Security Cameras
These devices can make your life very much easier in an attempt to provide a high level of security at home or control your business. Smart camera will help you calm down. Today, smart cameras send notifications, inform about the return of children, entertain your pets, broadcast video to your phone …
Smartwatch with camera
Now smart watches are not only able to receive notifications, but also have a camera and make calls. A number of companies show up models of smart watches with a camera and a SIM card, allowing video calls in 3G networks.
Smart locks
A huge number of cases can be done from a mobile phone, including open-close the lock. Not only can you open such a lock by approaching the phone, but also by putting your finger, share the electronic key with your loved ones, friends or give temporary access to colleagues.
Here you'll find tested and practical ways, tips and free video tutorials. Also, technical capabilities and devices that are designed to ensure your personal safety, elderly parents and strengthen the safety of your home
Of course, a caring parent knows how to protect their child. Obviously, first of all, you should avoid dangerous situations yourself and of course your child. But along with these tips, there are quite a few technical tools that will help the child to be always in the field of view of their parents and, if necessary, call for help…
Smart store system
Smart systems for stores have learned to very accurately track suspicious behavior of visitors, including the slipping of goods into bags and send instant notifications to appropriate employees. The system analyzes more than 100 points on the body and is able to detect various complex movements.
Dash Cam
Dash cam are an indispensable device in your car, which will help you save more than a hundred bucks in a dispute with your insurance company