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Are you tired of continuously maintaining your traditional solar panels after every short span? Then you should give Arlo solar panels a try! This amazing solar panel can also solve your security cameras’ battery problem. We understand that it’s too hard to keep maintaining a product that you need almost 24/7.

Furthermore, it is also quite a challenging task to uninstall it then take it to the shop, and what if it needs repairing again? This act can also lead you to break your bank and lessen the security. But not now! Because we have a perfect solution for your problem.

Opt for the Arlo solar panels and get rid of the low battery, maintenance, and other issues. In this article, you will get to know everything about Arlo solar panels to make everything convenient for you. So, let’s dive deeper and get the best Arlo solar panel for your security cameras!

Arlo Solar Panel | Review

Arlo Solar Panel Eventually, every battery dies, especially if you have mounted your security cameras really high. Sometimes, people place them on the second story of your house, in the trees, or somewhere the solar panels are not accessible easily. However, Arlo solar panels are great for getting access and keep your cameras powered for a longer time. Now, let’s check out some of its key features:

Straightforward Design

Arlo Solar Panel comes with a simple design and body. Moreover, it also doesn’t comprise many parts; it only comes with the panel itself and a cable to connect it with the camera. On the other side, it also comes with a magnetic wall mount. This one is a heavy-duty mount and not like the one that comes with low-quality solar panels. Lastly, Arlo solar panels are durable and reliable and so is its mount.

Low-Light Performer

Okay, so, if one side of your house lowers sunlight and the other side is always covered with the shade. Now, you must be thinking that will the Arlo solar panel receive enough power to keep the batteries charged or not? So, the answer is YES! Arlo solar panels can also perform efficiently with lower light. However, in the shady area, it would only need light for just one to two hours.

Quick Charging

Arlo solar panels charge the battery faster even in the lower sunlight. Furthermore, if you mount it in a sunny area, it will charge the camera x2 faster than that. If your Arlo camera is just 50%, the solar panel will only take a day to reach 100%. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Can’t power AC features

Final Words

This solar panel is great for you if you live in a country where the weather is mostly shady. Moreover, you will also not be needed to change the batteries after a month or two. These are durable ones and can work for up to 2 years without any need for maintenance.

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Does Arlo Solar Panel Work?

The Arlo solar panels are a great solution for your outdoor security cameras with low maintenance needed. Arlo solar panels work great and are specifically designed to keep your camera batteries fully charged even with the average sun exposure. There’s one thing that you need to remember that heavy usage of the camera can drain the battery in less time than it will take to recharge it.

●      Do Arlo Cameras Have Solar Panels?

Yes! Arlo Company has crafted different solar panels for different cameras. Each of them works perfectly and gives their best performances even in harsh weather and lower sun exposures. Once you connect the Arlo solar panel with the camera, the battery stays charged for a longer time. Here you go with some of the Arlo solar panels for the cameras.

Arlo Pro 2 Solar Panel | Review

Arlo Pro 2 Solar PanelArlo Pro 2 is an amazing and unique camera, and it would require a striking solar panel. Therefore, Arlo has created a solar panel for Arlo Pro 2 that is only compatible with it and doesn’t work for other cameras like Arlo Ultra and more.

Other than that, Arlo Pro 2 solar panel can charge your camera battery for an extended time. All you have to do is connect your Arlo Pro 2 with the solar panel, and you will never have to charge its battery again. This outstanding solar panel absorbs the sunlight for just a few hours and turns the battery fully charged.

Additionally, it comes with an elegant yet classy design. Another amazing feature of the same solar panel is that it has a weather-resistant body. It can keep your camera charged even in the harsh winters and sunniest days. The solar panel may take one and half days to charge the Arlo Pro 2 camera on days with fewer sun exposures.

  • Adjustable mount
  • Convenient installation
  • Charges less with lower sunlight

Final Words

Arlo Pro 2 solar panel has amazing features and pairs perfectly with its compatible cameras. Apart from that, this set can be a perfect choice for you if you live in a sunny and warm area.

