Arlo vs. Ring vs. Nest Cam: What is The Best Outdoor Camera?

The security of a home, whether big or small, is an important matter and needs to be dealt with effectively. The innovations in technology have gone way beyond just keeping a guard protecting the house. Home security cameras have significantly evolved, bringing it to a point where widely known brands are known to be in a stiff competition like Arlo vs Ring.

It isn’t wrong to say that investing in the security of a home is one of the wisest and crucial investments that go a long way. Besides burglar alarms and security locks, home security cameras are one of the essential elements of home security. They are needed to keep your home safe from robbers breaking in at any hour of the day. For obvious reasons, it is easy for burglars and robbers to get away with their actions unnoticed. However, on the other hand, if the house is secured with a good security camera, they will not be out on the loose for long.

The modern designs of home cameras are a blend of smart technology along with high-quality cameras so that you can keep a close eye on your house even when you are away from it. Besides just robbers breaking in, often, people are concerned about the safety of their pets and toddlers when they are not with them. Home security cameras step in this situation to solve your problem.

Different manufacturers produce a wide variety of home security cameras. Due to this, it is not easy to find the best security camera for your home that fits in perfectly. Thanks to the latest technology, installing security cameras is no more a big deal as you are not stuck between hard drives that save the videos or cable reams. Instead, the modern cameras are compact and ready to use straight out of the box.

After research and comparison, we have picked the top four security cameras for you to choose from. The Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, Ring, and Nest Cam ranks as some of the best cameras for home security.

Comparison of Table

Best Choice
Arlo Pro 2 – Best Value For Money Home Security Camera review
Arlo Pro 2 – Best Value For Money Home Security Camera
  • 130 degrees field of view
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Free storage: Seven days of free cloud storage

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Best Rated Home Security Camera
Arlo Pro 3 – Best Rated Home Security Camera review
Arlo Pro 3 – Best Rated Home Security Camera
  • 160 degrees field of view
  • LED Spotlight
  • Free storage: Seven days of free cloud storage

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Best Value
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery- Value For Money Home Security Camera review
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery- Value For Money Home Security Camera
  • 140 degrees field of view
  • LED Spotlight
  • Free storage: Not available

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Unbeatable Video Quality
Nest Cam- A Home Security Camera With Unbeatable Video Quality review
Nest Cam- A Home Security Camera With Unbeatable Video Quality
  • 130 degrees field of view
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Free storage: Not available

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Some Quick Facts About The Four Camera Companies

  1. The Arlo home security cameras are completely wireless and have an HD display of the video recorded through the camera, whether it is inside or outside the house. Arlo’s home security cameras come equipped with multiple features. The features are different applications, resistance to various weather conditions, night vision, etc. The camera captures the clips and sends alerts to the users when they are away from home.
  2. Amazon’s own this second-best security camera company known as Ring. The ring is widely known for its innovation in home security with the popular products being motion-detecting cameras like the video doorbell ring, alarm security kits, etc.
  3. Google bought the Nest in 2014, and ever since then, and Google Nest has emerged as a successful and well-known company in the world of smart home technology. The company has manufactured different home automation products like the Google Nest thermostat, Smoke detector, etc. which are used and liked by many users. Due to its devices that create an ease of use, Nest has made its place as a household name.

Table of Contents:

Arlo Pro 2 – Best Value For Money Home Security Camera

Best Choice
 Arlo Pro 2
Arlo Pro 2
- Best Value For Money Home Security Camera
Arlo Pro 2 as it has brought a revolution in its cameras with the 1080p HD live streaming in contrast to the previous models
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  • 1080 pixels HD resolution
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Look back feature
  • 130 degrees field of view
  • Rechargeable battery

The Arlo Pro 2 is among the newly introduced options of home security cameras and can significantly cater to the needs of someone who is looking for wireless security cameras that do not need to be connected to the outlet of an AC.

