Zmodo Security Camera – 7 Best Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

ZMODO is among leading e-commerce companies that have developed into one of the main marketplaces in the video surveillance business. In addition to excellent customer services, Zmodo also offers fast shipping.


Comparison Chart 7 Best Zmodo Security Camera

ProductCustomer RatingResolution 
Zmodo Sight 180C
1080p Full HD
Zmodo Sight 180
1080p Full HD
Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA
720p HD
Zmodo Wireless Security Camera
1080p Full HD
Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System (4 Pack)
720p HD
Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
HD 1080p
Zmodo Greet HD Wireless Video Doorbell
1080p Full HD


Zmodo security cameras can be classified according to their shape, appearance, and characteristics, such as dome type, cube type, bullet type, among others. Each camera can be used in any particular situation, to provide users with a special solution for their need or requirement.

Security cameras according to their use:

External or outdoor Cameras

There are surveillance cameras with greater weather resistance such as metal bullet cameras, PTZ dome cameras (which has movement).

TPZ Type: Due to the operation and design of these cameras they turn out to be the most technologically advanced because they can focus on different angles thanks to their axes of movement, which also have a powerful zoom, long-distance night vision, and an Excellent quality image.

Bullet Type: These cameras are characterized by having a greater night vision capacity, and turn out to be more resistant outdoors because they have a metal housing that protects them.

Internal or Indoor Use Cameras

These cameras are special security and indoor installation, which usually are not resistant to water, such as cameras dome, cube, robotic motion, etc.

Dome Type: This class of cameras are manual; this means that each user can graduate with their own hands the angles of these devices. Its installation is characterized by being simple and fast, it has night vision and they are the most affordable on the market.

Cube Type: These cameras stand out for being the easy ones to install because they have a base that does not require modifications to the surface where they are needed. It also transmits IP video on the network without using a DVR device or computer and has a wireless connection.

House Doorbell Cameras

At home, security is the most important, so it is advisable to have security cameras that help us control the home and take care of our family. With one of these bells with a built-in camera, you can always see who is at your door and feel more secure.


3 Top Indoor Cameras

1. Zmodo Sight 180 C – Best Camera for Home Surveillance

zmodo security camera

Key Features
  • Fully HD 1080 pixels display
  • Capable to go 180 degrees
  • Zmodo application installed
  • Flexible motion region
  • Works equally good at night
  • Cloud servicing enabled

A secure home is a great blessing indeed. Do not waste your time and secure your home with a Full-Duplex 2-Ways Audio, Customizable movement Detection Area, High-Definition 1080 pixel resolution and 180 degrees of view; you would not miss any moment of your home.

With Zmodo Application, you have the real-time vision of camera distantly at any time, & receive security alerts via short video clips when motion is detected.

Package Includes Zmodo Sight 180 C Home Surveillance Camera with 1080 pixels, Power Supplying kit, Installation Tools: and Quick system Guide.

  • Straightforward installation process
  • Different connectivity options available
  • High-resolution features (High definition)
  • Simple to handle and configure
  • Connectivity issues reported by some users
  • Occasional Problems of Complex configuration
  • Poor Android application (malfunctions)
  • Instructions unavailable in some languages
  • High price as compared to services

2. Zmodo Sight 180 with 2 ways audio

zmodo wireless security cameraKey features:
  • Flexible installation
  • 180-degree world angle
  • Carriers of IF design award 2017
  • Full-duplex 2-way audio
  • Cloud service and guarantee
  • Alexa enabled device
  • Adjustable motion detection area

If you are looking for something incredible then you are in the right place. This unique camera is precisely made in a discrete makeup: the horizontal, circular camera with 180 degrees wide angle is entirely separated from the bracket. It gives more suppleness to spin the camera lens as per liking.

The 180-degree screening angle by means of 1080p H D resolution gives a comprehensive visualization of each corner at home.

You can’t just get a precise push alarm in a video clip when motion is detected. You can also adjust the motion detection area as you wish to protect privacy. By means of 2-way audio, you can hear and talk to your pets and family at the same time, wherever you are. There is also an anti-noise microphone and loudspeaker to make listening easier.

You can test the 24-hour recording on the cloud for 30 days free of charge. You can edit, share or download the recordings from anywhere. All data is protected by 256-bit encryption at the bank level. 30-day return policy: 2-year warranty within various regions and technical support.

