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3 Best Apeman Dash Cam - Which is better?

Comparison of the 3 Best Apeman Dash Cam

Apeman dash cam

The Apeman Dash Cam is a handy device that attaches to your windshield and records everything in front of you. Apeman is a company that specializes in making dash cams. This guide will go over all of the necessary questions with product reviews and useful tips for those who want to buy an Apeman Dash Cam. The article will answer common questions about how to use a dash cam or what dash cam features exist on different models. You’ll also find out where you can purchase this popular brand of camera equipment!

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How is Apeman Dash Cam?

As seen on Shark Tank, Apeman Dash Cam is the newest in dash cam technology. It measures 21 inches and fits seamlessly onto your windshield without interference with your view while driving. The lighting is perfect for difficult light conditions or nighttime driving so you can see all your surroundings clearly at any time of day. Apeman Dash Cam comes preloaded with a 4 GB MicroSD card that will last up to three hours before it needs to be replaced! You never have to pack an extra memory card again when traveling! To make things safer, this product also has a built-in G sensor. If you get into an accident or experience some kind of sudden impact, next thing you know there’s video evidence of what really happened! Pretty cool huh :))

The Apeman Dash Cam is a very solid, reliable camera. The pictures are vivid and clear in most conditions with minimal distortion at high speeds. It also has built-in WiFi which can be used to view footage from the dash cam on your phone or computer as long as it’s within range of WiFi signal. Pricing is average for a nice product like this one, but there are many other features that make it worth checking out!

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Apeman dash cam C420 Review

apeman dash cam c420The Apeman dash cam C420 is here to help you stay safe on the roads. At an affordable price of $50, this camera has a number of awesome features such as backup protection, locked file protection recovery, speed notifications, and more! With its Sony sensor resolution there’s no denying this device will last for years down the road. Best of all, it works just fine in low-light conditions so you can rest easy knowing that your recordings are clear even at night! Whether you’re looking for something small or budget-friendly, don’t look any further than our Apeman c420!

What we like:  

  • Easy installation
  • High-quality Full HD 1080P
  • Camera equipped with F1.8 large aperture
  • Advanced G-sensor: it will automatically detect car vibration or collision and start recording.
  • The file will automatically be locked as evidence.

What we don’t like: 

  • Camera can only be installed and then left to run for 24 hours a day without any chance of turning off
  • The instructions leave some questions, but they are not critical as it is straightforward to use.

Our verdict

It should be noted that this is a high-quality product. It comes with more features than cheaper alternatives and has an advance G-sensor that will record automatically when car vibration or collision detected. The only downside to the Apeman Dash Cam Epic Guide would be the camera can only be installed and left running 24 hours a day without turning off, which might not suit all.

Apeman Dash Cam C450 Review

apeman dash cam c450It’s finally not just you and your word against a crazy driver’s! The Apeman dash cam C450 captures everything on video, from the great scenery to that squirrel running around in front of you. It has awesome features like auto-lock when it detects that you’ve been in an accident. With its many features, this is the perfect kit to add some peace of mind. You only need to add an SD card and install it.

The Apeman dash cam C450 records in 1080P FullHD quality. You’ll love the way this device is designed with a sleek, compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to store in your vehicle without adding too much clutter. The camera has an ultra-wide 170-degree angle lens so you can see more around the car. There are two viewing angles to choose from; one for left or right-hand drive vehicles (as well as any East Asian models). The other option offers a broader view of what’s going on behind your car which could be helpful if there is someone following closely. It also includes parking surveillance mode where recording starts automatically when motion is detected and stops after 30 seconds of no movement, preserving storage space only at the expense of those driving moments that really matter to you.

But watch out because this camera doesn’t have sound or display capabilities like many models Apeman offer which could be frustrating for some drivers looking to provide evidence in road rage incidents.

What we like:  

  • Easy to set up and use
  • 1080P FullHD/30fps and night vision
  • 170° wide angle
  • Built-in G-sensor

What we don’t like: 

  • Suction cup is not reliable or safe enough
  • Battery life isn’t great when using parking surveillance mode
  • This model has no audio playback or display capability

Our verdict:

It’s a low-cost way to catch the other guy should anything happen on the road. This camera mounts in seconds and records stunning FullHD footage. It’s a good buy, but will only work for some people.

Apeman 1440p&1080p Dual Dash Cam Review

apeman 1440p&1080p dual dash camThis dual dash cam from Apeman has a lot of great features for you and your vehicle. The device has 2 Sony sensors that capturing the best video quality in 1440p and 1080p at 60 frames per second, front and rear cameras with a 3-inch touch screen display. With a built-in audio microphone and GPS which tracks a speed of up to 240km/h, don’t be surprised if you’re seeing spots on the road too! Ultra-powerful 300mAh battery can run 24 hours without needing a charge – perfect for those long trips or all day at work. Never miss what’s going on because you’re running late ever again!