The cameras can withstand different weather conditions as they are water-resistant and weatherproof, so you can easily install it outside the house without worrying about any damage in extreme weather conditions.

Charging And Installation

The set of the Arlo Pro 2 comes with two cameras that can be recharged and a base station that connects to the Wi-Fi router of your house. If you want added security to your like motion detection and alerts when the camera sees an unknown person around the house, then you can get these features installed in the Arlo Pro 2 by paying an extra cost.

The Arlo Pro 2 also allows you to decide between whether you want to keep the device powered with traditional AC power or opt for rechargeable batteries. The two-way options will enable you to install the device anywhere around the house even if it’s a tree, as long as the camera stays in the Wi-Fi range.

If you choose the rechargeable battery option, you can protect your device from being tampered or misused in any sort. The cameras being wireless means that anyone breaking into the house cannot easily disconnect the camera from the security system by simply cutting the wires. The batteries, however, should be checked upon regularly. The cameras should be recharged when necessary, so the video coverage does not have any gaps.

Another significant feature of Arlo Pro 2 that gets it on the top of the list is the two-way installation options. This means that you can either set up the cameras by visiting Arlo’s website. Or, you can download the app on your phone.

The installation is much like plug-and-play as once you have downloaded the application, you are ready to use the camera for your home security.

Designed with versatility, the cameras of Arlo Pro 2 support Google Assistant and Alexa. Unlike other home security cameras, it comes with free storage of up to seven days on Cloud. The storage feature is a great advantage if you ever want to go back and revisit a video clip from the previous week.

What Makes It Different?

However, it is essential to know that only one method can be used at a time for setting up the device. You can either use your phone or your PC to log in to the security cameras, not both. The Arlo Pro 2 automatically detects that you are logged into one device and logs you out of the other.

Arlo Pro 2 has been designed with several features to ensure that it gives a tough to its competitors in the market. Besides the standard security features like night vision, motion detection, and sound detection, it also offers scheduling and geofencing to its users. Scheduling is useful if you want to keep the camera active at a specific timing when you are away from home.

Although this is present in many home security cameras but not all of them have successful outcomes, and some of the home security companies ask for additional charges for installing this feature.

There are often certain times that a vital incident is recorded in the home security camera, but due to bright daylight, the video recording has a high exposure; hence it is nearly worthless as nothing can be seen clearly. To save you from a situation like this, the Arlo Pro 2 offers a slider for adjusting brightness. Although this is not like the dual exposure feature of Nest camera, it allows you to tune the exposure accordingly for getting the best possible image.

Arlo Pro 2 took a step up from the Arlo by offering a 1080 p HD display where the Arlo had a 720p display to provide. The update is reasonable because everyone wants to see HD quality videos, now whether it is from YouTube or simply from your home security camera. The upgrade in the display allows you to zoom into the video for up eight times, which is a plus.

To trace back trails of any critical event, a complete video recording can do wonders for us. Clip length is a crucial factor that most people consider before they decide upon which home security they want to buy.

Many of the home security cameras record the footage of only a few seconds after a sound or motion-triggered event to save on space. With Arlo Pro 2, this is not the case as the camera records clips for up to 5 minutes surrounding the event, and the clips can be downloaded easily if needed.

There is no point in having a video recording where you can only see the head of the burglar walking away with your belongings taken from the home. The Arlo Pro 2 ensures that you see more than just the head of the robber, and therefore, it has been installed with the “look back” feature. The lookback feature enables you to rewind three seconds before the camera captured the scene due to a sound or motion detection.

Having a track of all the video clips from the home security camera is an excellent advantage if you ever want to go back to the recording from a particular day. Arlo Pro 2 offers free cloud storage for up to seven days. You can even avail of more extensive options if you choose a monthly subscription.

Not only this, but the Arlo Pro 2 also allows you to connect it with a USB drive for backing up data. A lot of popular home security camera brands do not offer this functionality.

