5 Best Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras

It is a gift of the modern age to us that we are able to keep a check on our house while we are away or simply if we want to observe our mischievous pet. Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras, although widely used commercially are now in the domestic mainstream as well. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this is, for both commercial and domestic use, that it helps us prevent crimes and catch the perpetrator. However, we must note that some of the Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras do not come with the option of live streaming. We can usually only access the video by pulling out its SD card or by transferring from its storage to our computer. So, in retrospect, it is also used to extract evidence rather than catching the perpetrator in the act.

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Comparison Table of Best Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras

ModelCustomer RatingWired/BatteryPrice
LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras by CREATIVE XP (Editor's Choice)
Batteryunder $300
Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera
Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera (Editor's Choice)Batteryabove $500
Sengled Night Vision Security Camera
Campark Trail WiFi Camera 20MP
about $100
Best Spy-Max Outdoor Hidden Camera with Multiple Recording
[2020 Upgrade] 2-Pack Night Vision Game Trail Cameras 20MP

above $100
Best Spy-Max Outdoor Hidden Camera with Multiple Recording
Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Security Camera
no ratings yetBatteryabove $500
Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Security Camera

LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras CREATIVE XP

– Best All Around Product

LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras by CREATIVE XP

This product has it all. It is a camera that is hidden that is carefully placed in a garden or backyard. It comes with its own Sim card and 32GB SD Card. It is also waterproof (IP54) which assures you that bad weather would not ruin your experience. Perhaps the best feature of this product is that it comes with a 4G SIM Card with a 40 MB Bonus and 99% US territory signal coverage. This becomes very beneficial when you do not have to change security cards every now and then. The kit includes 12 batteries. This way you can hide it anywhere and instantly get photo images of intruders in 12 MP quality.

Surely this is an all-rounder product. You can buy this product here.

Key features:

  • Full HD 1080P
  • 57 IR LEDs (NO GLOW)
  • 32 GB Memory Card Included
  • It has Solar Power Option


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Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera – Simple and Easy to Use

Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras review

Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera

This camera veils surveillance with its natural look inheriting a rock-like appearance. It provides a standby operation of a year with a single charge. This camera lacks storage space by providing a 128 MB Flash memory. Despite, it still keeps a room for an extendable SD Card storage. It dispenses a 240P picture quality with no night-vision. Still, the camera gives 4-5 different video definition levels. It can record at a convenient 55ᵒ angle. With stated features, the camera brandishes a high price of $588.99. This makes it an inadequate choice in terms of surveillance. If you want to know more about Xtreme Life RockCam, visit here.

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Campark Trail WiFi Camera 20MP with Multiple Recording

Campark Trail WiFi Camera 20MP

This one has a very professional look. A rare camera boasts such crystal clear images – 20MP and 1296P video resolution. It does come with HD video recording onto an SD card that can be extended up to 32 GB. However, the SD card is not included and you have to buy one. It records video at an incredible 110° field of view. It also boasts Multi-Camera viewing and recording capabilities. You can view it from anywhere in the world with live Wi-Fi viewing and can even save a snapshot on your device all the while storing the video in its SD card. If you intend to buy this product, visit here.

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[2020 Upgrade] 2-Pack BLAZEVIDEO Night Vision Game Trail Cameras 20MP – Best for Camouflage

BLAZEVIDEO Trail Camera is the choice for discrete use. By all means, it ensures concealment, blending itself in nature with its obscure appearance. It comes with 20MP quality images and 1080P video recorded onto self-contained package. It is a pick for areas where power isn’t readily available. A normal set of batteries (8*AA) will provide uninterrupted operation of the camera for up to 8 months. It offers up to 128GB SD card storage (not included). Its prospect covers a 120ᵒ field of view. The camera has the ability to operate a month in standby at armed mode. It records actions into 3-30 sec. clips, assuring not to miss out on single evidence. Motion is detected with PIR Thermal Motion detection. This product is available in market here.

Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Security Camera

Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras review

Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Security Camera

If hiding security surveillance is an important element, Best Spy-Max Birdhouse Security Camera gives a very natural look. Along with blending itself into landscapes, it gets handy in power deficiency ranges. This unit preserves power with the ability of shutting itself down in five minutes after no thermal detection. It saves Hi-Resolution images in the SD card having a short space of 2 GB. With an upgradable capacity of 32 GB, it lasts out 1 month of armed mode in a single charge. The camera detects 15-30 feet of thermal heat from human body. Find out about Spy-Max Birdhouse here. It offers these features in an expensive price of $625.00, making it a tough choice in selection.

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The quest for buying the finest version of security surveillance cameras is a tough choice. Helping catch crime with the perfect image quality and an elaborative clip is the challenge. Spy camera products offer more security and reliability to its users. It ensures control over the surveillance system and deceiving the perpetrators easily. The case with spy camera surveillance isn’t always the same. With the picture quality and the storage space it offers, the pricing of the camera also stands very important while selecting the best version for your home. The wide range of choice that is offered within the line of product makes it a choice worth determining in every manner. The question arises, where to buy the best outdoor hidden security cameras? Amazon Market has proven to provide the range in this product, assuring the quality in the least prices for the users. Ultimately, it helps us find the perfect rendition that is needed for keeping your places secure.

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