minutes or overwrite once filled up completely with power supplied by dual-port car charger included in package for continuous use!

The Aukey 1080p dash cam can be mounted to your windshield, but it’s slim enough to fit into any pocket. It records anytime the car is moving and has emergency features that automatically turn on in an accident or if someone hits you from behind. However, the camera will stop recording when it loses power, which means you need a way to recharge this dash cam regularly – Otherwise, all of those memories are lost forever! If you’re using a source that’s on a relay, for example, the electricity might cut out suddenly after an accident.

The GPS module sometimes takes a long time to initialize. If you’re not willing to wait, this isn’t the camera for you.


  • Sony’s Exmor sensor captures super-high-definition 1080p video.
  • 170° field of view
  • Unplanned driving incidents are automatically stored by the Automatic File Recovery setting, which protects the videos
  • Continuous recording can be utilized by writing over previously recorded material
  • A USB Type-C cable, a dual-port car charger to power the camera, and an additional USB device are all included


  • External power is required to keep the camera recording
  • The GPS module may take a long time to get up and running

However, the main disadvantage of this model is the fact that it is almost impossible to buy it anymore. Unless it is a used version on Ebay. There are new ones to replace this camera!

Our verdict:

If you’re looking for the best surveillance camera money can buy, check out the following model.

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Aukey Dash Cam DR02

aukey dash cam dr02Don’t you just hate it when your dash cam captures a giant mosquito instead of an accident? The Aukey Dash Cam DR02 is the ultimate answer to this problem, capturing clear footage at 1080p resolution and 170° field-of-view. Plus, with high temperature protection and low energy consumption, you can keep filming even after heat waves.

Aukey DR02 is a full 1080p camera that records at 30 frames per second, and has an ultra wide 170° field of view. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -30°C to 75°C (-22°F to 167°F) and works off your car’s battery for easy installation. This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to drive but doesn’t like accidents happening because their own error!

This device uses motion detection and emergency recording functions so you know if anything fishy is going down. Plus, it comes with a 2-in-1 dual port USB car charger which make both charging up your mobile phone while monitoring for potential criminals much easier than inconveniencing yourself by using two separate devices to do one job; all this while also promoting safer drivers habits at the same time!

The disadvantages include the lack of built-in battery, so once you power down your car, the device no longer records unless you have constant power running on your cigarette socket power.

The second is that there is no built-in GPS. Also, sometimes you have to unplug the camera to turn it off, regardless of whether the car is on or off. This is a bit inconvenient unless you want the camera to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The app does not enable users to save videos locally outside of the application to export them, which I believe is a major limitation.


  • Full 1080p resolution
  • 170° field of view
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C – 75°C / -22°F – 167°F
  • Emergency Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Dual-Port USB Car Charger


  • No built-in battery
  • No built-in GPS
  •  App doesn’t have the ability to save footage and transfer it out
  • 1.5in LCD

Our verdict:

While these cons make it hard to give this camera a top score, they are not deal breakers. It’s still a great device that is worth the price tag.

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Aukey 4K Dash Cam with 6-lane Wide-angle Lens

aukey 4k dash camThis Aukey Dash Cam supports 4K resolution, making footage clearer than any other dash cam on the market. Stay aware of problems before they happen with daily videos that take up less space than ever before. Along with beautifying images in HDR mode, this device is equipped with an emergency recording function to capture every detail should you need it! The ultra-wide angle lens captures everything around both lanes and produce results better than pricier models.

With seamless loop recording function, never worry about running out of space again since this 4K model simply saves new footage over any previous video files. And best of all with intelligent voice alert messages, queue up your favorite tunes playlist and let the camera do the rest.

Some drawbacks are narrow viewing angle when mounted on the windshield (157° horizontal field-of-view) and and the claimed 4K resolution is questionable. Yes, the video quality in this device is one of the best. But the fact is that it requires a very high-powered processor to maintain such clarity. So I think the real resolution of this camera is 2K, which is also respectable.