  • Includes built-in siren
  • Cloud recording for up to 7 days
  • Magnetic mounting for water-resistant cameras
  • The station of the base can be difficult to set up


We would recommend the Arlo Pro 2 as it has brought a revolution in its cameras with the 1080p HD live streaming in contrast to the previous models, Arlo and Arlo Pro, that had a 720p low-quality resolution. The cameras are highly responsive, so your house is well secured, and safety is never compromised.

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Arlo Pro 3 – Best Rated Home Security Camera


  • 2K high-quality video
  • Wire-free
  • Equipped with smart A.I features
  • Works with Alexa
  • Intelligent motion detection

Arlo Pro 3 is the successor of Arlo Pro 2, and with several additional features like 2K video streaming, it has gained a reputation in the market of home security cameras. The good news for old Arlo users is that they can avail of the feature of 2K display without having to replace their existing Smart Hubs.

Easy And Hassle-Free Setup

Home security equipment, whether it is a motion detector or only a camera, can often be hard to set up. Due to the lengthy and unclear instructions on the manual, the process consumes a lot of time.

Thankfully, like all other Arlo devices, the Arlo Pro 3 is convenient to set up, so you do not find yourself stuck between clusters of wires and cables. The package comes with a magnetic and screw mounting options. The magnetic mount of Arlo Pro 3 has a concave shape that offers sound, balanced strength with versatility. You can mount the camera wherever you want or screw mount at tree, fence, or ceiling of the house.

Smart Under The Hood

The Arlo Pro may look like any other ordinary home security camera, but the features are certainly not that ordinary. The major update from Arlo Pro 2 is that the motion-detecting piercing alarm has been moved to the camera, which is triggered whenever the camera detects any motion around.

This is a successful approach to scare away any intruders when you are not at home. Your home is packed with an additional layer of security with the bright LED spotlight, which is combined with the piercing alarm. By paying a few extra bucks off the monthly subscription, you can avail of the array of enhancements that have added utility to the Arlo Pro 3.

Before subscribing, you can try out the features with a free 3-month trial and decide whether the features are worth giving a shot. The multiple features include advanced object detection, which helps the Arlo Pro 3 in differentiating between different objects like animals and humans.

You will be notified on your smartphone via the carbon monoxide and smoke detector if the camera picks up an audible alert. What makes Arlo Pro 3 stand out in the crowd is the smart technology installed in the camera. The camera justifies its price by saving you from staring at the screen all day long to watch out for suspicious activity.

Instead, with the application installed on your phone, the Arlo Pro 3 sends your alerts whenever the motion sensors pick up any motion. After receiving the notification, you will only be a tap away from viewing the scene that triggered the motion sensor. For higher security, you can enable the alarm to go off from the base station when motion sensors are triggered after motion detection. With the alarm going off at about 100 decibels, the burglars will not be so enthusiastic about breaking in.

Updated Video Quality

Arlo has undoubtedly changed the game in the video quality with the 2K high resolution in the Arlo Pro 3. This is a big step up from the previous generations of the Arlo cameras that supported 720p and 108p.

The enhanced resolution is a big plus for you to zoom in to the video for up to 12 times. The 2K resolution ensures that the image doesn’t spread into a blurry mess even when zoomed into the maximum.

A big issue with many home security cameras is the difference in the image quality during the day and night. While they can show clear footage during day time, the same cannot be said about night recording. Arlo Pro 3 does not compromise on image quality regardless of the day and night. It is equipped with the color night vision feature that illuminates the camera’s integrated spotlight. The results are precise, and natural imagine rather than the monochromatic, spooky images seen from other cameras.

There were a few only minor problems when the Arlo Pro 3 was tested. The camera’s live stream often took a while to connect to the phone app while being on the network.

The delay between live video was ranging between 5 seconds to up to 30 seconds on several occasions. Arlo has mounting options so that you can place the camera anywhere around the house where you want to. The magnetic mount has been updated from Arlo Pro 2, which had a convex design, whereas the Arlo Pro 3 has a concave design. The concave shape makes it easy for you to set the camera angle that you want to view.