Arlo Pro 3 Solar Panel | Review

Arlo Pro 3 Solar PanelHere you go with another striking solar panel but for Arlo Pro 3. This one is actually a solar panel charger in a small size that you can mount on any side of your house, where you can directly expose it to the sunlight.

Relatively, it comes with a weather-resistant body that can fight callous storms, heavy rains, and snowy weather. Anyhow, people usually face problems with the short cable that doesn’t reach the desired place, so you just mount the camera somewhere near to it.

However, with Arlo Pro 3 solar panel charger, you will not face such problems from now on, as it comes with 8 feet magnetic power cable. This long cord can be taken anywhere you want to place your camera.

  • Snow and Waterproof
  • Elegant design
  • Needs higher sunlight

Final Words

This solar panel is compatible with Arlo Pro 4. Moreover, it is a striking solar panel charger for those who want long cables to mount the cameras in their desired place.

Arlo Ultra Solar Panel | Review

Arlo Ultra Solar PanelFinding solar panels for wireless cameras, including Arlo ultra, is crucial as it is quite challenging to keep their batteries charged. Once you unbox the Arlo ultra-solar panel, you will not find many accessories but the solar panel, 8-foot cable, and metal brackets.

The metal brackets are quite heavier duty and durable. You can just fix the bracket with the solar panel and mount it where it fits conveniently. Also, people usually face problems mounting the solar panels onto the gutter.

Although with this amazing small-sized solar panel and its metal brackets, you can hook it up into the gutter so that the solar panel receives more sunlight.

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Low power production

Final Words

If you’re a person with an Arlo Ultra wireless camera, this one will make the perfect pair with it. You can also opt for it if you find a reliable solar panel for Arlo Ultra to mount on higher places.

Arlo Solar Panel 2-Pack Bundle | Review

Arlo Solar Panel 2-Pack BundleArlo solar panel two-pack bundle is another amazing pair of Arlo camera and solar panel. The box comprises a camera, 6 feet long cable, panel, and panel mounting brackets. Apart from that, you’ll also receive an instruction booklet that will help you a lot with the monitoring and mounting progress.

This is amazing if you’re a beginner, as the installation process is also very easy and convenient. All you have to do is just drill one to two holes on your favorite wall or wherever you want to mount it.

Now, just connect the metal brackets with the panel. Afterward, just fix the cord between the camera and Arlo Ultra solar panel, and you’re done!

  • Weather-resistant
  • Heavy-duty material
  • The cable is short

Final Words

If this is your first time mounting the security cameras and solar panels, then this bundle is really what you need. It has a comprehensive guide that will help you from start to end.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Does Arlo Solar Panel Work With Arlo Pro 2?

Yes, Arlo solar panel works well with Arlo pro 2. In fact, it supplies sufficient power to the camera to keep it charged for a longer time. Furthermore, it also works great in the rain as the body and cable are water-resistant.

2.     Can 1 Arlo Solar Panel Charge 2 Cameras?

No, it is not possible to charge two different Arlo cameras with the same solar panel. You will need to purchase two separate panels for both cameras. However, if you want to charge them at different times, then it is possible by transferring the cable from one another. So, it would keep your cameras charged.

3.     Does Arlo Solar Panel Need Direct Sunlight?

It would be great to place your Arlo solar panels in a good outdoor location, as it charges x2 faster in direct sunlight. Anyhow, the Arlo solar panel doesn’t need to receive direct sunlight because it also performs amazingly with lower sun exposure.

4.     What Solar Panel Works With Arlo Pro 2?

The Arlo Pro 2 is a robust and multi-featured security camera; therefore, the Arlo certified Accessory solar panel is compatible with Arlo Pro 2. Both of them are elegantly designed and crafted for longer battery timing.