  • Ultra-sharp video 4K(2880 x 2160 @24fps)  (as specified in the product specifications)
  • Emergency Recording
  • Loop Recording
  • Easily set up


  • 157° wide-angle lens (less than previous models)
  • The actual resolution of the camera is probably lower

Our verdict:

This is a top-notch dash cam that delivers. It’s easy to use and set up with no major setbacks or inconveniences; we think the few disadvantages this device has are not worth considering, especially at such an affordable price tag.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR02D

You can never be too caukey 1080p dash camareful when it comes to your car. That’s why you should get an Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR02D, which has both front and rear cameras with Full HD video quality. Say goodbye to fear of danger lurking in the backseat or bumpy footage from your rearview mirror that makes it hard for other drivers on the road to see what’s happening–now you know what’s going on all around you! This little device captures everything so vividly, even night driving becomes clear-cut. And speaking of clarity, this sleek dash cam is about as good at capturing pictures during daytime hours as well! The dual camera installation means no matter where someone may be coming up alongside you or trying to sneak up behind you while you’re driving, you’ll be prepared.

Some limitations of this camera are that it does not have a built-in battery and the bild-in GPS. There are also difficulties in transferring recorded videos to other devices. As you can see, the device inherited these disadvantages from the DR02 version, as it is an extended modification of it.


  • Dual-lens camera, with a 170° front and a 152° field of view rear camera
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C – 75°C / -22°F – 167°F
  • Emergency Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Attractive price
  • While the video quality isn’t excellent, it’s still good: 1920 x 1080 and 30fps


  • No built-in GPS
  • No built-in battery
  • There are no advanced dashcam features to explore

Our verdict:

This is a great way to get started with dash cam technology. It’s easy to use, comes with an attractive price tag and delivers decent video footage – not the best, but it’ll do just fine for most drivers!

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Aukey Dash Cam Installation

Aukey Dash Cam is a very easy gadget to set up and use straight out of the box. Many people may be surprised by its size since it’s not as bulky or heavy as other models on the market, probably thanks to its lack of a battery.

The DR02D comes with 3M adhesive pads for both the front and rear components. However, it also includes additional 3M adhesives as well as extra mounts. The cameras cannot be adjusted because the mountings are fixed. To install, insert a microSD card into the slot and close it. You can also install an external GPS module or use motion-sensing recording mode if you’d like to have this information included in your videos.

The Aukey Dash Cam DR02D comes with clear instructions on how to set everything up – no problem at all! And if you’re still not sure about anything then there are plenty of detailed online tutorials that will show you exactly what’s involved before getting started for yourself. This dash cam is very easy to fit as well because its design doesn’t make things complicated, even when trying out different options available before deciding which setup works best for you.

Aukey Dash Cam Manual

For your convenience, I have attached the most popular version of the Aukey dash cam installation guide below:

Aukey Dash Cam Manual


What is the best resolution for Aukey dash cam?

Aukey Dash Cam doesn’t have a specified best resolution for all drivers. You can decide what’s the best quality based on your preference, budget and need!

Aukey DR01 dash cam too slow

This is probably because the Aukey DR01 has a 30fps maximum resolution, while most other dash cams have 60fps. If you want to get this camera but need something that can record at higher speeds then check out its successor: DR02D!

How to turn sound on dash cam Aukey?

It’s easy to get the Aukey DR02D to record sound. Just follow these steps:

– Press the menu button on your device until the “Menu” option is highlighted in green

– Navigate to “System settings”, then select it from among those displayed as a submenu

– Scroll down and look for an item called “GPS volume” – turn this up by moving its slider all the way to right. Doing so will turn the volume up to 100%. Then press “OK”

What does the caution sign mean on a Aukey dash cam?

This is a reminder that you should not remove the memory card from your device.

How do you format an SD card for the Aukey dash cam?

– Insert the memory card into Aukey dash cam

– Press menu and navigate to “System Settings” then choose it from among those displayed as a submenu. Scroll down until you find an entry called “SD Card Formatting” – select this, then press OK when done

– You will be asked to confirm that you want the memory card formatted (it’s recommended as this frees up any space left on it)

You can do the same thing on your computer. To do it:

– Remove the memory card from Aukey dash cam

– Insert it into a computer or laptop that’s connected to a power source. To do this, you’ll need an SD card reader if your device doesn’t have one built in already

– Open ‘My Computer’ and look for your SD drive – its icon will be in the form of a drive, just like your C: or D: drives

– Right click on it and choose “Format” from the list that appears. Ensure you leave all options in their default state – this means choosing “FAT32”. If you have another format available then make sure to select FAT32 instead!