  • Color night vision
  • Simple to use and install
  • Weather-resistant
  • Some features are only available with a subscription

Our Verdict

The Arlo Pro 3 has proved to be an excellent successor of the top-ranking home security camera, Arlo Pro 2. The easy app controls and enhanced image quality tagged along with a few other features make it worth the money and fit for home surveillance.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery- Value For Money Home Security Camera


  • Wireless
  • Motion sensor recording
  • Dual rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with IFTTT and Alexa

The ring might ring a name in your mind of the company for its doorbells, as the name suggests. The doorbells, however, are not just ordinary doorbells but video doorbells connected to the internet. The ring is not just restricted to doorbells, but it has also successfully made its place in the world of home security cameras.


The Ring spotlight cam battery comes with all that you need to set it up and get it running. Ranging from screwdrivers, mounting brackets, fixings and warning stickers, all that you would need is included in the box.

The design of the Ring spotlight cam isn’t the most compact, but it does not look bulky in general. It is not aesthetically pleasing with the two floodlights on each side of the camera. However, with the other features of this home security camera, you can compromise on the design.

What Does It Have To Offer?

Being the ultimate in-home security, it does not require you to drill additional holes in the house or get lengths of wires. The Ring Spotlight Cam is battery powered, as it is named so it can be mounted anywhere in the house, whether it is inside the house on the ceiling or outside on the fence.

To make things simple, the Ring spotlight cam is just like the Ring doorbell. The only major difference is the security light replacing the button and chime. It is compatible with the same app as the Ring doorbell so that you can manage all your devices in one place with ease.

Basic Setup And Installation

Setting up the Ring spotlight Cam is easy and the matter of only a few minutes. You can easily get into setting up the device by following the instructions provided in the application of Ring. The camera doesn’t need to be connected to a hub as it connects via the direct connection to the router. All the basics for installation come with the package of Ring Spotlight Cam battery, including screws. The mounting plate might be a bit difficult to manage, but it can be attached anywhere from walls to fence posts.

Features And Performance

Ring spotlight cam performs the task of pinging your phone whenever it detects any motion, and you can look into the scene with just tap into the live video through the phone app. It sends alerts whenever the movement of a person is detected. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted accordingly if you don’t want your phone overloading with notifications.

The camera will focus on a specific field of view, so you will be notified of any activity that is observed in that particular region. Motion settings of the Ring Spotlight cam battery can be adjusted according to the schedule you set for the motion sensors. The motion alerts can be disabled for any time of the day you want. Being highly configurable, this can be set up for several days in a row with the 15-minute window.

The Smart Alerts from the camera through the phone can be modified into frequent, standard, or light depending upon the frequency of notifications you want to receive on your phone.

The Ring spotlight cam has three different motion zones that can be altered in distance of detection and can be turned on or off. You can enable or disable the lights turning on whenever the camera picks up on any motion. The camera is labeled to be weather resistant, which means that it is capable of surviving varying weather conditions like rain showers.

The battery used to power the camera is the same as for the Ring Video Doorbell. The Ring Spotlight Cam can be charged with the USB port. The charging lasts for up to 12 months depending upon the usage of the camera and spotlight activity. The additional battery pack can be placed in the device where the secondary battery automatically powers the camera after the first one has drained out completely.

When it comes to subscription, the Ring Spotlight is quite a mixed bag. From the day of purchase, you get free cloud storage for up to 30 days. However, after that, you need to pay an extra amount for saving the video clips on the cloud, or else you will lose any access to the videos.

Some home security camera companies boast over their high video quality of up to 4K, but, in many cases, the top video quality does not offer much help but instead costs you extra bucks. Exceptional video quality is always welcome, but in the case of home security cameras, it is more important to have clear footage that is present in 1080p HD video of Ring Spotlight.