5.     How To Connect a Solar Panel To Arlo Pro 2?

To connect your Arlo Pro 2 with the solar panel, firstly, secure brackets and solar panel on the wall with the help of screws. Now, connect one end of the cable with the solar panel and the other with Arlo Pro 2 camera, and it’s done!

6.     How To Set Up Arlo Solar Panels?

You can follow these steps to set up Arlo solar panel:

  • Secure the mount on the wall, gutter, fence, or anywhere the solar panel receives strong and robust sunlight.
  • Fix the solar panel with the mounting brackets, and adjust the panel’s angle on the mount for your latitude.
  • Ensure that the camera’s battery is charged as the Arlo solar panel is designed to keep the battery charged, not to charge it from low to full.
  • Lastly, connect the cable with Arlo solar panel and camera.

7.     What To Do If My Arlo Solar Panel Is Not Charging?

First of all, try unplugging and reinserting the solar panel charging cable. Make sure to squeeze the sides of the cable when you unplug and reinsert it. Furthermore, check out if the battery is inserted in the camera or not, as the Arlo solar panel charges the battery. It will not power the camera if there’s no battery inserted.

8.     How Long Is The Cable Of Arlo Solar Panels?

Arlo solar panel has an 8 feet long magnetic and weather-resistant power cable that connects the security camera with the solar panel.

9.     What Is The Wattage Of The Arlo Solar Panel?

The Arlo solar panel is crafted with 2 watts as it provides year-round tickle battering charging, so your Arlo camera stays charged.

10. How Many mAh Does The Arlo Solar Panel Have?

As Arlo solar panel is a panel itself and doesn’t require any battery; therefore, there is no mAh in it. Also, Arlo security cameras have batteries with an average of 7.2 volts and 3660 mAh.

11. What Is The Arlo Pro 2 Solar Panel Capacity?

Arlo Pro 2 is a camera with strong and robust battery life. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, which can deliver enough power for 365 days straight.

12. Can You Use Solar Panel Vma4600 With Arlo Pro 2?

Yes, VMA4600 is compatible with Arlo Pro 2, and not only with Pro 2, but it also performs perfectly with Arlo Go and Pro cameras. Moreover, it will deliver endless power to the Arlo Pro 2 without taking the battery down for the charge.

13. How To Point A Solar Panel For Arlo?

To point at an Arlo solar panel, make sure to choose an area with plenty of sun exposure. Make sure to avoid the spots that stay in the shade for a significant portion of the day. When you mount the solar panel, ensure that it faces the North in the southern hemisphere or South in the northern hemisphere.

14. Does The Arlo Solar Panel Charge The Battery When The Camera Is Off?

The main responsibility of the Arlo solar panel is to keep the camera batteries charged and not charge it from 0% to 100%. So, make sure that the camera is charged when you purchase it.

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Arlo Solar Panel | Alternatives

iTODOS 3 Pack Solar Panel

iTODOS 3 Pack Solar PanelIf you want to mount your camera on a long-distance, iTODOS can be a perfect choice. This amazing and high-quality solar panel comes with a switch control that assists in maintaining the charging schedule because the charging schedule is necessary to consider if you don’t want to overcharge your camera’s battery.

Anyhow, the iTODOS 3 pack solar panel comes with an elegant and durable design, which offers easy mounting and high efficiency. Other than that, these three features are at the top of the list in dragging the customers towards it. Additionally, this device is great to go with the camera Arlo Pro 2 and gives exceptional backup.

Apart from that, if you are interested in a budget-friendly alternative to Arlo solar panel then, this one should perfectly fit your choice. Moreover, if you are going to mount 3 Arlo cameras for the security system, then this device can help you out as it comes with three elegant solar panels. Impressive, right?