Your car will be ready for that anything to come because it is fitted with built-in GPS speed tracking so simple access videos via the smartphone app make sense – especially since there’s built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity.

It also comes with a built-in audio microphone: never worry about not being able to hear anything over the noise of car traffic again! And what really makes Apeman stand out among other competitors is its 18 months warranty: the longest on the market.

Video quality is an important factor to consider when choosing a dash cam for your vehicle–but not just because you want it to be good enough to capture accidents or other road incidents! It’s also worth considering because of how much video footage will need saving, and if storage space is limited in your vehicle.

What we like:

  • 2.5K Front Touchscreen Dash Cam
  • Front and Rear Camera for Cars with 3 Inch Touch Screen
  • Dual Sony sensors
  • Built-in audio microphone
  • Built-in WIFI GPS and Speed Tracking: easy to access videos with phone App
  • Built-in 300mAh battery can support 24 hours parking mode
  • 18 months worry-free support service

What we don’t like: 

  • The application is quite slow. It should be improved to make it more receptive
  • Parking monitor has to be manually started/turned off each time
  • SD-card is not included

Only supports 32GB Micro SD Card (not included)

Our verdict:

This is a great dash cam, with features that are on par with some of the most expensive models. It has everything you need to capture video footage without breaking your budget. This camera’s front touch screen makes it really easy to use, and its built-in WIFI allows for seamless sharing of videos when needed–and all from an app! We would recommend this model to anyone who wants advanced recording capabilities at a reasonable price point.

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apeman dash cam review

Apeman Dash Cam: Installation

The camera comes with a suction mount for mounting to your windshield.

This is the most popular way of installing dash cams, but it’s not the only option! You could also choose to use adhesive mounts or even simply stick this onto any flat surface in your vehicle by using its magnetic backing.

How to mount Apeman dash cam?

To mount Apeman dashcam, first, you need to find the best place for your dashboard cam. Some people have it on their windshield while others prefer mounting it in an angle that captures more of what is happening behind them or even underneath their vehicle where they are less likely to have a blind spot.

The next thing you need to do is get a suction cup mount for your camera from the kit (you can use any type of adhesive). The mounts are generally small, circular discs with an area that attaches either to the dashboard or windshield depending on where it needs to be mounted. Once this has been done, you should be able to install your dash cam.

Next, you need to connect the camera to the power cable and go through the setup process to get it all set up. You will want to make sure you take note of your password, which you’ll need for future access when changing settings and viewing saved videos or pictures.

What do SD cards work in an Apeman dash cam?

The Apeman Dash Cam is compatible with SD cards up to 128GB in size. The maximum data rate for this camera is 40Mbps (or about 1000 minutes of recording time).

The SD-cards to use in an Apeman dash cam are typically AHCI cards, which have a high data transfer rate. If you don’t know what type of card your Dash Cam is compatible with, the manufacturer will usually list it somewhere on their website.

How to get Apeman dash cam to playback?

Users are able to view videos or pictures saved on the device by clicking “Playback” in Apeman Dash Cam’s main menu. The camera will not automatically begin playback when you select a video, but it should start playing back once you click on them.

How do I charge my Apeman C450 dash cam?

The Apeman c450 dash cam includes a car charger for use with an outlet or cigarette lighter. It can also be charged by USB, which is compatible with most computers and the included wall adapter.

How to format SD-card for Apeman dash cam?

-Connect your camera and sync before proceeding with formatting

-Select “Playback” from the main menu

-Navigate to “My Recordings”, then select the “Format SD Card” option

-Press OK and then follow on-screen instructions.

Apeman dash cam recorded automatically?

No, the Apeman Dash Cam records only when you’re driving. It automatically pauses when you turn off your engine to save memory.

How to start recording?

Press the red button to start recording or stop.

How to keep Apeman C580 dash cam on all the time?

-Navigate to “Settings” from the main menu

-Select “Video Recording Settings” then select “Always on while the Car engine is in operation”

The manual says that the Apeman Dash Cam automatically pauses when the car engine is turned off.

How to install Apeman dash cam, front, and rear camera FHD 1080p?

-The rear camera is a wireless unit, so you just need to plug the car power for it. The front camera needs cables for both video and power connections.

-Find an appropriate place for the rear camera, such as on your license plate or bumper. The front camera can be placed inside of your car where it has a wide field of view from all angles (you may need to use adhesive materials). Place each camera facing outward towards the driver side window, ensuring they are able to see at least seventy-five percent of what is visible outside the vehicle; this will allow you to see more accurately any potential accidents occurring around you when driving. If necessary, you can use a car charger to power the cameras.