  • Intense spotlight
  • Loud siren
  • Sharp video quality
  • Pre buffering is disabled
  • Viewing video clips requires a subscription

Our verdict

The ring spotlight cam will integrate quite well with your existing Ring products like the Ring doorbell. The camera is priced reasonably, and the easy installation with features like extra battery makes it an appropriate choice. However, if you are not willing to pay extra money for monthly subscriptions, then this home security camera should not be your top pick.

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Nest Cam – A Home Security Camera With Unbeatable Video Quality


  • 3 megapixels lens
  • Motion alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Compatibility with other Nest devices
  • 130 degrees lens

Nest cam has set a reputable position in the market as the successor of Dropcam. The camera comes equipped with the high video quality of 1080p, and what makes it an excellent choice is the sharp and clear night vision. Unlike other home security cameras, Nest cam will not let you down when it comes to video clips recorded at night. The enhanced night vision feature makes the camera capable of recording sharp and high-quality videos.

What’s In The Camera?

The top concern when buying a home security camera is whether it will deliver the expected video quality or not. The case stays with a lot of cameras that are good to look at, but when it comes to video quality, the results are not quite impressive. With Nest Cam, you can leave behind the worries of unclear and blurry video clips. The Nest cam has an excellent 1080p video streaming to offer.

Together with its eight-time zoom and wide-angle lens, the Nest cam gives a tough time to its competitors. The competition stays in terms of undeniably crisp video quality. The successor has been manufactured with enhanced, which means that regardless of what time of day it is, the Nest cam will maintain its video quality. A minor yet impressive detail added to this camera is a set of 8 LED lights that surround the 3-megapixel lens.

Deeper Into The Video Quality

The 1080p footage from the Nest cam is unbeatable, considering that it looks none less than the scene from a movie. The camera records high definition videos with a sharp focus. It comes equipped with a wide vision angle of 130 degrees, which covers the maximum part of the area wherever it is placed.

You can easily zoom in or out into a specific portion of the video through the eight times zoom. Regardless of whether there is light in the room or not, the Nest cam continues to do its job. Thanks to the enhanced night vision. It turns on automatically in the dark and captures the low light area quite well.


Nest cam has been equipped with a different element. The two- way communication, which is rarely found in-home security cameras. Or again, if found, the camera quality is questionable. The two-way communication feature allows you to listen and talk through the camera.

Although the sound quality is quite necessary, you can still take advantage of the feature by checking into your kids by greeting when they come from school or scare away any intruders. Nest thermostat and many other similar Nest products are quite famous and can be found in many households.

If you have a Nest device in the home already, then you are in luck as the Nest cam can be integrated with other Nest devices. For example, the Nest thermostat will automatically turn on the camera to record the events if any smoke is detected in the house.


Nest cam has an overall sleek design, with the camera being supported by a metallic gray stand. The prominent camera eye gives the feeling of being watched continuously. This works quite well in keeping the burglars and robbers at a safe distance from your home.

The Nest cam is well designed in terms of size as the small size makes it convenient for you to keep it anywhere around the house. The stand of the camera is adjustable so you can adjust the angle of the lens on the area you want to stay on high priority.

Installing And Setting It Up!

Nest cam does have not only an unbeatable video quality but also an unmatched installation timing too. The process takes only a few minutes before the camera is ready to watch over your house for you. All you need to do is first download the Nest app, which will take you through a tour of setup. You are then given the option of activating the camera on the app through the QR code found on the backplate on Nest cam.

After connecting it with your home’s Wi-Fi, you will be done by setting up the camera from your phone. The app allows you to control all your Nest devices in one place, so you are just a few taps away from activating all your Nest products. The app is also available on the desktop, where you will be notified both on your phone and laptop by the Nest cam.

  • High-quality night vision
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Two-way audio
  • Easy setup
  • The microphone is not very powerful
  • High bandwidth usage


To sum it up, Nest cam can be labeled as one of the best outdoor cameras on the market. It has viable features and is well-known for its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arlo compatible with Ring?