  • High-resolution features (High definition)
  • Diverse connectivity options available
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Connectivity problems occasionally reported
  • Occasional Problems of Complex configuration
  • Poor Android app (sometimes malfunctions)

All Smart Wireless IP cameras

3. Zmodo 720P HD WiFi indoor surveillance camera

Key features:
  • Wireless IP security camera
  • Real 720p image quality and world angle
  • Easy and fast setup
  • 2-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Now cloud service available free

With this marvelous camera, you can see crystal clear and detailed images with this high-resolution camera. With an angle of 115 °, you can capture an entire room with one camera without having to pan or tilt it.

Connect the wireless security camera to power, download the free Funlux / Zmodo APPLICATION, and add the device within minutes. Then you can watch the live video anywhere on your cell phone, tablet and PC somewhere through a 3G / 4G network.

With the ZMODO IP camera, you can talk and listen to each other with loved ones through the built-in speaker and microphone. It is also possible to share the device with family and friends, take photos and videos to keep fond memories.

You will be notified via the app when a movement is recognized as dangerous. Set the motion detection area and notification time via the ZMODO app so that you can concentrate on what is important.

All users are entitled to a 1-month free cloud of our 7-day cloud recording plan. Cloud service does not require a subscription or credit card credentials. With the plan, you can review, save, and share your videos at any time, and reduce false alerts through cloud intelligence.

  • Various connection options
  • Easy installation
  • High resolution
  • Complex configuration
  • Poor software app
  • High price
  • instructions missing (in some languages)

3 Top outdoor Cameras

1. 1080p Full HD – Get a crystal clear Full HD picture from your home, anytime, anywhere

zmodo security camera review

Key features:
  • 30m forbearance
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi network signal
  • 2-year warranty

Bringing security to new horizons; with these Zmodo security cameras, you can see up to 30m in the dark. With the night vision monitoring, you can switch the sensitivity of your night vision on, off or adjust.

This security camera supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, reducing connection time and simplifying the setup process.

Motion detectors on your phone – Receive notifications of motion video clips on your phone when something is detected at home. Set your alarm schedules with Home / Away / Sleep modes, motion detection zones and more.

We offer a 2-year warranty on every Zmodo product, we can arrange for a replacement or refund for any problem with our camera, for technical support you can contact us through telephone or other available means.

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy installation
  • various connection options
  • High resolution
  • good foresight at night
  • 24 IR LEDs
  • VGA connection
  • No integrated hard drive
  • Complex configuration
  • High price

All Smart Wireless IP cameras

2. Zmodo wireless security Cam (4 Sets)

zmodo wireless security camera system

Key features
  • Camera, NVR, cable all in one
  • 720p Pixel cameras with night vision
  • 1 power and video cable per camera
  • User-friendly simple setup,

Nothing could add more security than these cameras. This second generation of Zmodo’s PoE surveillance camera system includes 4 IP65 outdoor unit cameras, a 4-channel network video recorder, and 4 cables. The sPoE technology allows you to connect any camera to NVR with only 1 network cable.

The supplied cables are micro-USB connector at the front end can ensure cables through walls and protects connections from rain easily; and standard RJ45 connector to the backend, so you can extend the cable with the standard CAT5E network cable.

The included cameras have 1,000,000 pixels each totaling 4 megapixels to give you crystal clear video in real-time. Even in pure darkness, the cameras can see as far as 25 meters. The system is designed overall a system for all. Free MeShare/Zsight iOS and Android app allow you to view the setup of the system in minutes, from anywhere at any time.

The pre-installed 1 TB hard drive allows you to record 4 cameras for up to 50 days with Zmodo’s latest Intelligent Recording Technology.

  • Good foresight at night
  • 24 IR LRDs per Camera
  • Weatherproof
  • Trouble-free installation
  • various connection options
  • High resolution
  • Complex configuration
  • Poor software app
  • High price camera

3. Zmodo 1080p camera Fully HD

Key features:
  • Attractive White Colour
  • Full high definition features
  • Dual-band WiFi network signal
  • 30m forbearance
  • 2-year warranty

This is something you should not miss. With this Zmodo inspection camera, you can observe up to 30m in the dark. With the night image setting, you can control the sensitivity of your night vision.

It is a great product that gives a clear Hi-Definition picture from your home, anytime, anywhere. This protection cam supports 2.4 GigaHertz and 5 GigaHertz network, reducing connection time and simplifying the setup process.