Aukey dash cam – How to look at video?

You can look at your videos on a computer using the “Aukey Dash Cam Viewer” software – there’s free downloads available for both Windows and Mac computers.

How do I set the date on my Aukey dash cam?

Just go to “System Settings” then click it from among those displayed as a submenu – scroll down until you find an entry called “Date/Time”. You can change this here by clicking “Change Time”, which is next to where it says “Current Date/Time”.

– Enter the correct date and time, then select “OK” to confirm your changes

How to hard wire a Aukey dule camera dash cam?

You can do it easily, but you need a kit that provides power when your car is running. You can get one from Amazon or eBay – just search for “car camera hard wire kit”.

Aukey dash camDR01 – How to stop the recording?

You can stop the Aukey DR01 from recording by pressing on its screen. You’ll see a red square, and there’s an “X” in it – just tap this to halt the video!

Aukey dash cam how many hours?

Aukey dash cam with 32GB card can record video for about 11 hours, at 1080p. That’s the maximum amount of time it records!

How to turn off Aukey DR02D?

You don’t have to do anything – once you switch your engine on again it will automatically start recording again.

Aukey dash cam full HD 1080p – How to record?

You can start recording by pressing on the screen of your device. A red square will appear, and there’ll be an “X” in it – tap this to begin recording!

How do I read my Aukey dash cam on my computer?

You can download the Aukey Dash Cam Viewer from Google Play, iTunes Store or Windows Phone store – look for “Aukey Dash Cam Viewer” and you’ll find it.

What does a blinking red light mean on a Aukey dash cam?

This is a notification that your Aukey dash cam has some issues – you should stop using it as soon as possible.

Where to place Aukey dash cam gps antenna?

The best place is behind the rearview mirror, on a part of your windshield that’s flat. You can also attach it to your dashboard or somewhere else in an area where you have clear view outside!

Aukey dash cam – How much can it record?

The Aukey dash cam can record for about 11 hours at 1080p. That’s the highest duration it may store!

Aukey dash cam – How to view milage?

You have to view it on your computer using the “Aukey Dash Cam Viewer” software.

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How long will the Aukey 1080p dash cam record for? 

It’s all about the size of your SD card. These times are projections, and they may vary depending on a variety of factors such as ambient light levels. Please keep in mind that dash cams can continuously record.

  • A micro-SD card with a capacity of 128GB: around 20 hours of continual 1080p video
  • A micro-SD card with a capacity of 64GB: around 10 hours of continual 1080p video
  • A micro-SD card with a capacity of 16GB: around 4.5 hours of continual 720p video


how to install a aukey dual dash cam

Aukey dash cam cluster size wrong

You might have selected the wrong size as your SD card – you can fix this by formatting it. Simply format the SD card as described above.

Aukey dash cam not working when rear cam plugged in

You’ll need to remove the rear camera plug and flip it around – this ensures that your Aukey dash cam gets power from your car!

Why does my Aukey DR20d dash cam say cursor warning?

This happens when you have a micro-SD card inserted but it’s not formatted correctly – check your formatting options and make sure to select the right one.

Aukey dash cam “no SD” or no memory error?

You may simply need to restart the device by taking out its battery for ten seconds, then putting it back in.

Yellow triangle with exclaimation mark on Aukey dash cam – What does it mean?

This means you need to format your micro-SD card. Please see above for instructions on how to do this!

Aukey dash cam memory full?

You may simply need to delete old files from the SD card by inserting it into a computer and then deleting them. You can also use the Dash Cam Viewer software.

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We hope this article has given you a good overview of the Aukey Dash Cam and how it can be used to your benefit. If you’re still trying to decide which dash cam is right for you, we recommend reading our other articles on or finding more information about dash cams at Aukey’s website. Thank you again for visiting!

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