  • Long power cable
  • Convenient installation
  • Only compatible with Arlo Pro 2

Wasserstein Solar Panel For Arlo

Wasserstein Solar Panel For ArloThis one is the cheapest alternative that is compatible with Arlo solar panels. Also, it has versatile mounting options with its simplistic design. At the same time, if you compare Wasserstein and Arlo solar panel prices, then Wasserstein will always be the winner!

This exceptional solar panel covers all the specifications and features that an Arlo solar panel offers. Don’t you think it’s great?

Other than that, the most advantageous feature of this solar panel is that it is compatible with any of the Arlo surveillance cameras. Furthermore, its versatile mounting options enable easy installation. Lastly, it delivers a sufficient amount of power and support for several days.

  • No maintenance
  • Easy to mount
  • Limited lifespan

Arlo Certified Accessory | Solar Panel

arlo solar panelArlo Certified Accessory can be the perfect alternative to Arlo solar panel. It comes with the same body design as the Arlo solar panel that delivers the maximum power to the camera. Additionally, it can also be a cost-effective solution for you.

Other than that, the Arlo certified accessory solar panel has an eight-meter long magnetic power cable that allows you to view the camera from a distance. However, the power cable of the Arlo solar panel is only six meters, and comparatively, it doesn’t enable an expansion of the camera distance from the panel.

Apart from all of this, many customers have found this product better than the Arlo solar panel as it can deliver enough energy even on cloudy days. You can conveniently rely on the compatibility of this amazing solar panel.

  • Reasonable price
  • Durable
  • Only compatible with Arlo Ultra and Pro 3

What Is The Best Solar Panel For Arlo Pro 2?

arlo pro solar panelIf you guys are looking for the best solar panel for Arlo Pro 2, then what’s better than an Arlo Certified Accessory compatible with Arlo Pro 2. This solar panel is Arlo certified and can be purchased at an affordable price. Not only it offers a reasonable price, but it also comes with a highly efficient solar panel, which can charge the camera battery in a short span for a longer time.

Anyhow, the dimension of the product is 4.53×7.91×0.87 inches, which defines its portability. Besides, the most amazing part is that Arlo Certified Accessory for Arlo Pro 2 comprised high-quality materials in its lightweight body. So, you can also take it anywhere with you.

  • Quick charging
  • Premium-quality material
  • No issues found

The Best Solar Panel To Use With Arlo Pro Camera | Overall

arlo pro solar panelAfter all the research, the product we have found that can be counted in the overall best is Arlo certified accessory with its both versions, which is compatible with pro & pro 2. However, the second one goes perfectly with ultra & pro 3.

The first thing that you should consider for a solar panel is that it performs outdoors greatly, and Arlo certified has this quality to perform outdoors even with the lower sunlight. It is durable and comes with an easy structure for installation. Moreover, it is also a weatherproof solar panel. Briefly, it has almost all the amazing features that a good solar panel must-have.

Wrapping Up

Summing up, Arlo solar panels are a great choice if you want durability, portability, and longer battery life. So, that was all about the Arlo solar panels and what panel can go with any specific camera. Hopefully, it was easy to understand; furthermore, please contact us if you have any queries!

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  • How can I connect the charger with the camera?

    • You’ll receive a long cable with the pack of Arlo solar panels that are supposed to be connected with the solar panel every time. So, you will just need to fix it in the charging jack of the camera, and it will start charging.

  • Do Arlo solar panels work with Arlo Pro 4?

    • The Arlo solar panel works perfectly with the Arlo cameras and other products. This is because; it connects right into the charging jack of the camera. Moreover, the best part is that all the Arlo cameras and solar panels have the same charger connector. Therefore, it also works perfectly with the Arlo Pro 4.

  • Does it really сharge the camera battery or just keep it powered when absorbing the sunlight?

    • Definitely! It charges the camera battery, but it is not designed specifically for this. The point you have mentioned is right. Arlo solar panels keep the camera batteries charged for life long while absorbing sunlight. However, it also charges the battery from average to high but makes sure that the camera battery doesn’t get to 0%.

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