Motion detectors on your mobile phone – Receive alerts of motion videos clip on your phone when something is detected at home. Sets the alarm schedule with Home, Away and Sleep modes,

We are offering a 2-year warranty on every Zmodo product, we can arrange for a replacement or refund for any problem with our camera, for technical support you can contact us through telephone or live-chatting features.

  • Weatherproof at 14-122F
  • A variety of connection options
  • High resolution
  • Great surveillance at night
  • High price as compared to features
  • Complex configuration
  • Poor software application
  • No instructions in some languages
  • Complex installation process

Security Doorbell

Zmodo 1080P WiFi Smart Wireless Remote Visual Ring Doorbell

zmodo 720p hd wifi wireless smart security camera 250

Key features
  • Works with HD Video
  • Voice Intercom Camera
  • Alexa assistant compatible
  • Google Assistant compatibility

It operates by means of video and voice intercom to illuminate & send the announcement to Wi-Fi devices when the doorbell is pressed or motion detected, allowing you to hear and speak to visitors during a conversation in both ways.

It is equipped with Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. It also enables you to speak and hear the visitors from your mobile phone, tablet or PC; Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac & Windows 10 devices.

Keep an eye on your house in 1080 High-Definition video with infrared night vision: sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or visitors press the doorbell.

Let you check your belongings at any time with real-time Videos. Connectivity – 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connection, the warning sign is high-quality, the doorbell pushes quickly.

Anti-theft protection for life: if the doorbell is stolen, we will restore it for free: built-in HQ lithium battery, long wait, standby time greater than 8 months

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy installation
  • Good foresight at night
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Don’t look like a camera
  • No integrated hard drive
  • Complex configuration

All Smart Wireless IP cameras

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to set up Zmodo security camera?

Video Settings

On-Screen Display (OSD)/ Screen Format control open ‘’Display Settings’’. The maximum number of characters is 16.

Put a checkmark inside the box on the right and the title will be set on the screen. [Time format] the user can select whether or not to set the time format.

The date and time and you can also choose the format of this information. It is recommended that you leave it at what comes by default.

After changing the date and time, click [Submit] and the [Submit] will take effect.

Video encoding settings

[Video Quality] – The user can choose the image quality:

“Best”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Common” and “Not Good “(not good).

Stream Type

There are two types of video transmission:

CBR (Two types: The two options are CBR (constant bit transmission) and VBR (variable bit transmission). Image quality will be better with “CBR”.

[Resolution] – The image resolution can be adjusted. “Main Stream”= VGA= (640×480=307200 pixels), “Sub Stream”= QVGA=(320×240=76800).

[Frame rate] – You can change the number of frames per second. Images per second that are recorded. If the user’s local network does not work very well, the user can download the number of images per second to that the video transmission is more stable.

After finishing the changes, click [Submit]. The settings will have effective immediately.

Video Shield Configuration

It is possible to change the Video Shield area by clicking on the image and going away with the button of the mouse still pressed. If you right-click and do the same, the area you just created.

You can hide the whole image or just a part of it. You can hide up to four areas of the image.

After finishing the changes, click [Submit]. The settings will be effective immediately.

Wired Connection Settings

[DHCP] – If the router allows the user to use the “DHCP” function, select “DHCP” to locate an IP address that is no longer being used in the router. After the camera is configured and can be viewed on the Internet. It is recommended that “DHCP” be left disabled.

[IP Address] – The wired IP address is entered in this section.

[Subnet mask] – Default: (Not recommended)

[Gateway] – The gateway must be set to this section. For example, if the camera accesses a public network through the router, the gateway has to be the same as the router gateway.

[MAC] – the MAC address of the IP Camera (It is not recommended to change the address of the IP Camera MAC)

[DNS address] – If the user has a DDNS account, the address of the DNS has to be equal to that of the place to which the device is assigned in the DDNS account.

After finishing the changes, click [Submit]. The settings will have effect immediately.

Wireless Connection Settings

Whether to use Wi-Fi Select this box to activate the function of the camera’s Wifi.

Whether to use DHCP If “DHCP” is enabled on the router, select this box and the IP Camera will get an IP address automatically of the router.

[IP Address] – The wireless IP address of the router can be changed.

[Subnet mask] – By default: (Not applicable).

[Gateway] – The gateway must be set to this section. For example, if the camera accesses a public network through the router, the gateway has to be the same as the router gateway.