Both Arlo and Ring have different features, with each home security camera having its pros and cons. The good news is that both Arlo and Ring are compatible with IFTTT.

You can easily make both the devices work together while choosing the camera you need. Besides IFTTT, you can use mobile applications like SmartThings app to bridge the gap between both the cameras.

Does Arlo have a monthly fee?

Arlo has a monthly subscription for each camera. It charges $2.99 on each camera per month and $9.99 on ten cameras for recording the video clips in high definition. If you want to avail of the feature of 4K video recording, then you would have to $1.99 per month on each camera. An optional feature offered by Arlo is the continuous video recording plan that starts $9.99 per month.

The Arlo Smart Plan is charged $2.99 per month in which you can record the video clips on cloud storage and have access to them anytime from anywhere.

Ring vs Arlo: Which is better?

ring vs arlo

When Ring and Arlo are put together a head to head on the same table, Ring seems to take the lead. There are multiple reasons which give Ring a clear-cut edge over the Arlo camera. Although both the camera carries a lot of similarities like wireless camera, connectivity over Wi-Fi, and cellular backup, certain factors set them apart.

Ring offers a broad spectrum of home security options, which is not just bounded to cameras. Arlo, on the other hand, only offers a home surveillance system and has only limited options in home security.

When it comes to video quality, Arlo is better than Ring in terms of sharpness and picture clarity. Arlo offers an HD display and a 2K display that provides a video quality that is more enhanced than the Ring security camera. Ring offers professional monitoring all day long. This feature is not available in the Arlo home security camera.

Ring detects and sends notifications on your phone when the camera detects any motion through the sensor and motion detector. Arlo, in contrast, is equipped with a base station and a camera.

What is the best outdoor security system?

arlo pro vs ring

Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, Ring Cam, and Nest cam each have their distinct features, and each different feature makes it quite challenging to choose the best among all four.

However, in terms of video quality and features like motion sensors, Ring takes the lead among all four. It offers easy installation to users, so you don’t have to go through the long, complicated process. Being wireless, you are saved from the effort of sorting out and putting the different wires together.

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Final words

Home security should be taken into account with great consideration and care. Your investment in the right home security camera serves in protecting the home from any theft or other incidents of similar nature. With a good quality home security camera, you can keep your house well protected.

Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, Ring, and Nest Cam, all four of these home security cameras, are a market competitive, with each having its unique selling points. If it was to choose between Arlo vs Ring, then it is your priority that will help in making the decision. Price, video quality and storage are some of the many factors that you should consider before you finally decide upon which home security camera would best fit your home. It is essential to make the right choice if you want your home security cameras to serve you and your home for an extended time.

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  • I am looking for a good wireless doorbell with no fees.

  • I have never been a tech person but I would say this with surety that Arlo Pro 2 is one of the easiest to set up. It took me only 10 minutes to install it. All you need to do is follow the manual and you’re good to go.

    I also like how the Arlo app is super friendly and allows me to use options on my phone. All in all, I have been very pleased with this outdoor camera.

  • We encounter a plethora of animals on our front porch including fox, deer etc. Therefore, it had become a necessity to install an outdoor camera for safety purposes. Someone told me about Ring outdoor camera and how innovative it is. Trusting on their word, I bought it!

    To my surprise, this cam has been serving me pretty nicely. I can sound an alarm from my phone if need be, I can keep a watch 24/7 and whatnot! So far, I am very much pleased with it and I highly recommend it.

  • I had been using Arlo pro 2 for quite a few months, however, I find its angle of vision a bit less wide. Therefore, I decided to switch to Arlo Pro 3 since it has a wider coverage area. I had no issues setting it up, maybe because I already had an Arlo ecosystem installed. But, I have heard from a friend that Arlo Pro 3 is also quite easy to set up.

    So, if you want a nice upgrade from the Arlo pro2 then this one fits the bill for sure!

  • Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

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