-Use the included screws and bolts for installation. Use your hands or pliers to tighten them as much as possible. Make sure that all electronics are securely mounted before driving anywhere (or at least test it out).

-Please note: these dash cams require an SD card

Tips: Use high-quality USB extension cables with heat protection for wiring runs near hot engine or exhaust components. This is because some dash cams can overheat due to insufficient airflow around them, which can lead to premature failure of the parts inside.

How do I connect my Android phone to the Apeman C770 Dash Cam WiFi?

-First, make sure the WiFi is switched on. Press and hold the power button for about two seconds to turn off then back on.

-Open your phone’s Settings app and select Wi-Fi settings (or you can use your device’s search function). Choose ‘Apeman C770’ network from the list of available wireless networks.

-Type in the password that was given to you by Apeman and press ‘Connect’. You should now have a Wi-Fi connection with your dash cam!

How to view footage on Apeman dash cam?

-To access the Apeman dash cam footage, you can either download it to your phone or view it in real-time.

-For downloading, open up the Camera360 app on your Android and tap ‘Apeman’. You will see a list of files containing all your videos saved from previous sessions with timestamp dates next to them.

How to set loop on Apeman dash cam?

-To set loop, open the Apeman cam app on your phone and scroll down to ‘Loop Recording’. You can choose if you want it on or off with two lines next to it.

How to download video from Apeman dash cam?

-To download videos, open Camera360 on your phone and find a file with “Apeman” in the name. This will contain all of your online video data.

-Tap on the video you want and select either save or share it.

How to replace the battery in an Apeman dash cam?

-To replace the battery, unscrew the bottom of your dash cam.

-Remove the old or dead battery with a screwdriver and put in new one by inserting it until you hear a click.

Do not forget to tighten up all screws before continuing on your journey.

How to download from Apeman dash cam 1080p to computer?

-To download videos from your dash cam, you will first need to connect the camera to a computer with an USB cable.

-Open up Windows Explorer or Finder and find Apeman Dash Cam folder

-Inside this folder is where all of your files are located.

-Select the video that you would like to transfer over by clicking on it once, then drag and drop them into the location that you want them in on your desktop.


apeman dash cam 1080p

Why does my Apeman dashcam keep turning off?

There are a few reasons why your Apeman Dash Cam might turn off. Your power cable might not be plugged in, the memory card may be full, or you have reached the upper-temperature limit of 75 degrees Celsius and need to let it cool down before use again. If none of these points apply to your situation, you should contact Apeman technical support.

Apeman Dash Cam: Why does the screen go black on my phone?

If your phone screen goes black, it might be because you are viewing the video on a different device. In order to view the streaming videos from your Apeman dash cam on your phone or computer, make sure that both devices have a high-speed internet connection and are logged in to the same Wi-Fi network.

Apeman C450 dash cam: How to lock recording?

To lock the recording, press and hold the power button for at least two seconds.

Why does my Apeman dash cam keep telling me to format the card?

The Apeman dash cam will keep telling you to format the card when it cannot write data onto your memory card. This is a common issue with many of these cameras and can be resolved by formatting the memory card in the camera or using an SD Card Formatter.

Another possible problem is if you can’t unlock files on an SD card: Change the file name.

How to delete film from Apeman dash cam?

Open the app and select “My Videos” Select the video or videos that you would like to delete Tap on “Delete” in order to remove them from the app.

Also, you can delete the film from your Apeman dash cam by deleting it off of your camera. To do this, press and hold “format” on the screen that comes up and then select “delete”.

Why are Dashcams illegal?

The legality of dashcams depends on the jurisdiction and is often difficult for people outside the area to understand local rules and regulations well enough to know which cameras can be used legally. For example, it may be illegal only because a person didn’t have permission from their property owner?

However, as we’ve seen with many mainstream options including Apeman Dash Cam, sometimes these devices serve purposes beyond just providing evidence in an accident. The more popular use seems to be related specifically to surveillance footage like security cams do at home or at work.

Dashcams are illegal in some states. In order to find out if they’re legal where you live, there’s no better place than the DMV website or another government site that explains state laws.

Apeman dash cam manual

The Apeman Dash Cam manual is accessible through the device’s built-in menu. You can find it by going to Settings > System > Manual and following from there.

For your convenience, I have posted here a manual for the most popular model: Apeman instruction

Is Apeman a Good Dash Cam?

Apeman Dash Cam is a great dash cam for the price. It has nice video recording quality, good build and design aesthetics, wide FOV lens, discreet form factor (not too large), and many other features like looping videos that make it really stand out in its class of low-cost dash cams. The only real downside we found was its proprietary software which can be difficult to use at times; however, this could easily be overlooked since you can always just download the footage directly on your computer once plugged into your device’s USB port or SD card slot.

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