[MAC] The MAC address of the IP Camera (It is not recommended to change the address of the IP Camera.

After finishing the changes, click [Submit].

Hotspot Configuration

To activate Wi-Fi, the camera will automatically search for wireless networks in the area. When the camera finds a wireless network, you can see the following information in the list: the name of the router, the signal strength and the type of encryption. Click in “add hotspot” (add “hotspot”) or you can double-click on a “hotspot” to open “Wi-Fi Hotspot Setting”.

If you entered this screen by double-clicking on an existing hotspot, the “hotspot” will be assigned to the camera automatically.

If you entered the page by clicking on “Add hotspot”, you have to type the “SSID”, “the corresponding encryption type and the network password.

Now, click [Establish Connection] to establish a connection to the wireless network. A message will appear saying I’ve succeeded or failed.

If you connected correctly, “Connected” will appear after the name of the “hotspot”; if not, click on “Refresh” to update the connection status or you can click on “Refresh” to search for available wireless networks again.

After saving all changes, click [Exit] and the changes will have effect immediately.

Now, you can disconnect the ethernet cable and access the IP camera.

Email Settings

In this section, you can configure the email function and the related parameters.

[SMTP Server] – this is the address of the SMTP server.

[Email sender] – this address changes depending on the email provider.

For example, Gmail’s SMTP server is ‘’.

[E-mail receiving address][E-mail sending address][SMTP password][E-mail title][SMTP Port] for example, Gmail’s SMTP port is 465 and “SSL” has to be.

After configuring all parameters, click on [Submit] and you will be will save the changes immediately.

Arlo vs Ring – Which is Better?

How to mount outdoor Zmodo security camera? Where to place?

Set up a camera approximately 8-10 ft above the ground.

Do not point a camera towards the sun.

Make a decision about whether the cameras are observable or concealed.

Guard the cameras from the elements as they have ample weather

How to connect Zmodo wireless security camera?

Installation and connection

During installation, please pay attention to the following:

  1. Check that you received all components that appear on the list that comes with the package.
  2. Before installing the system, please read this manual carefully.
  3. When installing the IP camera, make sure that it is not connected to the IP camera.
  4. Look at the voltage of the current source to prevent this from happening. The correct voltage is 12V DC and 1.5A.

Installation Environment: It is not recommended that cameras be installed in a very humid area, with high temperatures or with drastic changes in temperature. Also, make sure that the site where you are going to install the cameras have good ventilation. The camera should also not be installed in an area that is subject to violent vibrations.

Camera Connection

Local network configuration

1: Connect the camera to an open port on the router with an ethernet cable.

2: Then, connect the power adapter to the IP camera so that it is connected to the router. Turn on.

3: Now go to and download the program. Called “IPCSearch.”

When you first log in to view the cameras using Internet Explorer, you need to change the security level of the ActiveX controls.

ActiveX Controls

Open “Internet Explorer” and then go to “Tools” –>”Internet Options” —“>Security Settings” —->”Custom Level”. Then, look for the setting called “Download unsigned ActiveX Controls” and change it to “Prompt”. Below this option, also change “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked safe for scripting” to “Prompt”.

Security Level Configuration

Install ActiveX and additional programs (“plug-ins”): Type the IP address of the camera in the navigation bar above and press [Enter] to have one uploaded.

Window to install “ActiveX”; Click [OK] to install it.

Note: Internet Explorer version 64 bit should not be used to access the cameras.

The ActiveX control is only compatible with the 32-Bit version of Internet Explorer.

How to keep monitor from sleeping when hooked to Zmodo security camera?

You have many options regarding alerts to be selected. When you are going to sleep, you can select “Sleep” mode. Moreover, you have many other options to select in case of different situations.

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Final words

Remember something: The most important component of a camera is behind it. Your decisions will determine the quality of the cameras you choose, and this guide to frequently asked questions helps to clear up the most common doubts that come to mind when we are looking for options to enhance our security.

Finally, we allow ourselves to give you one last piece of advice: If you want to provide greater protection to your assets and loved ones, security cameras are, more than an expense, a security investment. Remember and the maintenance you give your equipment will prolong its life, so you should also include these concepts in your security budgets.

In these guides you can see the security cameras with the best opinions and best value in the market. With these tips and comparisons, you can choose the best online Zmodo security camera for you to buy this 2020.

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